August 21, 2013 - submitted by Chandra, Nepal

Q. I am an 18 years old boy from Nepal. I am coming to the UK for my higher studies in couple of weeks. I know it is always a daunting experience travelling to a foreign country. But I am very much nervous as much as I'm excited. However, the reason I'm nervous is somewhat awkward. But I know that I got nothing to be ashamed of in front of you, dear Oracle. Actually, my height is only 5'4" and this is causing me a great inconvenience and troubling me about the fact that will I be a laughing stock in the University I will be studying?? Please, give me some courage, dear Oracle.

The Oracle replies:

Please don't worry, Chandra. There is a saying, "Good things come in small packages". I think 5'4 is a great height and if anyone says otherwise (though, I don't know why they would), just laugh it off. Personally, I'd ignore them as it's so utterly ridiculous, it doesn't deserve your time. It would be their problem not yours.
Remember, people get bored if they see it's having no effect so they'll soon stop - if indeed they start.
If you think it's something that will hold you back, maybe you should bring it up first - could be an ice-breaker.
It's strange how we look at people who aren't what's considered average but really, it's what makes you different & I see that as something special. You've nothing to be ashamed of at all - unlike anyone that brings you any grief.
Stand tall with your 5'4 and be proud.