August 20, 2013 - submitted by Violet, United States of America

Q. Why don't Coldplay put up unreleased songs online anymore like they did in the past. Even if they don't make it on a cd I'd love to hear them and enjoy it like all of their other unreleased songs. Or even demos too like they did for Viva la Vida.

With Love from California!

The Oracle replies:

Unless I am having a severe senior moment (it's possible), I cant think of one unreleased song that Coldplay have ever put online. If you're referring to any demo songs you may have found on sites other than, they are illegally there without consent.
As far as I am aware, the band have never put unreleased songs online. The only (sort of) exception are the snippets (on this site withing the archived Timeline) of their first Starfish gig on 16 January 1998.