August 15, 2013 - submitted by Stefanie, Germany

Q. Hello dear Oracle,
I was just asking myself the question whether the guys work in the studio from Monday to Friday and have the weekend off. Or do weekdays play any certain role - I mean creativity isn't fixed to certain times and days.

The Oracle replies:

Ooh Stephanie/Stefanie questions today!

This isn't the same for everyone but actually creativity CAN be fixed to a timetable. People work in different ways and once ideas have been formed and demos recorded, it's easier to make being in a band very much like a day job with set hours Mon-Fri and weekends off. The band have families and they quite rightly want to spend time with them.

Writers, artists, musicians etc. all have a creative flow that as you say can arrive at any moment. Chris has most definitely had moments where ideas strike in the middle of the night as with A Message.