August 7, 2013 - submitted by Sara, Poland

Q. Coldplay... I didn't know what is a "Harveytown", so I'm not Coldplayer?
It's funny, but I'm ashamed. True Coldplayer should know it :(
Someone's tell me: "You don't know what is "Harveytown? So you are not Coldplayer." It hurts me.
I already know, but I feel sad.

The Oracle replies:

Don't feel sad, Sara. It only happened 3 months ago.
Harveytown is a fictional place that was recently 'invented' by Chris.
When the band reached 10 million followers, he tweeted:
"Wow, 10 million followers! That's enough to start a country. The capital is Harveytown and Guy Berryman gets all the modelling contracts… CM". Now you know.