August 6, 2013 - submitted by Andrew, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle,
I remember you mentioning a song the band wrote called Call Me (post on 12th August 2008) and they gave to another female artist. I know you said it didn't materialise into anything, does that just mean the band didn't use it? I know Chris wrote a song for Jamelia (who was under EMI) and had a song called Call Me on her first album which came out at the same time as Parachutes. Was this the song? If not, what artist recorded the track? Thanks.

The Oracle replies:

They didn't write Call Me for Coldplay (as you probably know from that previous post) - it was for their tongue-in-cheek side project, Pectoralz.
They didn't "give" the song as it were, their A&R man at the time, Dan, suggested it. I still have no idea who recorded it but I always assumed it was someone who didn't have a hit with it. I never thought Jamelia's Call Me is the same song and I have it on good authority that it isn't. Apparently she wrote that one.