June 26, 2013 - submitted by Regan, United Kingdom

Q. Hi there, i was just curious to know when Coldplay do shows in the UK but outside London do the guys travel together to wherever the show may be or do they travel there on there own? (For example a show in Manchester?)

The Oracle replies:

It depends on which mode of transport and where they have been previously / are off to next.

For example, if they were playing T in the Park one night and Oxegen the following night, they would fly to Scotland and then leave together (by either ferry or plane) to Ireland.

When they played the Crisis gigs in December back in 2010, Chris travelled up to Liverpool by car the night before to go to a gig and the rest of the band followed by train the next day.

I’ve flown back from Manchester with them and on other occasions we’ve taken cars so it’s not set in stone.

Generally though they fly together or share cars with whoever lives nearest to one another.