October 25, 2012 - submitted by Devyani, India

Q. Hey Oracle!
With so many live performances of the same songs over the years, how does the band manage to keep alive the thrill they get when they listen to their own songs? I mean, it must be hard for them to get goosebumps even if they listen to a beauty like Clock' or Fix You because, well, they play them so often, right? Wouldn't it be horrible to get bored with your own songs?
Thanks loads,

The Oracle replies:

They don't listen to their own songs; they perform them.
That makes a lot of difference.
When you get on stage every night in front of a huge crowd who are all there to watch you, the energy, the adrenalin and the show take over.
They sometimes change song arrangements to inject new life into them but most bands will say they know when they write a song it's got to be good enough to want to play it for the next 15 years or so.
I guess if they don't have that feeling, they know to ditch it so those we probably never hear.
Chris has said that Yellow will never be dropped from the set because that's what people want to hear.
That song launched their career and hopefully that means they'll never get bored of performing it.