October 23, 2012 - submitted by Natalia, Mexico

Q. Hi dear Oracle
I have this question that only you can answer
Do (Coldplay) ar taking a year off?
I hear this rumour in A Coldplay Fans page but im not sure. Anyway Coldplay is and it will be always be the best band ever
Greetings From Mexico :)

The Oracle replies:

I'm not the only one who can answer that; nobody can answer that - not even the band.
Decisions are made and changed on a daily basis as to what happens next after a campaign is coming to an end.
The natural thing to do is to take some time off but that has never yet been a year.
The band may be out of sight to the public but that doesn't mean they aren't working in some way or another.
After the Viva tour, the band returned for a Latin American leg. They finished 11th March 2010. They performed a couple of Crisis at Christmas gigs later that year and then re-emerged for live shows in June 2011 while continuing with the writing & recording process.
Who knows how long it will take for the next album? It's not a time frame you should really try and quantify. They will return when they do and the album will be finished when it is. I can't really say anything more than that at this premature stage but I'm sure ( & hope) it will fly by - like last time?!