October 4, 2012 - submitted by Beate, Germany

Q. Dear Oracle
At the Hannover live blog Chris was hiding behind a bottle of a famous German beer (Becks) and I saw other older picture of the Coldplay members with that beer. Is this their favourite German beer? I like it too
Best wishes for all Beate, Germany.

The Oracle replies:

That photo wasn't really about the beer; it was about who was on the label on the bottle.

You see, Beck’s have launched the Beck’s Art Label - their beer-bottles have labels by artists rather than beer-labels.
One of those artists is Anton Corbijn who has collaborated with Coldplay on various things including music videos and the UNSTAGED project.

The venues decide which beer to put in the dressing rooms and I recall in Leipzig there were a couple of German beers.
Chris didn't drink that by the way...