September 27, 2012 - submitted by Amalie, Denmark

Q. Hello Oracle

I've got some questions. I was wondering, is Chris very clumsy? There's a lot of videos on youtube, when he's falling on stage. Has any members of the band, ever been violent injured on stage?
Many hugs from Denmark, I love Coldplay and everything about them.
- xoxo, Amalie.

The Oracle replies:

Chris isn't clumsy but yes, he has taken a tumble a few times. I haven't seen him fall for a while so hopefully he's not accident prone these days. He does deliberate falls during the live shows too by the way.

Will came a cropper during a performance back in 2009 when he whacked the bell during Viva la Vida so hard, the end of the drumstick (beater) flew off and hit him in the face causing his nose to bleed.