September 27, 2012 - submitted by Josh, Argentina

Q. Dear Oracle...
Some time ago you asked a question about this missing line from the wonderful The World Turned Upside Down:

X is Y
The land, sea, rivers, trees, the stars, the sky
365 degrees
All of the surface and the underneath
And everything under the sun

You said Chris doesn't remember what he sang during the recording of the song. But my question is- How do YOU think the missing line goes? I mean, you're an English speaker, so I think it might be easier for you to figure it out than for a Spanish speaker like me, no matter how fluent I might be in English...

The Oracle replies:

I'll let you into a secret... it was actually yours truly (me) who was listening to the songs and writing the lyrics back at that time. I sent The World Turned Upside Down - looking much like it does in your question - to Phil as I couldn't decipher what Chris was saying.
Both he & Chris struggled to work it out too so we just left it as is.
Quite frankly if Chris doesn't know what he's singing, there's not much hope for the rest of us!