September 25, 2012 - submitted by Eliza, New Zealand

Q. I'm SO excited to be Coldplay's next concert!! I am GA and wanting to know where abouts is the best place to stand as I am quite short but really want to see Chris and the band performing. Thanks Oracle! Also what time do fans normally start lining up??

The Oracle replies:

Where to stand really is a personal preference. If you're short you may struggle in the middle of the audience so if you end up there, make sure you keep hydrated.
I don't know if there's a golden circle so my advice may not work. The best places (to me) are in front of the stage, sides of runway or at the end of the X Stage to get near. If you struggle in crowds, go further back where you will the the stage as a whole plus the screens and all effects in their glory.
Maybe you could head to the C Stage for the acoustic section and a close-up view of the band.

Queue times vary. I know that in Paris one fan was there from 6am and said it was very busy yet in Leipzig fans didn't start arriving 'til 9am and even then, not that many.