September 24, 2012 - submitted by Jack, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle

I noticed that during the live photo blogging sessions, no matter where in the world they are the band seem to be sat in the same room when they're warming up and playing Fifa - the one walled with the black curtains, can you explain? I'm guessing it's on the back of a tour lorry or your catering staff dress their venue hangout the same every time

Thanks, Jack.

The Oracle replies:

You are indeed correct, Jack. The "rooms" also travel from city to city.
Well before the band reach the venue, areas are prepared for their arrival. Management & production are set-up in offices that can range from real rooms to make-shift ones but the band's dressing room, warm-up room and family & friends room are all the same no matter what the venue or where they are.
They're like pop-up rooms kitted out in black drapes with velcro fastenings to hide the real room or sometimes corridors. Lights, soft furnishings and flowers (as well as refreshments) are added to make them more inviting and comfortable. The band's room also has the games consoles etc. of course.