September 17, 2012 - submitted by Juliana, United States of America

Q. I was thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend or 1 1/2 years...since June actually.. Things happened, I waited. Now I want to break up. I was ready last night and mentally prepared myself for this. But then my friend said he told her that he was gonna kiss me that night (first kiss), (keep in mind that I'm 13). Now I'm confused. He didn't kiss me because it was at the school dance and too many teachers were around. Help?

The Oracle replies:

I'm confused. You were going to break-up but now you've heard he was going to kiss you so you didn't. Are the two related?
If you were going to break-up with him because he hadn't kissed you, 13 is still young and putting that pressure on him to do that when a first kiss is a HUGE thing is telling me that perhaps this isn't the boy you should be having your first kiss with.
What has changed? If you had wanted to split since June then I think you should but before he kisses you.
If you wait until after, you could really destroy his confidence and totally mess with his head which would be unfair.
Let him down gently.

If it is the one you want to take that step with, ask yourself what you think may happen after the kiss...