September 3, 2012 - submitted by Mimi, Sweden

Q. Hey!!

Last week at the show in Sweden, Coldplay performed Paradise twice (to my delight) and said that the second performance would air on SU2C, which was so cool!!

But I just read online that they performed twice last night in Paris too, also for SU2C... Why is that? Please don't say that the Sweden show won't air?

The Oracle replies:

I was at the Paris show last night but as we did a runner (leave the venue before the end of the show), 'we' didn't get to see anything after Fix You. We knew about Umbrella being performed but I hadn't heard a word about Paradise getting a second play. Apologies. The band did play PoC twice too so it seems Paris had quite a few treats.
I think you are mistaken, Mimi. The band performed Princess of China twice last night - not Paradise. It wasn't for the same reason either.