August 31, 2012 - submitted by Lizzie, United Kingdom

Q. Dearest Oracle,

I have an awkward problem. I've lost about 10lbs since breaking up with my boyfriend a month ago (just emotional stuff). It's kind of a big deal since I was already smallish. The real problem, however, is my friend who teases me about my weight. She is overweight, but not overly, but she makes comments about how I'm too skinny, and I'm not sure how to handle the situation. Do you have any pointers as to what I can say to her?


The Oracle replies:

The "heartbreak diet" can't be helped. I'm afraid your friend is probably a little envious at you losing weight (sorry, but that's what I truly think) so if I were you I would just explain that it's not your choice.
If you tell her that you'd rather not be going through the pain & suffering let alone the weight loss but ask that she please refrain from making you feel more sad at this difficult time. That should do the trick!