August 30, 2012 - submitted by Megan, United States of America

Q. Hello Oracle!
This is my first question, as I hadn't seen very many about the song The Goldrush. I came across this gem, and was wondering if the boys had ever played it live anywhere, or if there was any footage of them singing it. I didn't seem to find any, I was just wanting to see who sings where. It really is quite the masterpiece.

Have a great day,

The Oracle replies:

I love The Goldrush - it just sounds like they're having fun. You can hear everyone joining in. Will & Jonny are very distinctive - and Chris of course but I'm not sure if Guy is singing on this track. I've never heard of it being performed live anywhere so there's no footage to point you towards - sorry.
It reminds me of a cassette I have of The Beatles studio sessions where they are laughing and talking throughout.