August 9, 2012 - submitted by Margaret, United States of America

Q. In his recent blog about the New Jersey shows, Roadie #42 references a text message that he received much later informing him that there was going to be a "runner" at the end of the show? What is that?

The Oracle replies:

There have been many close shaves where myself and Anchorman have almost missed the "runner" and you really don't want to do that or you'd get left behind.
As you can imagine, leaving an arena or stadium after a show can be tricky with that many people all exiting at the same time. The band are usually on their way to the airport before the last firework has gone off.
A runner means getting out as fast as possible. The crew that travel with the band have to be in a waiting car, engines running by the end of the encore's first song. The band run off stage into the cars to leave before the traffic becomes impossible to negotiate.
By the way, a runner is also the name given to a person who does a lot of running around doing errands and whatnot.