August 8, 2012 - submitted by Marielle, Canada

Q. Hello Oracle!
I'm going to the show on Saturday in St.Paul. It's going to be my first every concert! But attending by myself. I am kinda of nervous that I'll be by myself and I am also kinda shy around people I don't know. Do you have any advice for me to enjoy the show to the fullest :)

The Oracle replies:

I have been to many gigs on my own. One person I met after one of them is now one of my closest friends. That was 19 years ago.
Don't worry Marielle, you may be going alone but you're not going to be by yourself for long. There'll be thousands of people with you, all for the same reason. That's a lot of people to have something in common with so you're off to a great start.
Being shy can be tough but I think the excitement may bring you out of yourself. Start by talking to the people around you as you're going in to the venue.
Get your Xyloband on and while you're waiting for the show to start, just ask the people next to you if they've seen Coldplay before. That will start things off and you can tell them that you're on your own and who knows, they may become friends for life!