August 2, 2012 - submitted by Michaela, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle!

Two weeks ago, certain Mr. Buckland came to have a lunch in the restaurant where I work. Since I am a big Coldplay fan, I was so distracted that I couldn't even work for few minutes :-) I wanted to tell him how much I love their music, but at the end I decided not to bother him and give him some privacy. But of course I'd regretted my decision after he left. What do you think is better choice? Tell your idols how great you think they are or just respect their privacy and let them go?

The Oracle replies:

Personally I believe that it's possible to remain professional at work and compliment your favourite artists without intruding to much on their private time.
I've done it myself on two occasions that I can recall but there have been many I have decided the time and place wasn't appropriate.

One was in the very early 90s when I was on holiday and Bjork was sitting in the same bar. It was before her solo album had been released. I approached with "I'm sorry to disturb you, I just wanted to tell you that Hit is amazing". She smiled, "oh thank you" and off I went.

This year I was working and the second I clocked off I gushed at Ethan Johns how he was my favourite producer and it was honour to meet him.

I think keeping it brief and polite is the key but don't expect everyone to be as lovely as Bjork & Ethan were and Jonny would have been - some people simply like their privacy and go to dinner to escape and relax.