August 1, 2012 - submitted by Brian, United States of America

Q. Hellooo Oraclooo,
Has it hit the band that the Olympics are going on in their home country while they're out on tour in America? Not that I would want them anywhere else, the show was incredible. Just wondering if they're getting to watch at all.
And if you don't mind, who, once and for all, is the greatest swimmer in the world, according to your greatest wisdom.
Thank you for your all knowing insight

The Oracle replies:

Chris tweeted that he'd watched the Opening Ceremony and on Sunday got the words wrong whilst performing Warning Sign.
He blamed the Olympics saying "I was thinking about the Olympics. I was distracted. I was not in the break-up frame of mind I needed to be in. I'm gonna get back into it; I'm gonna stop thinking about pole vaulting and things like that.
It's a big deal. You can't blame a guy for thinking about it every once in a while..."

As for greatest swimmer in the world (right now) Brian, I'd say that excluding anyone not in competition that we may not know about then your Michael Phelps is without a doubt the champion of champions. Since you sent this question he's won another two medals and become the most successful Olympian of all time. Impressive.