July 31, 2012 - submitted by Mitchell, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle,
Just asking about the Paralympic concert. Will the band be performing just a few songs or will they be doing the MX set? I only really have a interest to see Coldplay so don't want to pay all that money if they sing 5 songs. How long will they be on stage?

Also it is £100 in category C but where is that in the stadium?

Thank you

The Oracle replies:

Whether it's the MX set, a full set, a shorter set remains to be seen but this is not a Coldplay show; it's a performance.
There's a saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
This show is the closing ceremony so to be honest if you're only going for Coldplay, I think maybe you should give it a miss. That's not meant to sound as snooty as I am sure it does but I think feeling the spirit of the Paralympics is just as important as being a fan of one band asked to play the event, if you see what I mean? They may play one, two, three or more songs but it's not their gig.
I have no idea where seats in category C are either but as £100 is a lot of money, I'd suggest only paying that if you really want to experience the whole thing rather than a segment of it.