February 13, 2015 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
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My family is currently going through a dire financial situation. My dad owns a business that barely pulls in any revenue, so he can't pay the business taxes to the IRS. We have encouraged him to get another job for years now, but he has been very stubborn. We have been barely making it by.
Recently, we discovered that my dad hasn't paid his business taxes since the 2011 tax day. Our mom has been going through lots of mental and emotional turmoil. She is an elementary school teacher with full credits and a dual Master's Degree, but as a teacher, she doesn't pull in much money. She actually also tutors on top of that.
I have two younger brothers, and this financial tension has been very hard on our family of five.
Recently, we received a voice mail from the IRS that said that they're going to file a law suit against us due the fact that my dad hasn't been paying his business taxes. My mother feels that a divorce is inevitable, but she doesn't know what to do. The IRS will take money out of her pay check, even though she doesn't own the business, or has never associated herself with it.
Oracle, I need advice terribly. I am still in high school. I am going to college in a few years, and this stress has been making my grades slip. Please provide advice not only for me, but for my entire family.
Oracle, I'm not allowed to ask anyone else for advice on this matter. I can't confide in my friends, the guidance counselor at my school, not even my Pastor. You're all I've got. Thank you. Ewart, USA.

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The Oracle.
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