October 17, 2014 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

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Well, from all this year I have feel so alone, like literally alone because maybe don't like me or because I am different but I really don't know a main reason of why people around me treat me so in this bad way, including my family.
I feel like the the stupid girl everyone knows and ignores and they make joke on me and insult me and if I do something like for defending myself they over attack and shout at me and make me feel so sad. I have to hold all these feeling until I arrive home and lock on my bathroom and cry, because if I cry in my room my grandma and sister will see me and will make fun of it. Sometimes I talk about that with my grandma who I have live with her since I moved to Ecuador (I born in Brooklyn NY but all my family are from Ecuatorians) and tell her that please don't act that way that she is like a mom but the only thing she reply me is "I am not your mom, your mom is dead, if you don't like it here, the door are all the time open for you to leave." And it is horrible because she was my mom's mom and that is really horrible.
I don't have a close friend to talk about this because every person I have met on school had treat me bad and ignores me and I am always trying to be kind at them. I feel hated and I don't know why.
Thanks God this is my last year of High School and I am going to try to walk away from people who are like that to me but I can't go away from my house and go to another country because I am scared to death that while the time I am in another country my grandma die and I won't be able to be with her. This can be strange because of the way she is to me but anyway I love her and I would consider myself a monster if I am not with her until her last days.
So, I know this is really confusing but I really feel lost. Moving with my dad to NY would be worse. I feel that no one understands me. The only person I kinda trust is my sister but like I said before, she later makes fun of me and that makes me feel so miserable with life.
Karolyn, Ecuador.

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