April 5, 2013 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
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I have a little problem. You know that mixing friendship with love it's always a mess. And of course, I got into one of those. But it's not the typical story of best friends who fall in love. We are friends, best friends actually, and I love him. How couldn't I? Is the best friend I ever have. And then it is this part, this physical attraction between us, which is unbearable. We can't help it, we always end up kissing each other. But it doesn't exist a romantic part, not for me al least. I don't want to be his girlfriend, because I'm happy with our relationship just like it is.
But he is different, he is starting to get jealous every time he sees me with another boy and I am not willing to be controlled. Lets say I'm a free spirit. I have no jealousy or envy in mi heart, for me he can do whatever he want with whoever he desires. But I don't wanna hurt his feelings.
I said to him the kissing part it's over, that we can't continue if he is jealous, because our friendship it's going to go always in the first place. I did the right thing? It doesn't feel that way, I miss him.
Please tell me if I am crazy, if it is worth it to give up to my freedom just for him.
You have to understand I'm a bit scared, I have awful experiences in the past.
Anyway, thanks for listen. Love.
Valentina, Argentina.

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