January 18, 2013 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
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I'm young and have been dating the same guy for almost two years (which is a long time when you're young as you know). We've been so close but lately I've been thinking about things, things that for so long I have overlooked-his obscene and inappropriate jokes, his moodiness, his anger which he directs towards me. I've always been a comfort to him, as he has to me (he can be very sweet and romantic) but I'm tired of his inability to be a true gentleman through and through. I know you should stick with someone and accept them as a whole, but he can be more of a jerk than the sweet guy I once knew, and I don't ever want to settle for someone who's only good for me half the time. How could I have overlooked this for so long? And how can I change things? Can things be fixed? Elise, USA.

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The Oracle
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