October 4, 2012 / submitted by Rocio, Guatemala
Q.  Hi

I have two questions:

1. Could you tell me whose idea was to record Homecoming (Kanye West ft Chris Martin)? I love that song...

And 2. How can I practice my English? I need to practice speaking and writing but I would like to practice with someone that lives in London, I have gone to academies but I doubt they can help me more. I've reached the top, any suggestions?
Coldplay were performing for a BBC Radio 2 show at Abbey Road Studios back in February (the day before Valentine's Day), 2006. Kanye was also in the studio at the time.
There was an impromptu jamming session with Chris and that's where Homecoming came from.

I am wary of suggesting how best to practise your English.
Maybe you could look for someone on a forum ( for example) and ask someone if they're happy to set up a Skype or webchat of some kind so you can speak in English.
Stay safe!