August 8, 2012 / submitted by Flora, United States of America
Q.  To the Oracle of Olympic greatness:

As I was watching TV the other day, the new iPad commercial flashed across the screen, the closest version to the televised one can be seen here. At 0:07 seconds, I swear that it looks like a Coldplay concert; so, of course I had to ask! However, the footage looks unprofessional, so probably not any footage of what we might see in the Coldplay Live film, but even so, does Apple have the rights to show footage of Coldplay (or any other venue/group if this is not Coldplay) for their own marketing purposes? If this is not a Coldplay concert, I will be sorely disappointed - whoever it is does a smashing job at replicating the experience through all the confetti and the swirling footage on the round screens! It would probably be impossible to know where this was shot at?

Best Wishes,
Flora xox
Apple can't just use footage of any artists without permission - like anyone - unless of course it was an Apple event and the contract said they could use the performance for marketing / promotion purposes.
Anyway, it's not Coldplay. I don't know who it is or where it was shot (I actually saw the ad on TV yesterday) but unless we've got a new member and a different stage set - it's not our boys.