November 11, 2011 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
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I am in need of some relationship advice. Me and my girlfriend have been having a few troubles. She has informed me she feels guarded from me after having an argument in a nightclub. This feeling did not resolve after a week and she broke up with me. She is still living in our flat and is moving out at the weekend. Last night I tried to rekindle our love by making a romantic gesture, by shouting my love mixed with lines of Romeo and Juliet up to her on a balcony. This is uncharacteristic of me so I thought it would mean a lot. She informed me it wasn't enough. That the only thing that might of worked was a marriage proposal. This is where it turns ugly, then during the conversation after what she had just said I ask her to marry me. She is like I don't believe you, you're insincere. Now we are stuck because I love her and I would marry her because it means so much to her and I only want to spend my life with her. It is the case now that, how can I buy a ring and ask her because it only seems I'm doing it as a last desperate plea to stop her leaving. It is a 3 year relationship but we are quite young I'm 23 and she is 21. I'm sure she still loves me because if not why would she want a proposal to try and save it in the first place. Jack.

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