June 10, 2011 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
When I answer questions of a personal nature, readers often get in touch with their own thoughts. So, we now have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday (with the question asker's permission) we open up a question to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I'll post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.
ANYONE can join in so, if you'd like to, please email your response to the following question, in no more than 200 words, to before Thursday 16th June.

"In April, I ended things with a guy. I still liked him alot, but I just didn't want a relationship.
He took it really hard, and I'm pretty sure he hates me now.
Whenever I try to talk to him, he keeps saying how I broke his heart and everything, and I'm starting to feel really bad and guilty about what happened. I know I have no reason to, I just didn't want a relationship, it was a mistake. But I still feel terrible.
Now I can't stop saying I'm sorry, and he just won't forgive me.
At this point, he is being childish, but I can't take the guilt of knowing I've broken someones heart anymore... And I don't know what to do about it if he won't accept my sincere apologies.
Also, a lot of his friends are starting to hate me now. Some of them are also my friends, and I'm losing them.
Dear Oracle, please help me. I can't take the guilt and the hate. I don't know what to do anymore. Grace."

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle
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