February 11, 2011 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
When I answer questions of a personal/emotional nature, readers often get in touch with their own thoughts. So, we now have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday (with the question asker's permission) we open up a question to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I'll post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.
So, if you'd like to join in, please email your response to the following question, in no more than 200 words, to before Thursday 17th February.

"I've got a problem concerning my friend. She's been dating for this guy for about a year and she's 19 years old. She's currently planning her wedding.
I'd like to be happy for her, but I'm afraid that she's rushing into this. I don't feel like I can just watch her get married with someone she might not know well enough and possibly end up miserable in a marriage she can't get out of (her faith doesn't approve divorce).
What should I do? She's too in love to listen to the reasons not to get married. Should I just ignore possible problems and go shop for a wedding gift?"

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle
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