December 1, 2010 / submitted by Joseph, United States of America
Q.  What did you mean when you said that Christmas Lights wasn't 'penned for the new album' in a response to Peter from Ireland? I looked through Coldplay's release history, and with the exception of the Parachutes album, a brand new single has only been released a month or less before a new album. This makes me think, "well hey Coldplay will have their album out for Christmas!" (And they better if they value my happiness.) I realize you couldn't tell us even if you did know when the next album comes out, but I just wanted to know what you meant in your other response. Thanks! :)
Can I categorically say here and now that Christmas Lights is a stand alone song and has absolutely no bearing on what is to follow. Nor is it any indication of any kind as to when the album will be released. Please don't treat it as any previous single which is usually a prelude to an album; this is not the case.
I know that is both vague and specific but hey, let's just enjoy it!

* The short answer is no.