7 May 2013 / submitted by Elizabeth, United States of America
Q.  Where has Roadie 42 been? I'm really missing his blogs. Is he okay? I'm a little worried. Is he no longer blogging for the band?
No need to be worried. R42 only blogs when the band are touring or whatever and there's stuff to blog about. They aren't, so there isn't and that's why he's not blogging right now.

3 May 2013 / submitted by Aura, Mexico
If you had to dedicate a song to Coldplay, what would it be and why?
I was thinking along the lines of any song that had lyrics to sum up how my life changed from the moment I saw them. I then realized that it would one of the band's songs would be perfect. Bigger Stronger will always be the song for me that changed my life... and theirs. I therefore dedicate it to the boys. Cheers!
Over to you.

Out of all the inspirational songs that exist, I would dedicate Perfect by P!nk to Coldplay as the lyrics relate to them so much. When critics arise they always just take it on the chin and never give up. They once said that; “There comes a point where you just accept that whatever you do, someone will like or hate it, so it's extremely liberating. We are incredibly blessed that we are 12 years in, allowed to make whatever we want to make. That's extraordinary. Even in the film world you can't do that. Only a few people can do that.” These words just sum them up as my role models. They have taught me to pursue my dreams and do what I love no matter what people say, which is what I think the message behind these lyrics sends out to everyone.
Coldplay have doubted themselves many times in the past, especially Chris, and they are definitely not a “shit Radiohead” but are in fact just as good or even better - not to criticise Radiohead that is. P!nk is another favourite artist of mine and I think she has put so much passion and heart into this song as Coldplay do with their numerous hits, so I think this song is definitely suited as a dedication to them.
Coldplay is and always will be my favourite band and they are definitely “perfect to me”. Sarah.

I would love to dedicate one of their songs to them actually, which is 'Till Kingdom Come. I love to dedicate it because of many reasons which of that I really am willing to wait forever for their come. I feel so safe and sound when I just play this song while thinking about them. I never hated anything about them and to me they're perfect. I really would love if they notice my, until now, unexplained existence. Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me. Solaf.

What a great question! Well after a bit of thought and a very long scroll through my iTunes the song I have chosen is I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack. I have picked it because fame and fortune are fleeting and often wreak havoc with good people. The message in the song is about always keeping perspective with regard to who we are. It's the best gift I can convey to these four who have brightened my life by their wonderful music, may it never end! Cheers, Laurie.

I would dedicate the song Raise Your Glass by P!nk to all the members of Coldplay and to their fans. This song is about celebrating your uniqueness and not worrying about what the “cool people” think. Sometimes the band and their fans take a lot of flak for loving their music, but that’s OK. We can be “all wrong in all the right ways” together, and I embrace that! Buffi, United States.

Hello paisana! I believe you're asking which Coldplay song I would dedicate and to whom, right? Well, I think all depends on the situation.
There're so many Coldplay songs I would dedicate not only to a (hopefully someday) girlfriend, but to friends, family and myself. Love songs such as Yellow, 'Til Kingdom Come, The Scientist, The Hardest Part; motivational songs such as Don't Let it Break Your Heart, Proof; cheering songs such as Charlie Brown and Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, and so on...
Again, it all depends on the situation, the mood I'm in and the interpretation I'm giving to the lyrics. Saludos! Lalo.

If I could chose a song to dedicate to Coldplay it would definitely be One I love because well... I love them! I have been a huge fan for over a year now, but it feels like so much longer! They gave me hope and shined a light when I was lost. If I'm ever sad I can always count on Jonny, Guy, Chris, and Will to cheer me up. Thats why Coldplay is the One I love :)
Keep Coldplaying, Meghan, GA.

My dedication: At My Most Beautiful - REM. Because when I listen to Coldplay, I'm at my most beautiful. Michelle.

Wow thats an interesting question. I could probably dedicate several of their own songs to them (like ETIAW), but I think I'll pick one that isn't theirs. The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin would be a good one. It accurately describes the way I feel Coldplay have saved most of my days from being completely terrible, to being enjoyable. Sometimes just playing Politik or Paradise incredibly loud in my room will keep me from feeling lousy, not to mention this website and its support. Coldplay have been such a comfort during the hardest part of my life so far. I feel that I've grown a lot, and generally feel that there is hope for the future. They might not know it, but the band have helped me not only confront my own emotions but make me feel confident enough to believe that I can overcome them. So thanks guys. Love, Darem.

If I had to dedicate a song to Coldplay, it would be: Bruises by Chairlft because I'd do ANYTHING for them and also coz it's the 1st song which came to my mind and I REALLY LOVE it. Delphine, France.

A few years ago I met this friend on the internet. We hit it off well from the start. I talked to her lots over the course of a few years. She was my best friend on the internet. A really great person to know. It was weird though, we only talked on an IM service, we never thought of adding each other on Facebook or anything. One day we were having a meaningful conversation, about someone I was fighting with. I remember her say, "As the lyrics of Viva la Vida suggest, his castle stands upon pillars of salt and sand". I thought, wow, what powerful lyrics. So I looked up the song, and I listened to the lyrics properly. It was from then on that I loved Coldplay. She was the one that got me into Coldplay! One day I realized she hadn't been on IM in over a week. A month went by, still nothing. I had no idea where she was. I was confused. I knew she worked for a computer security company on the internet, so I emailed them asking where she was. I found it strange when I got a reply from someone high-up in the company asking "the nature of my inquiry". When I sent back saying I was a friend of hers, I got a reply saying she had taken her life a month ago. He told me her mother had contacted him telling him. I couldn't believe it. I still can't. I was shattered. I still go on the IM sometimes, just hoping she will sign in. I dedicate Viva la Vida to my friend Meghan. RIP. Jayden.

Thanks to all those who replied to this week’s question. Remember, Team Oracle is open to anyone so if you fancy replying, click to read this week's, and send us your answer.

3 May 2013 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
When I answer questions of a personal nature, readers often get in touch with their own thoughts. So, we have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday (with the question asker's permission) we open up a question to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I'll post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.
ANYONE can join in so, if you'd like to, please email your response to the following question, in no more than 250 words, to before midnight Thursday 9th May.

I am kind of confused about my schooling and I was hoping you'd help. I'm currently in 8th grade and my biggest ambition is to become a Rockstar. My dad has offered to get me into a musical academy next year but then I'd have to quit school, while my mum says I could do both. So which decision should I make? Should I do my learning while also studying singing or should I just go to the musical academy and give it my all? Thank you so much, dear Oracle. Solaf, Egypt.

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle
Please email your replies to

2 May 2013 / submitted by Bradley , United Kingdom
Q.  I'm watching the performance at the Paralympic ceremony, noticed a weird mask/ face on Will's bass drum that I haven't noticed before.
Do you know what it represents?
Thanks :-)'
I can't find a decent photo of the drumkit and assumed it was something to do with the Festival Of Flame theme.
Thanks to Kris who told me it was the Paralympic GB team logo.
It was modified so the colours were no longer red, white and blue. It was light blue on a bright graffiti background.
The entire set design was in keeping with the ceremony itself as well as very much reflecting the band's look.

2 May 2013 / submitted by Jared, United States of America
Q.  Greetings Oracle!

I had the amazing opportunity of being able to see Coldplay live during the MX tour when they came to Detroit. I knew they were going to be good, but both my friend and I were shocked at just how good the show was put together and how much we enjoyed it. Anyway, my question is do any other members of the band generally talk to the audience during a show besides Chris? As awesome and funny as Chris is, it would be cool to hear Guy, Jonny, or Will say something during the show. Thanks!
You know what, I don't think I've ever heard anyone but Chris speak to the audience.
Obviously all the guys have a mic for backing vocals but other than perhaps talking to each other or relaying a message to crew, only Chris speaks to the crowd.

1 May 2013 / submitted by Ben, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I've recently online seen some pictures of Chris doing some killer exercises, and I was wondering what is his motivation to do them and stick to it? I am not fat, but I am not in the best shape, and I always start exercising, but I can never stay motivated and stick to it, so what is his motivation?
Thank you
I hear you, Ben - it's the same for me.
I guess being the frontman of a band is motivation enough but Chris (& the rest of the band) are very health conscious and like to keep fit not just whilst touring, but while they are off campaign - as they are now.
The guys are all Dads too which is incentive to keep active but back to you.

What you need to realize is that we're not all the same - we have different body shape, metabolism, weight, ability, flexibility, stamina and will power.
Results of exercise can take sometimes take a long time to appear. That can slow down the motivation too.

Look into what you're trying to achieve and find out what exercises will work best. My top tip is pick an exercise you LIKE. There's no point doing something you hate as it will always feel like a chore.
Mix it up and vary your regime to keep it interesting if that works for you. Exercise can be boring so try classes which will keep you engaged. Or you could go running and make a playlist of songs that will keep you going.
I think the more you do something, the more it becomes a habit, so you'll be able to get into a routine.
There's a lot you can do but keep this in mind: being healthy and fit is important but don't obsess about weight. Like you say, shape is a better angle to see it from. You can tone up and increase your fitness levels and the scales may not change. You'll feel better for it and surely that'll make it worth it?
Use your end goal as your incentive to stick to it.
I feel like I should go to the gym after that!

1 May 2013 / submitted by Jamie, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle.

Recently, Chris was pictured at the Emirates Stadium in London watching Arsenal vs Manchester United.

I know Will supports Southampton FC, and Jonny supports Tottenham Hotspur FC, but do you know which teams Chris and Guy follow (if indeed they do?)

If Chris was supporting his 'local' team it would be Exeter City (who play in the 4th division!).

Picture of Chris at the Emirates can be found here.
Thank you very much.
Jay Z has been a fan of Arsenal for some time and has been to their matches a few times. As you can see from the photo, Chris accompanied him at the game against Manchester United last weekend.

As for which team the guys support, you are correct with Will & Jonny's teams. I previously mentioned here that Chris & Guy don't have a particular team.

30 April 2013 / submitted by jamie, United Kingdom
Q.  I just bought my first car and I'm thinking of having a personalised licence plate and I want it to be something Coldplay related. I was thinking of getting DL08 BYH after Don't Let It Break Your Heart. But there could be better ones. What do you think?
This would have made an interesting alternative Team Oracle question too.

I'm thinking along the lines of using the numbers or letters from songs from songs: 42, 136, UFO, MMIX...
Obviously you can also use numbers to resemble letters: F1X Y0U, 5P1E5 or TR0U13LE (think that's too long AS IS V10LET H1LL).
Some people use 3 for E so maybe Y35 (Yes) & 5AF3TY (Safety).
Well, that gives you something to think on I guess.

30 April 2013 / submitted by Reginaldo, Brazil
Q.  Hello Oracle. I am Brazilian and I also have a band. We have enough trouble getting sponsorship to record and to raise money for our career. With Coldplay at the beginning was also well? Could you tell us the difficulties that the band went before launching parachutes? Hugs.
The members of Coldplay were all students when they were trying to get cash together to record their first e.p. Phil Harvey borrowed the money from his Mum (who had spotted huge potential in Chris at an early age) to record the Safety ep. The band also put on a show at Dingwalls in London that they sold tickets for. The money they made from that was enough to pay Phil's Mum back.

It doesn't have to be expensive to record your band. I don't know how many members are in the band but if you raise money between you however you can: extra work, a jumble sale (I don't know what you call this, but I mean a Garage / Yard sale) or maybe you could try and record it without cost.
There is another way that's proving really popular these days; crowd funding.
This is when people collectively chip in to fund a project and are usually rewarded in some way.
Here's a good example of one that you can see how it works and if you could try something similar.

29 April 2013 / submitted by Marie, United States of America
Q.  Well hello there, All-knowing Oracle.
I have a horrible cold right now and I am in a musical. It is nearly impossible to sing well. Then it occurred to me that Coldplay goes on tour for a loooong time and has to deliver a great show nearly every night at the tour's peak. How does Chris keep his voice in perfect condition?! Does he ever get sick? I've seen them 4 times and he was phenomenal every time. Just curious...
Chris does sometimes get sick but he does whatever he can to prevent that from happening and looks after his voice as much as possible.
Various before and after show regimes include: not speaking, ginger, lemon & honey drinks, wearing a scarf with something similar to tiger balm on it, throat remedies and certain lozenges, vocal warm-ups, steam machines and after the show he sits in a steam room.
Obviously when he is sick he seeks medical attention and follows whatever is advised / prescribed.