16 July 2013 / submitted by Travis, United States of America
Q.  When Chris is writing songs in between albums/on tour, how does he resist the urge from sharing them with fans? I'm sure there are obvious reasons, but I think that having an amazing song that had to wait for an album would be like winning the lottery and not being able to tell anybody about it!

Yesterday I answered a question that mentions the new songs played at the tail end of the Parachutes tour.
Historically it's happened quite a few times since such as Wedding Bells, Spanish Rain / Don Quixote... They also previewed tracks from AROBTTH and MX at live shows before the albums were available.

16 July 2013 / submitted by Tayfun, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle I am an aspiring music writer, and I am currently writing material, something is bugging me though, does anybody gonna give a shit about my music. I have the feeling no matter how good it is with so many great musicians in the internet it's hard to stand any chance?
With an attitude like that, you will get nowhere! C'mon man, where's your fight?
Seriously, yes, it is tough out there but the very first reason you should ever make music is for yourself. Therefore if you give a sh*t about it, that's a very good start.
Work hard and stop worrying about the competition. If you want to stand out, just be better than the rest. Write every day and don't give up. Imagine if Neil Young or Bob Dylan or Janis Joplin or Robert Plant or Ray Davies or Thom Yorke or Chris Martin et al. had given up at the first hurdle.

If a chance is all you think you have then make sure it's a talented chance and be the best you can.
I'll be watching out for your name...

16 July 2013 / submitted by Andy, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle, I was just reminiscing about seeing my favourite band ever, playing my favourite venue ever- Coldplay at the Royal Court Theatre (Crisis gig). Have you seen your favourite artists at the venue you favour most?
Funnily enough I was at that gig and when I was there I told the band that the last time I'd been there was also my first time there to see a band that shaped my life - Frankie Goes to Hollywood in 1984.
I'm very lucky to have seen Coldplay in some of my favourite venues (some that no longer exist): Manchester Roadhouse, Borderline, Camden Falcon...
One of my favourite venues around the world is Amsterdam's Paradiso but sadly I didn't see anyone I particularly like there. I won't say who because the band love him! Ha ha!
There have been stand out gigs in amazing venues over the years and some have luckily matched with my favourite artists:
Tori Amos at Free Trade Hall, Ryan Adams at London Palladium, World Party at Royal Albert Hall but sadly some venues don't do my favourites justice - that's especially true for Prince. I like the smaller intimate venues so the nearest for him have been aftershows such as Bagleys & Indigo in London but they're not on my preferred venue list.

15 July 2013 / submitted by Franco, Argentina
Q.  Hello Oracle! How are you?

I found this video from a live concert from the Parachutes era playing A Rush Of Blood To The Head.
As you can see, the lyrics are different comparing with the album version, so, the question is: How many AROBTTH songs were composed and played during the Parachutes era?

Thanks for seeing all our questions and for answering them!!
Greetings from Franco :)
In 2000 and 2001, Coldplay toured the live circuit almost continuously to promote Parachutes. It was from October that they started to introduce new songs that were being written on the road for their second album - In My Place being one of them.
Some of those songs didn't make it such as Animals. In April 2001, A Rush Of Blood to the Head and God Put A Smile Upon Your Face were introduced followed by Murder and Idiot which again, didn't make the final album.

15 July 2013 / submitted by Danny, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle, have you ever requested the band to play a song for you, be it in rehearsals or soundchecks or even a studio? Would Chris sing you Green Eyes if you asked him nicely being the nice man he is? :)
Ha! Yes, I have - once. My birthday a couple of years ago I asked for Politik even though I wasn't going to be at the show.
Chris asked the band's P.A to call me so I could hear it. I was told not to answer my phone but when I listened to it back it was terrible audio quality. Thankfully Roadie #42 came to my rescue and sent me an amazing version by MP3. It's my favourite recording of the band live ever.
Previous to asking, Chris has dedicated that song to me many times as he knows it's my favourite.
I've had a few dedications over the years at soundchecks and shows but the very first time was Don't Panic back in 1999 at a tiny venue. He said it was for me and my new haircut and hastily added that there was nothing wrong with my hair & that's not why he was singing Don't Panic.

12 July 2013 / submitted by JD, Germany
One of my - not anymore - friends still owes me money. It's a super long story involving festival tickets (Coldplay were headlining) - it happened two years ago, we haven't talked since and probably won't ever again and she'll never pay me back. The sum we're talking about is more than 50 and less than 100, (a lot of money for me).
So my question is - is there any way I can get my money back somehow? Not from her directly, but in some sort of creative way. If I remember correctly, James Blunt wrote his song "Billy" because said Billy owed him money and writing/releasing the song "was the only way to get it back". Any clever ideas like that?
I'm not sure if the money you are owed is for the festival tickets or not and whether she attended but if it is, maybe you should just post a cheeky note asking that she buy tickets for you the next time. Look, you're probably right, I doubt you'll get the money back but there is no harm asking for it - after all, it is yours. I don't think it's worth trying to be creative either but maybe send a photo of you & her from the festival or Coldplay headlining and put something like, "remember this?" and a note asking if you can talk. If she says yes, you can make small talk before broaching the subject. But if she said no or didn't reply, soon after, get in touch again and explain you're strapped for cash and would appreciate her paying something towards the cost or ask if she'd give you something of the same value that she no longer wants that you can sell.
A direct approach is probably better. You could even suggest she pays you back in installments but however you ask, do try and ask. Be very calm and friendly in your approach. If there's any confrontation, let it be on her part. I wish you luck as I have been screwed over many times over money. Sometimes there's no point looking back as it will just eat away at you. You just have to draw a line under it and move on.
Over to you.

In my opinion it's not worth it after all these years. Ask for the money, but you can perhaps sell things - desserts, do a garage sale or maybe just stuff you have saved and do not use. So you'd be saving money and taking back what you lost.
Greetings from Argentina, Lucia.

Maybe write a book involving one of the main characters owing you some cash where he or she keeps loaning off you but never paying you back - kind of a paranormal romance book. Keep it interesting but this money issue is a problem the character has. I don't know if it works then you are winning by far. Marcial.

There are many clever ways to get back the money she owes you. But, the best thing you can do is to make up with your friend and forgive her, then it wouldn't be so hard to get back the money she owes you. Nikhil.

Well, I dont know your true talents and I don't think Blunt's first inspiration was how to get his money back, but still unpleasant experiences, whatever kind of they may be, often can cause the kiss of a muse. I would probably take a keyword out of it - trustiness, friendship, forgetfulness, e.g.- think about what it means to me and then get creative. The other thing is - you won't be alone with this problem. Did you check out if there's any community to share it? If not get creative in this way, maybe a website or something. Good luck. L.Q.

Same happened to me and it's taught me to never wait for money. I now make sure people pay me immediately. If you buy tickets for a gig and they haven't paid before the date of the show, sell them on to someone else! I'm sorry but you'll never see it again. Boonie.

I think you should try and make a joke out of it. Find an invoice (online maybe) and send it to her but change the wording so it's all silly and fun. Put photos in it and memories and tell her you hate falling out over something like money and you want to put it behind you but preferably with some money back!
I hope you get it but I'm sorry, I doubt you will. Dave.

Money lending and friendships do not mix! I don't know how old your friend is but if you really think you'll never be friends again, go round to her house when her parents are in and ask for it on the doorstop really loudly! Hopefully she'll be shamed into paying you back. Not much of a friend really so you're better off without her sponging off you. Olivia.

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12 July 2013 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
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I'm stuck. I have a job I hate, some of my friends are leeching my positivity, I drink too much... I honestly feel like my life is spiralling down. Have you any advice how to get out of this slump. I'm 29, single and pretty miserable. I want more from my life. Ali.

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle
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11 July 2013 / submitted by Marcelo, Brazil
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I saw in Wikipedia the 3th track of Don't Panic Single is Bigger Stronger Live. What version is it?
When Don't Panic was released - in some territories - as a 4th single, Bigger Stronger Live was one of the b sides. It was recorded at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway on 1 December 2000.
There was also the Trouble Norwegian Live EP which featured Trouble, Shiver, Sparks, Yellow and Everything's Not Lost recorded from the same show.

11 July 2013 / submitted by Kirsten and Lisa, Australia
Q.  Hi there Oracle,
What sort of things do the band eat while they are on tour?
Oh the most delicious food! The band and crew are catered for by Eat to the Beat. The team work tirelessly round the clock to provide varied fresh and tasty menus. The band do tend to stick to the healthier options when they're touring but how anyone can resist some of the amazing desserts is beyond me!

Check out the sample menus on this blog which will give you an idea of what food on the road is like when on a Coldplay tour - Eat to the Beat catered for Strictly Come Dancing's tour too.

10 July 2013 / submitted by Naomi, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle,
a few months ago Coldplay had an exhibition of some of their pieces from Mylo Xyloto. You could buy prints of them which were signed limited editions and also digital prints. I wanted to know if it was still possible to get the digital prints of pictures of the band because I want to get one for my mums birthday in August.
Thank you all knowing oracle!!
Try the Album Artists' shop and make sure you select the currency in the top right corner before you checkout.