16 August 2013 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

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Basically I'm really worried about my 14 years old sister. Her new friends aren't respectable people, they're all older than her, they drink, smoke, take drugs, have sex. I'm scared because she's REALLY an easily influenced person, plus I found out few months ago that she smokes and her boyfriends tried to have sex with her. I'm only 17 but I'm her big sister, it's my duty to protect her but I really don't know how anymore. I tried to talk to my parents and they had a conversation with her, so now they think it's over and they still trust her but they're wrong. So Oracle, please help me because I don't know what to do. I care about, I don't want something bad happens to her.
Thanks for reading, love from France

Look forward to seeing your replies.

The Oracle.
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15 August 2013 / submitted by Stefanie, Germany
Q.  Hello dear Oracle,
I was just asking myself the question whether the guys work in the studio from Monday to Friday and have the weekend off. Or do weekdays play any certain role - I mean creativity isn't fixed to certain times and days.
Ooh Stephanie/Stefanie questions today!

This isn't the same for everyone but actually creativity CAN be fixed to a timetable. People work in different ways and once ideas have been formed and demos recorded, it's easier to make being in a band very much like a day job with set hours Mon-Fri and weekends off. The band have families and they quite rightly want to spend time with them.

Writers, artists, musicians etc. all have a creative flow that as you say can arrive at any moment. Chris has most definitely had moments where ideas strike in the middle of the night as with A Message.

15 August 2013 / submitted by Stephanie, Australia
Q.  Hello Oracle, hope you are well.
I was talking to a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and we were arguing over what makes you a fan. She claimed that you are a true fan if you follow their tweets, and always know where they are and who with. I myself disagree with this, I think that celebrities should have their privacy respected, and that not by doing this you are still a fan. We then continued, and went into detail about what makes a person a real fan. So my question is, what makes a person a real fan. Is it by following everything to do with them, and basing your life around them, only after you have all their records, or been to a concert?
Thank you.
I'm going to be evasive here as I have seen quite a few people bickering over who is a a bigger/better fan... don't let anyone dictate what being a fan means to you; it's up to YOU!
Fan is short for fanatic and by definition that means something extreme. However, over time the word has come into its own meaning. If you support a football team or whatever, that's being a fan whether you go to matches or not.

I think of myself as a fan if I like anything be it an artist's music or a film director. That doesn't mean I have to become a walking encylopedia and know every fact. I don't need to be tested or take a Mastermind type quiz to grade my level of commitment. For example, I may be a fan of a certain band but that doesn't means I know all the members name or their history - I just love the music.
All I will say is fandom should not be a competition so to me owning their records and going to a gig if I can is enough but there's nothing to prove.
I agree with you, Stephanie. I prefer whatever I am an enthusiast of to have their privacy. They don't owe me anything. If anything, it's the other way around for me. Music brings me so much that I am forever indebted to my musical heroes.

14 August 2013 / submitted by Maren, Germany
Q.  Dear Oracle,

I have another question about underground scenes in Video PARADISE. We all know it was recorded at Belsize Park Station but this station has no escelator and in Min 0:40, Elephant Chris is standing between signs Northern Line and Bakerloo Line. As you know Elephant wants to go to Heathrow. Only Piccadilly Line goes there. So he has to change. My question: Was it recorded also in Charing Cross Underground (because of Northern and Bakerloo Line) and he changes at Piccadilly Station to Heathrow?? Sorry for my bad English.

Well, the first thing to tell you is that a video isn't necessarily factually correct. That means that artistic license can be used to create illusion. The elephant appears to make that journey but that doesn't mean he actually did. You are right that Belsize Park Underground station doesn't have an escalator.
If I was going to Heathrow from Belsize Park, I would take the Northern Line to Leicester Square and change for the Piccadilly Line there.
However, it is indeed Charing Cross station that we see our elephant stood between signs for the Northern & Bakerloo line. London has several airports and none of them would require getting off at Charing Cross station. This is where the artistic license comes in.
The video is shot and edited to tell a story but shouldn't be taken as 100% accurate.
Some scenes look better with the benefit of those aesthetic choices (the escalator for sure).
I'd never really paid attention to the details or inaccuracies but you went to a lot of trouble so I hope I made sense of it for you.

14 August 2013 / submitted by Alba, Spain
Q.  Hi, I have a question... Guy, Will, Jonny and Chris never tweet. Why? Coldplayers need their tweets, their photos and know about them. Thanks :)
They DO tweet! Chris tweeted the lyrics to new song Atlas only last week. Their initials appear after the tweet so that's how you know who is who, with A being Anchorman.

13 August 2013 / submitted by Jackeline, Panama
Q.  Hi Oracle.
Do you know where can I find the complete version of So Sad from 1998 Coldplay's album Live Pre-Parachutes?.

I'll thank your quick answer :)
If you've read "Live Pre-Parachutes" on any list, it isn't the name of an album; it's referring to a song that isn't on an album & before they recorded their debut.
Though So Sad exists in its entirety, it's not available publicly anywhere.

13 August 2013 / submitted by Steve M , United States of America
Q.  Oh great Oracle,

This a two part question. Team iPhone or team android? :) also, can I use Chris as a reference on my job application?

I love you almighty Oracle
We're Apple all the way! And er, no, sorry - you can't ;-)

13 August 2013 / submitted by Julia, Sweden
Q.  Hello there!
I've heard that your handsome bassplayer does some photography. My question is if he has a page where he uploads the photos? Or could it be seen somewhere else?
Yes, Guy likes photography but no he doesn't have a public page where he uploads them. Some of his photos appear in Matt McGinn's Roadie book but there were no individual credits so it's not possible to tell you which are Guy's.

12 August 2013 / submitted by Liz, United Kingdom
Q.  Salutations mighty Oracle!
(First of all, thank you for existing, I read the Oracle posts on a near daily basis.)
My question for you is if Coldplay has ever performed for a college or university.(With hopefully with a discount for students!)
The last time the band played a proper college gig was in (Alan Partridge's) Norwich back on Thursday, 27 October 2011. It was part of BBC Radio 1's Student Tour. Tickets for the UEA gig were priced 20 for everyone - not just students.

12 August 2013 / submitted by Chris, United Kingdom
Q.  Did Chris and Jonny became a school janitor? If yes, is it after college or while studying college? Hoping for your answer!
This was at college. The band were on the verge of a record deal but they decided to finish their time at UCL (all bar Guy that is) before signing to a label.
There is no way they had time to be janitors* post-studies as they literally went straight from college to touring and recording.

*Here's a little interesting fact. From 1984-9 there was a band from the North-East of England called The Janitors. Their guitar / keyboards player was Craig Hope - our very own Hoppy!