6 June 2014 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

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My husband and I are from two different countries. When we got married we chose to stay in his birth country because it would be easier for him to obtain a job. We love each other and are soul mates. Though, everyday is misery for me living in another continent and country. I feel homesick and get depressed easily.
I'm struggling to learn the language and to get a job. I feel like an alien with no life here. I have made friends but I continue to feel this emptiness inside, torn and confused. I love my husband so much but living here is so difficult for me. I keep believing I'm just on an horrible vacation that's going to end soon but that's far from the reality.
Is it normal to feel like this? Will I ever be able to accept that this is going to be my life forever?? Of course true love is about sacrificing your happiness for the people you love - I'm doing it, but I feel like I'm dying everyday. Help. Trina, Spain.

Look forward to seeing your replies.

The Oracle.
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5 June 2014 / submitted by Teresa, India
Q.  Hello Oracle!

First off, I'm sorry for this throwback question in the middle of all the Ghost Stories excitement, but it has been bugging me for a while!

In the intro to Til' Kingdom Come during a concert (Toronto 2006 I think), Chris says, 'This is a song we wrote for Johnny Cash, and in return he gave us our..." I can't make out what he says. Would you be able to remember? :)

Thanks in advance if you answer this! Much love from India.
Ah, this was a lovely question to answer for the pleasure of watching the wonderful video clip of that performance.
Chris said "This is a song we wrote for Johnny Cash, and in return he gave us our dress sense".
If you don't know, Johnny Cash was also known as The Man in Black due to his trademark black clothes. During the Twisted Logic tour (X&Y), Coldplay dressed in black hence the reference.

5 June 2014 / submitted by Alex, Canada
Q.  Hi dear Oracle,

When Chris plays the laser harp in Midnight, does he play for real? It looks like his hands are going randomly above the lasers!

Thank you
I'm pretty sure it's only for show and Chris is just using it as a visual effect. Guy is definitely playing the laser harp for real though.

5 June 2014 / submitted by M Davis, United Kingdom
Q.  Is Brothers & Sisters considered to be an EP? Safety and Blue Room are listed as EPs on the website, but Brothers & Sisters is not.
That's because the Brothers & Sisters in our Recordings section is referring to the song - not the EP.
Fierce Panda released the Brothers & Sisters EP (which the second image in Recordings is of) and then a re-recorded version appeared on the b side of Trouble (the first image) released on Parlophone.

4 June 2014 / submitted by Alejo, Peru
Q.  Is Steve Cheney your stage manager? He's just a genius !!!
I hope you answer this one, O :)
No. Steve is a stage manager. He's worked as a tour manager and production manager as well as stage management for the main stages at the Glastonbury, Latitude, Big Chill and Leeds Festivals.
Gary Currier was the band's stage manager on the MX tour.

4 June 2014 / submitted by Teresa, India
Q.  Hello Oracle!

This is a question about the very interesting new instrument that the band used at the iTunes festival, the Reactable. I'm curious to know how it actually works! From what I've read it involves moving blocks around a table, but wasn't Guy playing it more by moving his hands in the lasers that were coming off the table? Would you be able to explain how it works in simpler terms? Whatever it is, it makes for such a cool performance!

Thanks for your time! Love from India, as always.
What Will and Guy are playing are two different things. Will is using the Reactable and Guy is playing a laser harp to create bass sounds.
The Reactable works by moving blocks (Generators, Effects and Filters, Controllers and Global Controllers) around the table screen. It's not quite as simple as that and perhaps their online manual will explain better.

4 June 2014 / submitted by Sebastian, Ecuador
Q.  Dear Oracle! Can you tell me what's the name of the hidden song in O?
I know a few people have been confused by this - me included! The track listing goes from A Sky Full Of Stars to O yet in between is the beautiful Fly On. It's not hidden per se, it's just not been detached from O. I think it's part of it hence the fact it's usually written O / Fly On or O (Fly On).

3 June 2014 / submitted by Pham, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello! I understand that Coldplay will perform at BBC 1 Radio Weekend, do you know whether it will be broadcast on Television or Radio?

Thanks Oracle!
As you probably know - given it's been and gone - it was broadcast. If you missed it, or wish to watch it again, you can watch highlights via the BBC's red button.

3 June 2014 / submitted by Grace, Ireland
Q.  Dear O,
I recently saw Coldplay on The Graham Norton Show where Chris and Jonny were asked if they would be doing a world tour where they replied 'No' in unison! Is this true? Will Coldplay cease to be setting on a Ghost Stories tour? Please shed some light on this situation!
p.s I love the column!

Many thanks,

As you may have noticed, Coldplay have been performing at more intimate shows at smaller venues. I suppose that amounts to a tour of sorts but not on the scale of previous ones.
Chris & Jonny said on the Graham Norton Show that there will be no big world tour for this album and yes, that is true.
Here's where the band played / are playing:
25 April - E-Werk, Cologne, Germany
05 May - Beacon Theatre, New York, USA
19 May - Royce Hall, Los Angeles, USA
28 May - Casino de Paris, Paris, France
12 June - Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan
19 June - Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia
01 July - Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

There have been other performances too but these are the official tour dates as they stand.

3 June 2014 / submitted by Linda, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle, I was completely moved by the recent TV special for Ghost Stories. The hour left me quite speechless and deeply moved. Anyway, I was wondering if the 3 markings on Chris's guitar (looked like from a sharpee marker) had any significance. They were cool and was just wondering. The album is brilliant and as a fan from the get-go , I am so happy they are making music that pleases them and not just for the critics or to just make $ etc. Thanks for reading my question! Linda.
I had the same reaction, Linda. The guitar symbols are significant in that they link to the album themes: a heart, a ghost and an O.