25 March 2014 / submitted by Luis, Mexico
Q.  Hi Oracle, I was wondering if you could help me out with something, see, I've been with this girl, she's also a coldplayer, for a year now, but we've been fighting a lot lately, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT, I don't know what to do, I'm sure she's the person I want to be married with but I'm getting tired of all this pain and fights lately, any advice?
How come you're so sure you want to marry the girl you argue with all the time who causes you pain? That's not what a relationship is all about, Luis. My advice is to be with somebody who makes you happy. It matters not that she is a Coldplayer.

24 March 2014 / submitted by Jake, United States of America
Q.  It is darn near impossible to find out I have looked everywhere online! Your my last hope. Should have been my first go too since your all knowing. What guitar strings (brand/gauge) does Jonny like to use?
Over to Matt McGinn for this one.

"We've always used D'addario but only cos that was what on his guitar when I first met him!
That said, they do have the advantage of having colour coded ends for each individual string - handy in a hurry.‚ 

We do use Ernie Ball's too though, there doesn't seem to be much in it, tone or quality-wise. ‚ No colour coding but each string comes in an individual envelope with a big number on it so you know the gauge.
Jonny's main guitars are set up with regular tens but we'll mix it up for odd tunings, such as Violet Hill which has a big fat bottom string to allow for being tuned down to C#.

Thanks, Matt!

24 March 2014 / submitted by Derek, Canada
Q.  Dear Oracle, it saddened me to watch Coldplay not play Yellow at the concert the other night. Why did they choose to exclude it? And was this the first time ever?
Thanks from Canada eh!
The band didn't play Yellow at the Paralympics Closing Ceremony either but as far as I know it's been played at all official Coldplay concerts and all summer festivals.
When they do a one-off performance or a show that's part of something else they sometimes have the chance to pick an exclusive, bespoke setlist and I think that was the case at the iTunes gig.

24 March 2014 / submitted by Harrison, Australia
Q.  Hey Oracle, I have a riddle for you!

What do you call a trio of roadie bikers?
(I'd really like to know as I didn't get what Phil meant to other day when he posted this)

A gaggle of geese, a murder of crows, a flock of sheep, a herd of cows, a pride of lions etc. There is no answer for a trio of roadie bikers - it was just a little joke.

21 March 2014 / submitted by Michael, United States of America
I'm 20 years old and last night I was at a party and was talking to a nice girl then she politely introduced me to her friend. The girl I was talking to explained to the girl who I was and the girl's friend goes, "Ohhh, you're Michael? I've heard a lot about you" in a very negative manner. I'm a great guy but I sure have made my mistakes in the past so my question is how can I rebuild my reputation that some people hold on to very tightly and apply judgement towards me. I was nothing but polite to the girl but she still didn't care and walked away as I continued to talk to her friend. I need your advice because it seems my reputation precedes me! And now that I'm 20 I'm starting to change my old habits and become the man I see myself as. Thanks.
When I first received your question, I thought I would probably write a lengthy response but here I am thinking it's not necessary. This is one of those situations where when we're caught off guard; we don't quite know how to respond. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so what do you think you could or would have said with warning?
This girl does not know you but she'd obviously judged you without getting to know you which is unfair but sadly it's common human nature.
You're young but regardless of age, we ALL make mistakes. Whatever you've done, you've obviously decided that's no longer for you and made some changes - good on you for that! If someone who doesn't know you reacts in a negative way, perhaps you can politely ask them why. It may seem an uncomfortable situation but you've every right to ask even if they decline to reply.
Go ahead and defend your honour.
All you need to do is carry on with the path you're on & be proud of who you are NOW regardless of what's been before.
Over to you.

Hello! I think that the best way to make people forget about your reputation is to create a new one. If people see changes, that's what they'll start to talk about, and, eventually, they will forget what you have done in the past. If you show them that you're no longer the person they didn't like, and if they like what you've become, the past will be forgotten and they'll stop judging you for that. Because I think that, when people keep judging someone, they do it because they think that person is still like that, so if you did change, you might get a chance of being accepted. However, I believe that being accepted is not the most important thing, and the priority that you should keep in mind is to stay true to yourself. You should never try to be who you're not just 'cause you're not accepted by someone. If they don't like who you are, just forget about them and I'm sure you'll find (or maybe you have already found!) someone who loves you for your own personality. And those are the ones that you should keep close, as they are the ones who really matter. Best wishes, Ana.

There are two options in this situation:
In the first option, the friend of that nice girl is pretty... I guess dumb is the best word to use. Too dumb to look who you really are. In that case you should win your reputation back, but I guess you mentioned that yourself...
Just ask her why she ignores you. People like her don't like straight questions.
In the second option I'm afraid that nice girl you're talking about, isn't that nice at all. If it's true she told her friend of your 'mistakes,' in a way to make sure her friend doesn't like you (I guess she told it in that way, because of the girl's friend reaction), she doesn't like you. So what I think you should do, is ignore her. Don't call her, don't talk to her, don't visit her and don't let her in. If she really doesn't like you (which is I think pretty realistic), it's better for you and for her not to see each other anymore. You don't have your reputation back, but what reputation do you need with people who don't care who you really are?
I guess you want to find out in which situation you are. That's pretty simple: the reaction of that nice girl. Did she walk away as well? Did she look a bit like she won something? Did she seem surprised? The answers on those questions will give you an answer on the question in which situation you are. And when you found out that, you can do the right thing. Isabelle.

Carry on being true to yourself as ultimately that's where u will find true happiness. Don't worry what other people think about you, only what their view on the world is. Those that matter will make up their own mind, and see you, not your reputation, and those that can't - don't matter. Jo.

We all have those moments and fears about people having an idea of who you are when it's really not who you are. People tend to see little negatives about someone and only use them to create their idea of who someone is. Unfortunately, that's life because we all make mistakes and are judged by them. My advice is to communicate with people and show them who you are. Calling people out and telling them that you know you've made mistakes but that's not who you are might help. Just be the best person you can be, and always keep in mind that someone is always watching and judging. Ashlyn.

Prejudice is often inevitable, Michael. It is admirable that you are trying to find the root cause for it in your character. However, bear in mind that some people will choose to neglect your good manners regardless of your efforts to change. So, do not waste time trying to impress them or alter their perceptions. At that age it is virtually impossible, especially when a mind is set to see through a certain lens. Instead, focus on developing your better self, as you mention you have already started doing. Visualize the desired image of yourself and work towards achieving it. Apparently, it has proven useful to try to foresee how an act on your part would be understood by others. This helps becoming more thoughtful and considerate. Also, do not forget to distinguish between people you value and the rest. The latter should not be of interest to you. Point being, do not strive to rebuild your reputation which some people might prejudge either way. Continue building your person. Such a gesture on your side would speak for itself, and it would speak loud. Sylvia.

To be honest it makes me really sad that people judge other people only from the past, everybody change and nobody is perfect! I think that you have to look for some nice People Who take you as you are and please don't change your self only because they want you to change,
"Don't look at my past because I don't live there anymore " this slogan helps me always, maybe it helps you to. Good luck greets Marianne.

There will always be people that judge you, with or without a bad reputation. Try not to waste too much of your time worrying about what other's think of you. Your time is better spent on people who don't care about what they've heard from others and genuinely want to get to know the real you. Prove the people that judge you wrong, by showing them you've changed. It'll take some time to lose a bad reputation, but I'm sure you can do it! Good luck. Amanda.

You did the right thing in being polite to the girl regardless; this shows strength of character and is a step in the right direction. And it is a good sign that you do actually realise how your past actions have affected your reputation. But more importantly you do want to change them.
The good news is, it can be done, but it will doubtless take time and consistency for people to realise you have changed. You are still young, but with a strong mindset and plan of action, this bad reputation will become a distant memory, not only in your mind, but other people's.
As time has shown me, we do often reap what we sow in life, and although it may be difficult at times, it is definitely worth your while in the long run.
In the short term, is there anything you can do to ease the mistakes you have made in the past? Perhaps an apology to someone you may have hurt. This may help you in your quest to become the man you want to be, and you may even feel good about it which will help spur you on. Best wishes, DC.

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21 March 2014 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

As you may know, we have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday we open questions of a personal nature to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.

ANYONE can join in so, if you'd like to, please email your response to the following question, in no more than 250 words, to before midnight Thursday 27th March.

I've had a long issue with my temper.... I'm a very forgiving person. Really, I hold very few grudges. But I have a temper as well, and a bad one at that. But recently I've been taking it out on my friend; because I'm fed up with the way she treats me. When she's depressed/angry/sad, I try to listen and help, but when I'm one of those things, she laughs it off or criticizes me. Now, with anyone else, I would get away from them, but this is my only friend. And without her I wouldn't survive school. How can I 1. Stop getting so mad at her 2. Get her to please, stop making things worse for me 3. Calm down? Sydney, USA.

Look forward to seeing your replies.

The Oracle.
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20 March 2014 / submitted by Joselyn, Costa Rica
Q.  Hello dear Oracle
I'm curious, what was the song that most have played over the years?
Yellow is definitely the band's most performed live song.

20 March 2014 / submitted by Emilio , Mexico
Q.  Oracle:

In which gig the band put on the elephant's mask appeared on the Paradise video?

It was at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa on 8 October, 2011.

20 March 2014 / submitted by Mariano, Venezuela
Q.  Dear O,

Have you already heard Ghost Stories in its entirety?

Would you say the album has a strong R&B and hip hop influence? Thanks!
No, I wouldn't. In fact, I'd say the opposite! It has no R&B and hip-hop influence. You can get a feel of the style of Ghost Stories from Midnight & Magic. The band also played Always In My Head and Another's Arms at the iTunes Festival - there's no hint of R&B in any of these new songs.

19 March 2014 / submitted by Aashray, United States of America
Q.  Dear All-Knowing Oracle,

I was wondering if the picture taken of Chris and the band at a pool was actually taken at the Irvine High School pool. I have heard that it was, and just wanted to confirm because I live nearby and it's exciting to know that your idols were this close to you.

It was next door at Woollett Aquatics Center in Irvine, California.
*It was just Chris - the band aren't featured.