19 July 2013 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
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I feel lonely, I don't know what to do with my life. I have all the things that one person needs to be happy. I had a bad experience with my ex-boyfriend and then, I started to feel depressive. I don't believe in anybody, all I feel is negative and I am trying to overcome my problem every day, but I think that no one will ever love me and also that I will never love as I did. I want to change now, everybody says to me the same, and all I want is real help. Maite, Spain.

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle
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18 July 2013 / submitted by Christina, United States of America
Q.  Dearest Oracle,
I have been trying to find a specific version of Yellow that I heard. It was acoustic and slower than the original and Chris sings with a lower voice. The live 2012 is the closest I have gotten but it isn't the whole song. Is there a version of the whole song like that? It's my absolute favorite.
There are acoustic versions of the song available on CD, but they won't be identical to the version you seek. Live 2012 has a slower intro and then built into the climax.
There's an acoustic version on the God Put A Smile Upon Your Face EP but the most well-known one out there was from Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social (Radio 1) that was available on a promo CD called Acoustic.

18 July 2013 / submitted by Erick, Mexico
Q.  Hello wise Oracle.
Is there any official bootleg or any way to buy or get a recording from a show of the Twisted Logic Tour? Thanks!
An official bootleg would be a contradiction, Erick. A bootleg is - by definition - an unauthorized, unofficial recording. There isn't an official recording (audio or video) of the Twisted Logic tour, though there are clips online such as YouTube.

17 July 2013 / submitted by Alice, Greece
Q.  Why can't I buy all of the comic books together anymore, instead of buying each one separately ?
You can. This link will take you to our shop where you can buy the bundle of 6.

17 July 2013 / submitted by Arthur, Paraguay
Q.  Hello
Is R#42 still alive? And also, what happened with all the Xylobands?
He's very much alive and in fine fettle.
The unused and returned / recycled Xylobands are in storage.

17 July 2013 / submitted by Georgie, United Kingdom
Q.  I recently wondered about the twitter account @hypnofeed. Is this account run by Coldplay (perhaps Anchorman?) or is this a fan account?
It's an official account that just focuses on the hypnofeeds.

16 July 2013 / submitted by Travis, United States of America
Q.  When Chris is writing songs in between albums/on tour, how does he resist the urge from sharing them with fans? I'm sure there are obvious reasons, but I think that having an amazing song that had to wait for an album would be like winning the lottery and not being able to tell anybody about it!

Yesterday I answered a question that mentions the new songs played at the tail end of the Parachutes tour.
Historically it's happened quite a few times since such as Wedding Bells, Spanish Rain / Don Quixote... They also previewed tracks from AROBTTH and MX at live shows before the albums were available.

16 July 2013 / submitted by Tayfun, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle I am an aspiring music writer, and I am currently writing material, something is bugging me though, does anybody gonna give a shit about my music. I have the feeling no matter how good it is with so many great musicians in the internet it's hard to stand any chance?
With an attitude like that, you will get nowhere! C'mon man, where's your fight?
Seriously, yes, it is tough out there but the very first reason you should ever make music is for yourself. Therefore if you give a sh*t about it, that's a very good start.
Work hard and stop worrying about the competition. If you want to stand out, just be better than the rest. Write every day and don't give up. Imagine if Neil Young or Bob Dylan or Janis Joplin or Robert Plant or Ray Davies or Thom Yorke or Chris Martin et al. had given up at the first hurdle.

If a chance is all you think you have then make sure it's a talented chance and be the best you can.
I'll be watching out for your name...

16 July 2013 / submitted by Andy, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle, I was just reminiscing about seeing my favourite band ever, playing my favourite venue ever- Coldplay at the Royal Court Theatre (Crisis gig). Have you seen your favourite artists at the venue you favour most?
Funnily enough I was at that gig and when I was there I told the band that the last time I'd been there was also my first time there to see a band that shaped my life - Frankie Goes to Hollywood in 1984.
I'm very lucky to have seen Coldplay in some of my favourite venues (some that no longer exist): Manchester Roadhouse, Borderline, Camden Falcon...
One of my favourite venues around the world is Amsterdam's Paradiso but sadly I didn't see anyone I particularly like there. I won't say who because the band love him! Ha ha!
There have been stand out gigs in amazing venues over the years and some have luckily matched with my favourite artists:
Tori Amos at Free Trade Hall, Ryan Adams at London Palladium, World Party at Royal Albert Hall but sadly some venues don't do my favourites justice - that's especially true for Prince. I like the smaller intimate venues so the nearest for him have been aftershows such as Bagleys & Indigo in London but they're not on my preferred venue list.

15 July 2013 / submitted by Franco, Argentina
Q.  Hello Oracle! How are you?

I found this video from a live concert from the Parachutes era playing A Rush Of Blood To The Head.
As you can see, the lyrics are different comparing with the album version, so, the question is: How many AROBTTH songs were composed and played during the Parachutes era?

Thanks for seeing all our questions and for answering them!!
Greetings from Franco :)
In 2000 and 2001, Coldplay toured the live circuit almost continuously to promote Parachutes. It was from October that they started to introduce new songs that were being written on the road for their second album - In My Place being one of them.
Some of those songs didn't make it such as Animals. In April 2001, A Rush Of Blood to the Head and God Put A Smile Upon Your Face were introduced followed by Murder and Idiot which again, didn't make the final album.