21 July 2014 / submitted by Rodolfo, Brazil
Q.  Hello Oracle,

I just found out about a cd recorded by the royal philharmonic orchestra called "Symphonic Coldplay" , I've never heard anything about it on your website and would like to know if the band has any relation to this project and what is their impressions about it.
thank you
As it's unofficial and nothing to do with the band, I'm afraid I haven't heard it so can't pass an opinion. I'm sure it's lovely but there are so many unendorsed versions out there that I don't listen to them all. I don't know whether the band have heard (of) it either.

21 July 2014 / submitted by Kunkies , United Kingdom
Q.  via twitter
Is there any video where I can listen to Jonny's voice singing??
Any video of Don't Panic. Jonny takes the lead in the second verse.

18 July 2014 / submitted by Berend, Netherlands
Q.  In Live 2012 CD Chris is saying something in the Charlie Brown number. It's something like Thank you Netherlands come to Paris".

What is it exactly and what is the meaning of this?
No mention of Netherlands. Chris says "Unbelievable. Thank you for letting us come to Paris". The bit after is tricky because of a slight echo - "and letting us see something so beautiful as". Mmm, it sounds like he's saying 'heaven' but not so sure.

18 July 2014 / submitted by Ana, United Kingdom
Q.  Who was the opening artist in the 1st July show at Royal Albert Hall, London?
AlunaGeorge. That's the name of the duo but people tend to assume that it's Aluna's (the singer) surname.

18 July 2014 / submitted by Scott, United States of America
Q.  Hello O,

How does Chris feel about him switching to a non-vegetarian diet being a top headline on TMZ?
I don't tend to comment on private issues but this baffles me. Chris has been eating meat for years. There was a period of vegetarianism a while back but I didn't alert the media when I saw him eating meat again. He did say publicly last week that he was considering going back to being a vegetarian which will see the back of turkey / chicken breast salads that he has been eating.

17 July 2014 / submitted by Rashna, United States of America
Q.  Hey there Cool, Outstanding, Lovely, Darling, Phenomenal , Legendary, Amazing, Youthful Oracle!

This might be a bit late but, who sings the harmonies in Ink? Will? Guy? Both? Anyway, they are absolutely INKredible! Haha!

And thanks again for giving us our healthy doses of Coldplay!

Stay Yellow,

Flattery will get you everywhere, Rashna. Will sings the backing vocals on Ink (recorded and live). Guy doesn't sing any bvs on his own. He sings with Will & Jonny (for example, Viva, Fix You...)

17 July 2014 / submitted by Mitchell, Canada
Q.  Do you prefer Coldplay's The World Turned Upside Down or Coldplay's Your World Turned Upside Down?? Thanks, love you :)
The / Your / My World Turns Upside Down was played live (2003) but I'm not entirely sure it's got a concrete title. I suspect that Chris liked the title and idea enough to continue working with it. I prefer the b side to Fix You (2005), The World Turned Upside Down. You didn't tell me which one you like best...

17 July 2014 / submitted by Jason, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle
Was so lucky to see the boys last night
Awesome show ... Magic
Could you tell me what the piece of music that was played just before the band came out ( instrumental ) was lovely.
They have used this piece before as entrance music. The first time was before they worked with the artist. It was An Ending (Ascent) by Brian Eno who as you probably know has been varying roles (mentor, collaborator and producer) during X&Y, Viva and MX.

16 July 2014 / submitted by Karolyn, Ecuador
Q.  So like two or one weeks ago, I saw on the cover of my local newspaper a picture of Chris so I read the newspaper that day. It says that HBO in July 5 (it already passed) were going to pass a tribute for artist like Lorde and obviously Chris but I really didn't see anything about it on the channel that day and hour or Anchorman talking about it. It really happened?
Here is the link but is in Spanish. Hope you answer me:) Love you so so much?
It's not actually referring to a tribute to Chris et al. Anchorman did report on 1 April that Chris would induct Peter Gabriel into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (on 10 April).

Here's an English site with details of the HBO Special Concert Event that your Spanish paper reported. From what I understand, the channel were showing the show on 5 July.

16 July 2014 / submitted by Tobias, Paraguay
Q.  Dear Oracle
I just wanna to ask that what music did Coldplay perform at the Cologne after Every Teardrop was perform.

Thank you.
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face - it was the first song of the encore that night.