6 March 2014 / submitted by Jose, Mexico
Q.  Dear Oracle, could you tell me who produced the new album, Ghost Stories? I know that Jon Hopkins produced Midnight, but did he also produce the rest of the album? Thanks!
Ghost Stories was a collaborative effort. As you said, Jon produced Midnight, Rik Simpson & Dan Green were of course involved and Paul Epworth also worked on the album. Guy actually did a lot of the production this time round.

6 March 2014 / submitted by Jen, Canada
Q.  Dear Wise and Magical Oracle,

I was thinking the other day that I'd probably watched the Midnight video more times than the band had! This made me wonder how much input the band have into the making of their videos and how many times they actually DO watch the videos as they're being edited and put together. Are they right in the editing suite making suggestions, or do they agree on a general concept and then let the filmmaker run with it once the filming is over?

The band don't sit in on the editing process, no. They are involved with the concept and storyboard process and obviously the video shoot if they're in it. By the editing stage, they will already have a good idea how the end result will look.

6 March 2014 / submitted by Luisa, Brazil
Q.  Chris, as Guy have another band I want to know? Do you, Will or Johnny have other bands too or is only Guy?
Sorry for been so curios but thank you for listening to me. Love you all.
Guy is also a member of Apparatjik but Chris, Jonny & Will aren't in other bands even though they have featured or collaborated with other artists.
I don't know who you think I am, but I'm not Phil - who isn't in any other band - neither am I. I'm not in any.

5 March 2014 / submitted by Publius, United States of America
Q.  All knowing Oracle,

What was the location of the Midnight music video? Was it anywhere close to Primrose Hill, or am I completely off?
Completely off, Publius. The Midnight video - directed by Mary Wigmore who also directed The Hardest Part - was shot in Los Angeles.

5 March 2014 / submitted by Feike, Netherlands
Q.  I'm glad to hear that the new album will be out in May. I can't wait to hear it.
But I do have a question about the songs that have been released so far form the album. Is Magic the first official song of the new album or is it Midnight? And will there be an official video for Magic?
Midnight is the first official song from Ghost Stories but available via video only and Magic is the first official single. There will be a video so keep your eyes out for that.

5 March 2014 / submitted by Elizabeth, United States of America
Q.  Midnight is amazing! But it sounds like Chris's voice has autotune in some parts. I thought Coldplay doesn't use autotune?
You're getting autotune and vocoders mixed up.
There's an effect on Chris' Midnight vocals but not autotune - it's a vocoder.
The band have never said they don't use autotune but they indeed don't.

4 March 2014 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

As you may know, we postponed Team Oracle while the Midnight video took centre stage. The closing date was extended so there is still time to reply.

ANYONE can join in so, if you'd like to, please email your response to the following question, in no more than 250 words, to before midnight Thursday 6th March.

Lately I've been very unproductive. For the past few months I have slowly been sabotaging myself by constantly putting off important things in my life. These things include finding friends, getting a job, finding a place of my own, and most importantly, starting my career.
I've come to the conclusion that I'm doing this out of extreme fear of the future. In my core I am extremely afraid of being successful, and more importantly, afraid of failure. All I can see crushing failure awaiting me and implications that would have on my life (i.e. I would be a failure to my family and myself, I would have wasted years of my life and be significantly behind everyone else).
I don't want to be the guy working at McDonald's in his thirties. However, the more I put my problem off the worse my situation becomes, resulting in a bit of a "self-fulfilling prophecy" if you will. Even though I know my problem and I know logically I'm making things worse for myself, I cannot find the courage to move on.
What should I do?
Thanks. Yours truly, Anthony, USA.

Look forward to seeing your replies.
Please email your replies to
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4 March 2014 / submitted by Kalman, United States of America
Q.  Hey Orcale,

I was curious on the inspiration behind the new album cover for Ghost Stories? The single, Magic, seems to share the same original influence as Claude Vonstroke's Urban Animal from last year.

If I'm honest, apart from it being a bird, I don't see any similarity between it and Mila Furstova's delicate artwork.

25 February 2014 / submitted by Matt, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle!

I was searching Youtube videos (Yes I have nothing better to do!) and found a video of Chris apologising to Will (with the help of crowd) in San Diego when playing Yellow in 2009, I'm sure you've answered this before but what was that about? The video quality isn't good enough for me to work it out!

Cheers :)
This was all in jest but at the start of the song Chris made a mistake (from what I can gather, there was no acoustic guitar intro). Just before the end of the song, Chris explains to the crowd that at the beginning he made "a tremendous error" and Will gave "the nastiest look" a drummer can give to a singer.
He asks the crowd to help him say sorry at the end of the song, which they did.

25 February 2014 / submitted by Gerardo, Mexico
Q.  Hi Oracle,
Since I saw the Paradise video I've had this question in my head and right until this moment I took the time to put it together and send it to you.
What is this picture?
I thought that was at the recording of the Paradise video, as it says in the caption, but it never came up. I hope you can answer this question as I'm sure I'm not the only Coldplay fan that noticed this.
This Paradise video never made the light of day - I've never seen it - and was replaced with the wonderful Mat Whitecross video.