9 April 2015 / submitted by Augustin, Mexico
Q.  I want a shirt with the cover of Mylo Xyloto

Have you tried this?

9 April 2015 / submitted by Fran, France
Q.  Congratulations for your Webby Award nominations. I have voted for you.
Will we see more interactive videos in the future?
I presume you mean specifically Coldplay, because of Ink. Who knows?
If you mean in general, definitely. Ink isn't the first interactive video and creative, artistic technology is definitely moving in that direction.
I read an article about The Mystery of Woolley Mountain by The Helmholtz Resonators in an online magazine just last weekend. It's a sonic ebook and about as interactive as it gets: book, album, animation...

8 April 2015 / submitted by Marli, Portugal
Q.  hello
I would like to know the meaning of symbols in chris martin guitar in the video clip of ink music
the symbols are well visible on the link below* in time 1:01
whaiting your answer, sorry my englisg
best regards

*(EDIT: link removed).
I've made it easier by posting this photo of it. You can see from left to right a heart (representing True Love), a ghost (Ghost Stories) and an O (O).

8 April 2015 / submitted by Margaret, Canada
Q.  Dearest Oracle, I listen to The Breeze radio in Southampton on my ipad in Canada (my daughter is in uni there). I could have sworn I heard a phone commercial with Chris and Will. Do my ears deceive me? Much gratitude for your reply. Mandy.
I can't trace every station the guys have recorded little sound bites for but it's entirely possible given that Will is from Southampton. If it is, I suspect it's old. It's not really a commercial though, just a plug.

7 April 2015 / submitted by Millie, United States of America
Q.  Hi! I heard that Coldplay was recording with Rik Simpson in Malibu/LA. Was it the whole band or just Chris? Thanks!
That particular session was just Rik but that's obviously not always the case.
It's worth remembering the band often do bits & pieces alone, together or in smaller groups (Jonny & Chris, Chris & Rik etc.) They have always recorded together & separately.

7 April 2015 / submitted by Daniel, Brazil
Q.  Dear wise Oracle, it's the first time that I submit a question for you... And this one get my thoughts for several weeks: Coldplay is supporting the new music app. Tidal, so the band is no longer release the future albums in CD versions?
I think you are misunderstanding what a streaming service is. If an album is on Spotify, Tidal etc. it doesn't mean it's not available on CD. The same goes for downloads - they haven't completely replaced the physical format. Let's hope that never happens.

3 April 2015 / submitted by Just A Ghost, France
So, a couple years back I was on a hike with a bunch of friends. One of my friends fell, she nearly went off the cliff but I was right there so she grabbed onto me and I got her onto ground. I was foolish. All I said was, "you okay?", but then I just sorta continued on. I was dumb to not realize that she was on her own. She lives in Utah now, far as you can see around where I live. Last Summer she was visiting, I found out that she was crying alone on that hike after. Scared to death. I can't live with myself now. I feel responsible for her. The fact that we don't keep in touch hurts me. I want to be like her best friend, I have this need to protect her. I am a musician and I've written songs for her but I don't know the best way to make these songs or what to do with them so she could realize how much I care and want to be her friend. So who do I turn to? Well, who else? The masters of music, Coldplay. I was just hoping to get advice from The Oracle to get me out of this Ghost Story.
Just a Ghost, France.
I think you need to stop beating yourself up. You were there for her: she held on to you, you stopped her fall, you asked if she was ok... there's not much more you could have done at the time. You weren't to know how scared she was if she hid it from you.
You are not responsible for her, not then and not now.
The fact that you don't keep in touch hurts you, so get in touch.
In the technological world we live in, there are so many ways to communicate - Skype, chat, text, email or even by old-fashioned telephone or letter. Tell her how you feel. Tell her you regret how you reacted. Be prepared for her to say that she doesn't want to be best friends and she may not feel the need to be protected but tell her.
I think letting it out will help you to let it go.
As for the songs, just record them on your phone. You don't need to go to any expense to express how you feel to her.
You could send her a link to a YouTube or a Soundcloud account. I'd keep the account private to respect her space. Perhaps also send her the lyrics.
Whatever you decide, be open and honest.
Over to you.

I recognize the story you present and I guess therefore you are also male.
I don't think you were dumb in the first place to be walking on after that incident on that hike. The lessons of life will teach that everybody IS on their own. However, you were at the right time and the right place to save her when it was needed. After that you and she were on your own again. The heightened awareness on a dangerous hike like that will put you in that mind-space. Afterwards, you think back and realize you were the stronger one and imagine different scenarios out of guilt. Actually, this is a silly thing to do... Even girls need strong lessons to learn they are not incompetent or weak like tradition and certain culture wants us to believe. We, as men, then feel compelled to be the protector. This is not necessary. Life, creation protects us all and never gives us more then we can handle. To belief that she needs you, is to believe that she is weak and unprotected and therefore you put yourself at risk also, because you believe the same for yourself. It is too bad you didn't contact her earlier, but I say, it's never too late to make amends. You can talk about your feelings and hers if she wants too. Chances are she wants/wanted to forget about the whole thing and it could be that you should also... Michael.

If you have a youtube channel, you could post a video of yourself singing that song your wrote for her and then link her to it. Also, you could write her an email and explain to her how you feel or maybe you could do a video chat with her and sing her that song live. The most important part is to be truly honest and humble. Adelina.

I'm originally from Jersey, so I'll be honest: the first half of your story sounds like a load of crap. If you feel bad for not checking on her welfare post-rescue, you are well within your means to contact her and say, "I'm sorry I didn't make sure you were feeling okay after your near fall, I feel bad...I'd like to catch up, want to get coffee?" I suppose you are inquiring for help because you feel you can't contact her and must communicate through music because you lack other means. If you do have her digits, give her a call. Enough nebulous b.s.
Assuming music is your only communication route, if she hears your music,maybe the notion that you are talking to her through song makes her feel crazy, because only crazy/narcissistic people would think that, right? It might relieve your mind (and hers) to make a move. Respect her contracts in life, but if you have a way to find answers, don't act helpless. Seriously. Get some grit and be brave.
Good Luck! Branwen.

I think the best way you can do is actually tell her that you sympathize her and that you really want to be her best friend. I know in ur part it's not that simple but come on pal! When are u going to have the guts to say it? If not today, when? I think, if u just ignore those butterflies of yours and have the guts to say how u truly feel, I think you and her will be best buds by now. By the way u speak of her. I think that she's nice and not hard to be friended. Its just the Guts. If you don't have it. It will just be nothing. Don't be scared to show or say how u feel, pretty sure it will end up good. :)
Best of luck to u and ur friend. Love, Shaine from Philippines. xx

A very interesting and complicated situation you have here my friend, but not impossible.
I see that you really got attached to this girl, that's very sweet, but I don't understand why haven't you made a step to get closer to her soul and heart.
It's very hard to lose any connection with someone, it's almost like you don't even exist for each other and that a really sad.
I know the feeling, I hate it, but after sometime, somehow, certain people come back to your life and they come to stay for good.
The thing is, you said you wrote songs for her, do a video or two and send them to her or, if you really have the possibility, go to her and sing those songs live.
A relationship is based on these kind of small gestures. A flower, or a chocolate or in my case, when I got Mylo Xyloto from a friend.
I'm afraid you will have to make the first step, even though it might seem a bit scary. I know you're brave and that you will do incredible things!! I also know that everything will be fine, because it is always fine.
Keep smiling and good luck!!
Take care of you!
Lost of Love from Romania!!

Why don't you write her an e-mail or a letter to explain your feelings and everything? I think that it comes first and then the music. You can make a video for her and send it, the distance is your helper because you won't have to play live for her :) But let's go backwards and question your real feelings towards her! If she's been just a friend, why would it be so difficult to you?? When it's about friendship, we usually don't have so much problems with talking, explaining, especially if the distance separates us, but your feelings and tortures are so strong regarding the big distance and being "just friends". So I suggest you to listen WARNING SIGN, but many, many times, until your truth comes out and then play it for her! You can do it :) With love, Kamili.

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A dear friend of mine passed away last year in May at the very young age of 19. Rather than being distraught on the anniversary of his death, I'm hoping to do something special to celebrate his life. Do you have any suggestions? I'm currently in Sydney, Australia and he loved the mountains, good beer, and adventure, if that helps. I'm just not sure what to do and I need ideas because the last thing he'd want is for me to spend the day grieving in my room. I appreciate your advice.
Amber. USA.

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2 April 2015 / submitted by Tristan Grimes, United States of America
Q.  In the Making of Ghost Stories documentary, I noticed that there were 3 songs that never made the cut (Mist, The Race, World Without You). Even though they're not on the album, are there still studio versions of these and will they ever be released in the future?
I've discussed this subject before but I thought I'd share something Chris said back in 2003 after lots of tracks were left off AROBTTH.

"They might come up. There's a difference between burying something because it's interesting and not right and burying something because it's shit."

I'd guess the same goes for any unreleased songs. They may /may not turn up but everything is logged so there will be recordings. Whether they're demos or the finished article, I don't know.

2 April 2015 / submitted by Marcos, Brazil
Q.  Hi Oracle,
Where's the place that was filmed the video clip of The Scientist song?

There were a couple of locations in & out of London according to Jamie Thraves (director):
"It was filmed in a variety of places. Camden, an estate near the docks. Kentish Town, the shot of Chris walking down the street was Kentish High Street*. The car scene was in Farnham, Boreham Wood or Bournewood+, I'm not sure, but it was the same place that Gladiator was filmed."

* Kentish Town High St.
+ Bourne Woods, Farnham, Surrey.