11 November 2014 / submitted by Sean, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Oracle! Have you heard Miracles yet? And if so what era or album of Coldplay would you relate it to?
I haven't got a copy but have heard it. I wouldn't. The thing about soundtrack songs is they're not supposed to be related to any artist era; they're relating to the film and are written specifically with the theme / tone of the movie in mind.
All I will say is, given the topic of Unbroken, Miracles is - as you might imagine - not an upbeat song.

11 November 2014 / submitted by Marc, Australia
Q.  Hi,

I was recently on a plane, and while looking through the in-flight entertainment, I noticed and watched a special live video of Ghost Stories. I am now aware that a live album for Ghost Stories is being released, and once I watched the trailer for the DVD, I was pretty sure that it was the same thing as what I watched on the plane. Is this true?

It very well could be but I believe there were (sort of) 3 versions.
One included Clocks and Paradise. Another was an edited version. The DVD could be classed as the third and consists of:
1. Always In My Head
2. Magic
3. Ink
4. True Love
5. Midnight
6. Another's Arms
7. Oceans
8. A Sky Full Of Stars
9. O

10 November 2014 / submitted by Valeplayer, Mexico
Q.  Hello. I want to know if Coldplay work with an astrologer in the app The Horoscope? All that said, it becomes reality O.O Thanks a lot ?
The horoscope doing the rounds has absolutely nothing to do with the band - at all. I don't even know what the connections between the band & some of the symbols are but I doubt it has anything to do with astrology. I think it's just meant to be a bit of fun.

10 November 2014 / submitted by Chris, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle, was All Your Friends originally written as a tribute to WWI soldiers and why?
Yes, it was actually written with WW1 in mind.

10 November 2014 / submitted by Chiara, Italy
Q.  Hello Oracle! :)
I was enjoying the new Damien Rice's album called My Favourite Faded Fantasy, when around the 4th minute of a song titled It Takes A Lot To Know A Man there's a deep voice in the background that I identified as Chris' one.
Is it possible that he collaborated for latest Damien Rice album or is it just my imagination?
Thanks and lots of love.
There are a few backing vocals on that track but none of them are Chris. The guy's voice belongs to Helgi Jonsson.
That makes It Takes A Lot To Know A Man a somewhat ironic title...

7 November 2014 / submitted by Ana, Spain
I'm in a bad stage of my life, I recently broke up with my boyfriend and if I say the truth, I don't even know the really "why". Well, since we've broken up I've been spending the weeks thinking about it. Have I done well? I really want this? It's just like one day I think I really don't want to go back with him but at nights or when I hear Coldplay songs like The Scientist I cannot stop crying and thinking of him like my boyfriend again.
I know is something that I can only know by myself but sometimes I need help and well... be sincere with someone who listen to me. Thanks for reading and helping me.
Sometimes you don't need a specific reason why. It could be a number of factors. You just have to trust your instinct. I think the reason you broke up is because something didn't work for you. If you can work out why you left him, you may find it easier to cope.
It's natural to question if you've done the right thing, especially when you miss someone / something. Of course you miss him and it's probably the habit of the relationship you miss too.
When you split up with someone, you cry for what you had that's gone and maybe even just the good times.
Break-ups can be unbearable even if it's your choice. It's like a bereavement. As it is a loss there will be grieving. What you're describing is a completely normal part of the process and unfortunately there isn't anything that can speed this up. I'm afraid you just have to ride the storm and know that you will eventually come through the other side.
Listening to sad songs can help get the emotions out but I think it's probably best if you don't at the moment - especially not at night. If you can resist contacting your ex and just spend time thinking about you and what you need. It's important those needs are met and that means doing what's best for you.
It can be hard talking to people about it but if you have supportive friends, tell them how you feel. Try writing a letter to yourself. Start with "Dear Ana," and write down everything you want for yourself and what you want foam a relationship. By doing this, you may see what you weren't getting.
Stay strong, Ana.
Over to you.

There there, breakups are always hard. It will always take time, it will always be hard to get over if it was a genuine relationship. This, however, doesn't mean that you made the wrong decision, or that you're to blame if things seem to be going wrong. Try and talk to him if you want to know the reason behind your breakup, and maybe even fix it. It also depends on how old you are, as studies show that the average person falls in love about 7 times before their final, lifelong relationship. You have to try and understand that not all relationships end in marriage and that you have to let go sometimes. If all else fails, you will find yourself eventually getting over it. It'll be overwhelming at first, but in the end it'll be totally worth it, once you taste freedom. Solaf.

It sounds like you need some time to find out what you really want. You sound very confused and some time for yourself would be good to help you clear your head and clarify the situation. You said that during the day you think you really don't want to go back with you ex. It doesn't sound like you don't know why you two broke up. My advice: Don't rush things. Take some time to evaluate your decision. Write down a list about things that were and weren't working in your relationship so you can have a global view. Breakups are hard but that doesn't mean that breaking up was a bad decision.
Wish you the best. Noelia, Argentina.

Ana, you say you're the one who call it quits but I mean if you still love him and he still feels the same way and there's no bad blood happened between the two of you then maybe I think you should guys work it out and get back together you know. Second chances are not that bad, sometimes it become sweeter. But, if you feel that it is right thing to do to part ways I think you should stop thinking and start living a new chapter in your life. Hurting is part of being in love, all people go through that pain. But heart heals as time goes by. But most, you're the only person who can help you to move on. You can go out with friends when you feel alone, do new things that will make you feel better or that will distract you from thinking of him and soon you'll feel okay again. :) Wish you nothin' but happiness! Love lots, Shaine from Philippines. xx

Maybe this time is the hardest to you, but please think it again why do you break up with your boyfriend. It's necessary to know the reason behind this story.
Did your boyfriend hurt you? Or always make you happy?
Do you want this break up? Or is it just temporary desire?
If he always hurt you, it's the best choice to leave him. Before you met and with him, you could happy. So without him, you can happy just like sometimes ago.
But if he love you so much, and you didn't want to break up, tell him that you love and want him come back. I know it's hard to choice, but your heart know the best for you. So much love, Verryna.

If you can't find reasons for break up, there were probably no enough reasons to go on in your relationship. Lack of feelings, common interests, love and other factors have led you to break up.
Think about what've been connecting you from the beginning? What was your relationship about, what was it based on?
Some love relationships are more like friendships, some are about solving problems, filling the holes, having fun, sharing interests etc.
Each relationship has some colors and dominating mood. Only you know what it was and why it stopped. Without any information, to me it seems that you both took the maximum of your relationship.
Not for bad, but for good. Now it's time to accept it as finished and take all good things from it as a growing and valid period of life.
There are relationships that must end. "And I discovered that my castles stand upon pillars of salt, pillars of sand."
I wish you relationship standing upon pillars of stone. Don't rush into next one, take your time, be yourself, live, breath and while listening The Scientist, hear the verse: "I'm going back to the start." So start again, looking forward to what life brings. "A simple plot, but I know one day, good things are coming your way!" With love, Kamili.

All I can tell you is that your feelings are normal. We tend to replay events in our heads searching for answers that may never be answered. It is okay to allow yourself time to mourn the ending of a relationship as it tends to change your daily life in a dramatic way. I remember feeling like this and it was all I could think about. I wondered if the hurt would ever go away and one day it did. I did not expect it to, but suddenly I was like, "hey, I am not thinking about so and so anymore." The best thing to do is try to keep yourself busy, especially at night when the demons surface to torment our minds. Try not to talk about it too much to people as after awhile they may end up pulling away from you. I suggest writing in a journal either your thoughts or poetry. It would also be a good idea to do something symbolic to bring closure to you, as it may not happen with the boyfriend. Write down how you feel and say good bye and burn it in a safe place. It may take time but if it is lasting too long or you are turning to unhealthy things to numb your pain, you should talk to your doctor. Best of luck, Marcia.

Ana, Nobody said it was easy. I applaud you for taking control of your life. It is a hard thing to do. I know how confident and beautiful you are without even meeting you just by your actions. You are feeling what millions of people, including me, have felt after a hard break-up. It may be hard to think of the positive right now, but think of all the happiness that can come out of it. Spend time with family and friends in order to help keep your mind away from negative thoughts. You will get over this and help will come, I promise. Everything in our lives happens for a reason. Much love, Dori.

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7 November 2014 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

As you may know, we have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday we open questions of a personal nature to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.

ANYONE can join in so, if you'd like to, please email your response to the following question, in no more than 250 words, to before midnight Thursday 13 November.

I recently lost my Dad. He was 72 and had not been ill, then started to feel tired and unwell. From the start of him feeling off colour to his death was 6 weeks. From his diagnosis to his passing was 3 weeks. He died in my arms at 21.01 on April 16th and passed away very peacefully. If there is such a thing as a beautiful death, then my beautiful Dad had it. The air was so thick with love, that if love was a physical solid thing, you could almost have reached out and touched it.
The trouble is, although I see that it was a blessing that he didn't suffer, he didn't have to experience any traumatic treatments etc and that he was surrounded by me, my Mum and Brother in his final days, I am struggling terribly. He's gone, I'm never going to see him, hear his voice again, smell his amazing smell or hear him call me Looby Lou, and it's heartbreaking. People who know me well can see this has had a profound effect on me, they know how important he was to me and when I'm asked how I am, I just can't explain how bereft I feel. How on Earth will I ever feel like me again.
I keep being told to smile and be happy, that my Dad wouldn't want me to feel like this, but it doesn't change how much I miss him, it doesn't bring him back, it doesn't make it right. I have an 8 year son who had the most amazing relationship with his Grandad and he has been a Godsend, but he's asking me questions I can't answer like where has Grandad gone. Who knows?
I miss him, he was an amazing man who lived a full life, a Naval career for 28 years, an expedition leader to the Arctic several times, a British Empire Medal owner. It seems so unfair for someone so full of life to be taken from us. How does someone cope with the loss of the person who shaped her into the woman she is today, who instilled his life lessons and morals into me? I feel totally heartbroken but in the same breath am trying to keep things normal for my little boy. It's the hardest thing I have ever gone through and I can't see how I will ever feel like me again :(
Any advice is so gratefully accepted. Lisa, UK.

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The Oracle.
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6 November 2014 / submitted by Adam , United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle, was Miracles specially written for the Unbroken soundtrack or was it just taken from the lp7 sessions?
Yes, the song was written specifically for the film's soundtrack.

6 November 2014 / submitted by Amanda, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle, Is Coldplay coming back to New York? Anytime they have had a concert in recent years it always seems to be somewhere in the UK. Are they coming back to the Us, and more specifically NYC anytime soon?
That's not true, Amanda. If by recent years you mean the 2014 dates, they have performed in NYC (& L.A) more than anywhere else! The only UK dates for the Ghost Stories release were the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Glasgow and 2 nights at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The last tour certainly covered America.

6 November 2014 / submitted by Marcela, Mexico
Q.  Hi Oracle!
Why All Your Friends and Ghost Story don't have live version?
They haven't been played live - simple as that.