20 October 2011 / submitted by France, Canada
Q.  Hi Oracle,

I saw the Paradise video and it made my day. And what a day it was...
Can you share a funny story about the shoot? I am sure that there is one... an elephant does not blend well in our busy cities.
As it was filmed in different locations it was pieced together over quite a time.
The South African outdoor shots were filmed on 7th October and the live performance was the following night at the Johannesburg gig.
The week after when they got back to London, Chris shot the underground scenes. I do have a funny story (well, I think it's funny) from that day.
On 11th October, Shaun Weston (from Bristol) wrote on twitter, "I rode a Charing Cross escalator with Chris Martin today. He was dressed as an elephant. Anyone else see him, or was I dreaming?"

I know a few people saw Chris that day and it did surprise a few fans.

20 October 2011 / submitted by Jessica, United States of America
Q.  Dearest Oracle,
I am in love with the song Paradise and rightly so I am also in love with the music video for it. I have a question though. Why does Guy have a different elephant suit than everyone else? I noticed that his suit is darker than the rest and doesn't have elephant feet/shoes. Also why doesn't Guy's elephant have any identifying features like Johnny's has his trademark hat and Will's has a pair of glasses? Also why does Will's elephant have glasses? I don't recall ever seeing him wear glasses during performances.

Thank you Oracle!
p.s. I want to tell the band that I loved that they used elephants over any other animals, they're the best, both the band and elephants.

See, the fact that Guy's elephant doesn't have elephant feet makes him different and so maybe that's his defining difference?
I actually wonder if there's more to a passing nod to The Banana Splits, a late 60's children's entertainment combo. They had an elephant who wore glasses - although Snorky (the bespectacled one) wasn't the drummer; he was the keyboard player.
I have seen Will wear glasses - granted not during a performance but that wouldn't be practical anyway given the power machine that he is. Can you imagine attempting Politik and avoiding glasses steaming up or flying off? No, I didn't think so...
One of The Banana Splits doesn't have his animal's feet, so maybe as with Guy, the normal feet is another nod?

20 October 2011 / submitted by Darren, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle, hope you are well did Chris really get on the tube at Belsize Park and Sit on the tube with norms (normal peoples) and no one knew it was him? Or was it a stunt a phant?
He really did get on the tube. There's been a lot of questions about the video so read the next couple also...

19 October 2011 / submitted by Brian K, United States of America
Q.  Just watched the Paradise video and was wondering, can Chris really ride a unicycle?
You saw it with your own eyes; it wasn't a trick. Chris takes things seriously so I doubt him not unicycling was ever in question. I think that man could quite possibly do anything he sets his mind to!

19 October 2011 / submitted by Allie, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I was driving home from work earlier tonight, jamming out to Paradise, before I hydroplaned and lost control of my car. My car flipped several times before finally landing upside down. As I was dangling from my seat (luckily I was wearing my seat belt) thanking God that I was still alive, Chris was belting out "So lying underneath those stormy skies, she'd say, oh I know the sun must set to rise." It was a surreal moment to say the least. I will forever associate that song with being thankful for my existence, and the awareness of how easily it can be taken away. My question for you, do you ever associate a certain song with a pivotal moment or event in your life?
Gosh, glad to hear you're safe and sound Allie. Yes, there are many songs that have become a soundtrack to my life and sometimes those songs change and take on a different meaning along the way. The most recent was Fix You. I won't bore with you all with why, but it will for a long time now remind me of a certain place and a certain experience - not a good one so all I will say is it helped me.

19 October 2011 / submitted by CrazyCatz, Canada
Q.  Aren't the lines: 'The Birds they sang at the break of day/Star again I heard them say' a complete steal from the song Anthem by Leonard Cohen? This could start a copyright infringement lawsuit with the boys.
Given Up With The Birds (by Coldplay) credits Leonard Cohen as a writer, no, it's not a steal. It's start again by the way, not star.

18 October 2011 / submitted by Adam, United States of America
Q.  Gracious Oracle,
I have long awaited Mylo Xyloto's release and I can't wait till next Monday. I am looking forward to getting the album, finding a nice place to sit, and listening through the whole thing as I have with the other albums. However iTunes is streaming one song a day till its release and it is very tempting to listen to. Should I listen to the songs each day or should I wait for Monday to enjoy it and all its splendor. Thanks so much.
Oh that's such a tricky question! I am very old school so personally like to wait to hear an album in its entirety but here we are in the day & age where we can listen to one song per day. I can't help you!
There are different ways to introduce new music, yesterday Tom Waits' label (ANTI) sent out invitations to listen early ahead of his album's release next week. You could legally share it with a personal code for up to 5 friends. How could one resist? Legal AND invited!

18 October 2011 / submitted by Holt, United States of America
Q.  I've been listening to Coldplay for some 8 or 9 years, and I've never got to go to a Coldplay concert, less meet them in person (wouldn't that be a dream!) What is the best way I could convince my parents into buying me tickets?
Let me see... Buy your own? Have you asked??
Is this Q because you don't have access a credit card?
If you've been following the band for 8 or 9 years, even if you were 8 when you first became a fan that would make you 16/17 now and of an age where it's possible you could have saved for it but would need someone 18+ to buy it. I would have thought if you gave the cash to someone, they would purchase it for you. Or maybe even go with you? If you're asking me how to convince your parents to give you the money too, I'd have to say - promise to pay them back and do lots of chores pro gratis!

18 October 2011 / submitted by Jaime, Chile
Q.  Dear Oracle.
I have always dreamed can see a live Colplay show.
please answer me, there is the option that they come to Latinamerica in the future?
There is always the possibility of a Latin American tour. The last time they toured the region Chile had originally been on the schedule but as the dates had to be changed from September to March, the Chilean date couldn't be accommodated and was scrapped. So, who knows? Maybe next time...

17 October 2011 / submitted by Ian, United Kingdom
Q.  With such serious subject matter, how would Chris riding on a unicycle fit in with Paradise? Not that I don't think it is a wonderful idea haha.
What, no mention of wearing an elephant costume whilst riding a unicycle? I would have thought that was stranger! You'll have to wait and see but as Phil said earlier today, he's at the video edit with Mat Whitecross so not much longer until you find out.