7 July 2011 / submitted by Una, Finland
Q.  Hi Oracle!
I was just watching Coldplay In My Place music video and I have one question... Who are the two people on stairs? :)
I assume that's after the last question I answered... In that case, that is DEFINITELY tagged so I'm afraid you'll have to go and check In My Place tags.

7 July 2011 / submitted by Chloe, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle, I was wondering where the music video for In My Place was filmed? I didn't see anything about it in the tag cloud, but if you've already answered this question, I'm sorry! :)

Love from the US, Chloe
Hmm, I thought I had actually but will be sure to tag this reply. The video for In My Place was filmed at Saatchi Gallery, London.

6 July 2011 / submitted by Connor B, Australia
Q.  Hey Oracle :)

I was just wondering whether there are any plans to release the lyrics for the new songs that Coldplay have already played live?

Sorry one last question :P is there any chance you could tell me the first line of Hurts Like Heaven? There's so much confusion on about the lyrics.

Thank you do much! :) Can't wait for the album.
There are no plans to publish lyrics on the website of the new songs that are being played live. We've added ETIAW, MM & M2M to the Recordings section of course, complete with lyrics. Unless any of the others are released (as either single or on the album), we won't be putting them up. We haven't done that before so it's not a new thing by the way.
I actually hadn't really noticed the opening line to Hurts Like Heaven as that's the point I am usually still cheering their entrance!
The first one is tricky to work out but something like "Do you ever get the feeling you're a bridge to the park / bridging the part? Do you ever get the feeling that you're missing the mark?" I could be wrong though and probably am.
*EDIT: So, it turns out some people think it's "Written in grafitti on a bridge in a park", which makes a lot more sense! Will try to get confirmation.

6 July 2011 / submitted by Fede, Italy
Q.  Hi Oracle. Why is Simon Pegg the only tag written in pink on the Oracle page ?
Ha! I'm so sorry for laughing but go back to my page and I bet you that whatever word your cursor is hovering over is pink. No tags are pink until you move your mouse over it.

6 July 2011 / submitted by Nick, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle/Coldplay,
Why did you cancel the New Jersey gig on September 18. I was finally going to see a Coldplay show and now all I have is this feeling of utter rejection and denial.
I am so sad. =;( (that bye the way is a super duper frowny face)
We didn't cancel our RXP TakLiberty Festival appearance, RXP have cancelled the entire festival "due to unforeseen circumstances".

5 July 2011 / submitted by Ciara, United Kingdom
Q.  Dearest Oracle
My friend and I were lucky enough to make the Open'er festival (what a night!!!) During the set, before Fix You, I thought Chris mentioned missing Stef/ Steph? Was I mistaken? If not, who is he/she and what connection do they have with the Band?
Thanks ever so and to all in the Coldplay camp for an unforgettable evening.
Yes, Chris mentioned Steph during Fix You. Around the 1' 23" mark he said, "Let's play this for Steph today, we're gonna miss you Steph" as that was her last show before she moved on to pastures new. Steph was their RF Tech (radio frequency technician) for a long while and I know she will miss the guys too.

5 July 2011 / submitted by Perabeles, Mexico
Q.  Hey Oracle! Well I'm wondering if Coldplay will be in Glastonbury next year, because I'm starting to save money, planning to do a hunger strike or something like that, I love u guys. Please come to Mexico in 2012.
Good grief, I hope nobody does anything so extreme to get to see a band! Don't worry Perabeles, you have plenty time to save up as it's highly unlikely that ANY band would headline Glastonbury two years running so rest assured they will not be playing Glastonbury next year. Aside from that, I can guarantee it because there is NO Glastonbury festival next year anyway.

5 July 2011 / submitted by Simon, Germany
Q.  Dear Oracle,

Can you tell me why Politik was never released as a single? Chris often says he thinks it's one of their best songs - and it certainly is better than the single In My Place (which, of course, especially live, also is enjoyable).
Best regards
That is quite an interesting point you make and will be difficult to explain but I shall do my best. I think it's almost always obvious which songs (by any artist) are singles, which are album tracks and which are b sides - though in the case of Prince, Oasis and Coldplay for instance, their b sides are often as good if not better than singles, such is the high standard.
It's not like songs are written with anything but the finished album in mind at the start, but once it takes shape, you can tell which are openers and closers even if selecting the running order proves tricky.
I guess singles have a feel about them too; a commercial radio friendly appeal. Politik (genius as it is), wasn't a quintessential airplay song.

4 July 2011 / submitted by Andreas, Germany
Q.  Precious Oracle,
Do you know where this image has been taken? It always makes me think of Nevada. Please turn my ignorance into knowledge! I really like it and use it as wallpaper on my PC and all my portable devices. Cheers,
You know, I knew you meant that photo even before I clicked the link. It was actually taken one state over from Nevada, though they had just left there.
The band had played Las Vegas (April 29) and then travelled to headline Coachella (California). That photo was taken not far from the festival site, near Palm Springs.

4 July 2011 / submitted by Elise, France
Q.  Dear Oracle,

I heard that ETIAW official's clip was filming in Paris ? Is it true ? If it is, when the guys were filming and where was it exactly in Paris ?

Thanks a lot for your answer,

Best wishes.
No, I think you may have misunderstood the reference to Paris in Roadie #42's blog. It was referring to the graffiti artist whose name is Paris. It was filmed in London's Docklands area.