2 February 2012 / submitted by Karina, United States of America
Q.  When did the band start to realize they wanted to become famous?
They didn't. There's a huge difference between wanting to be successful in a band and being famous. I do know that when asked what they want to be when they grow up/leave school lots of people say they want to be famous, but more now than ever because of reality television shows. Many of them aren't particularly talented but have become celebrities. It's easy to be famous but not easy to sustain a career if there's nothing to back it up.
The band wanted to make music and to make a decent living from it, that's really the only way to think when you're a musician.

2 February 2012 / submitted by Anailil, Mexico
Q.  Where is the Exhibition Room?
The Room is now closed and we've moved the entire Exhibition to our Archive section.
Check out Hypnofeed as that's where it's at now. It's all about feeding us there!

2 February 2012 / submitted by Monique, Australia
Q.  Hi Oracle, I recently heard that Coldplay are coming to Sydney, Australia, for two intimate shows. I really really want to enter to win tickets to these shows but the terms & conditions say you have to be a permanent resident of NSW and be 18 years or over. I am almost 17 and live in QLD but I would willingly travel any distance in Australia to see them. I can easily get transport and accommodation sorted accompanied by an adult guardian. I would like to know if there is anyway I can still attend???
Please please help, I really want to see them live and would do anything, I just hate not being eligible.
I remember being of an age where I couldn't attend gigs as I couldn't get in certain venues. There are safety concerns with competitions and that's why the minimum adult age of 18 is imposed. I am sorry to say it doesn't matter how mature a person is or whether they have accommodation, the rules are there for a reason and they* will not bend them for any one individual or it wouldn't be set that way in the first place.
I'm sorry it must be really frustrating but at least it is being streamed live so you'll be able to watch.

*"they" is not the band by the way. We have nothing to do with terms & conditions but for what it's worth, I have organised quite a few fan events and I insist on the same rule. If it had said "unless accompanied by an adult", that would be the only way you could attend.

1 February 2012 / submitted by Holly, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle,
if I was to buy tickets off of a friend would I still be able to get into the Coldplay concert at the Emirates? is there any photo ID or name ID in use (like at Glastonbury) or can I use them without this friend present?
If you have the tickets in hand you don't need photo identification to get in to the show. It's only if you're collecting tickets from the box office that they may stipulate that at point of purchase.
Please make sure you always read the small print and terms & conditions regarding tickets as rules may differ between certain venues/ticket agents.

1 February 2012 / submitted by Caleb, Malaysia
Q.  Hey Oracle, I just bought Coldplay's The Blue Room E.P for GBP 20.00 and the item is in good condition but it have a little defects on the back cover. Since this is my first time buying things online, I want to make sure that the purchase is a good purchase. Therefore, I want to ask you about The Blue Room E.P. Can you please tell me how many of them were produce and are they considered as rare items? :)
Thanks in advance for your help! :)
It would depend from which batch the cd you have is from. The initial run of the E.P was 5000 which is considered low and would make the item somewhat rare. It was re-issued a couple of years later which means it was more readily available and therefore cds from that batch wouldn't be considered to be rare.
I don't have access to serial numbers so can't help you work out whether yours is from the earlier or later pressing.

1 February 2012 / submitted by Erin, United States of America
Q.  I have a question ok I've been communicating with this Scottish guy via email for almost three weeks now and he finally friended me on Facebook. Well yesterday I confirmed him and I tried to look at his profile pics. He doesn't have ONE single picture of himself. I'm 14 and he says he's 15 but now I don't know whether to believe him or not. My friends say that I should stop talking to him. What do you think? BTW big fan!!
STOP TALKING TO HIM! I don't know how you started emailing him in the first place but I suggest you unfriend him and don't communicate with him any more. You can't report anyone just for not having a profile photo but if you know that he has been sending you any inappropriate messages, I suggest you tell someone you trust and have it investigated.

31 January 2012 / submitted by Jeremy, Canada
Q.  Dear YOU.
I was wondering if you guys kept or are in possession of old props of band history or whatnot? I know those puppets are toast, but like, the bibliography cover in the LIT2 video, or stuff like that?
There haven't been all that many props featured in the band's videos other than the ones you mention - apart from Talk.
As you may know the Strawberry Swing outfit was auctioned off in the End Of Decade Sale along with the Parachutes globe which Id say is the most important historical item.
The puppets from LiTii were the only prop kept and used. They are in a bag right here in my living room but were sold for charity this week despite their absolutely battered state. They are literally held together with sticky putty and safety pins with their limbs falling off (RIP).
The book in the same video wasn't real (mocked up cover) and neither was the record in Christmas Lights (mocked up centre).

The band's stuff goes in to storage as there's such a lot of it. There's not always sentimental value to warrant anyone keeping it at home for example. They were sorry to see many of their guitars go in the auction but at the same time, happy to raise money for charity. It got to the stage where it wasn't practical keeping everything. It's not like they saw it all given it was in storage.
That said, the aforementioned auction means there's not as much as there was.

31 January 2012 / submitted by Lilac, United Arab Emirates
Q.  Where has Roadie #42 gone? I miss his blog posts.
He will back before you know it. January was downtime for the band and the crew. There has been activity but for the most part it was a month off. #42 only blogs when he has something to share with us all and in reality there's not been much to tell.

31 January 2012 / submitted by Bowen, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey-o Oracle,

I'm slightly confused, because in a question you said that they've never played Parachutes or Reign of Love? When I have a recording of Reign of Love from the Izod Center in New Jersey (10.27.2008) and I could have sworn that I saw a setlist over at where Chris played Parachutes right after finishing Yellow?
Well strictly speaking I didn't say "never" I said that I was pretty sure there was one song left off.
Anyway, you're right though.
You see, I have a vague recollection of Parachutes being played but couldn't picture it. It wouldn't surprise me if it was played on their first tour because they obviously had fewer songs to play back then.
I haven't seen Reign Of Love played live though. I have seen videos that say Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love online but I suspect that was because that's how it's listed on the album. I honestly think you must have seen the one time they ever played it.

30 January 2012 / submitted by Jean, Puerto Rico
Q.  Dear Oracle, my question is: Why haven't the boys played U.F.O., Don't Let It Break Your Heart and Up With The Birds live? They are part of the album and I feel as if they've been left out, please answer, back to you now.
They have never played all the songs from an album. I'm pretty sure there was one song from each of the first four albums left out (Parachutes from Parachutes, A Whisper from AROBTTH, Twisted Logic from X&Y and Reign of Love from Viva la Vida).

I guess being part of an album doesn't necessarily mean part of a tour is a given. Some songs just don't work live or don't fit into the setlist.

I think your question could be changed to why haven't the boys played those songs yet. They still may; they've got a lot of dates. U.F.O and Up With The Birds could easily be X stage additions at least. It's too early to say whether they'll make an appearance though.