10 August 2011 / submitted by Evan, United States of America
Q.  If I theoretically won the lottery and had multi-million dollar winnings, would Coldplay come play in my backyard for 2 million dollars? That's like 3.5 million pounds!

Sincerely a day-dreaming Coldplay fan.
No, they wouldn't but theoretically, if you won that much on the lottery you could go to every concert they'd ever play wherever in the world...

9 August 2011 / submitted by Marielle, Canada
Q.  Hello Oracle,
I was watching the news and saw that there is a riot in London. Is everything okay over there, what does the band think of it, what do you think of it?
Everything is not ok but thank you for asking. I actually haven't spoken to the band but everyone is shocked and appalled by the rioting that is spreading to other areas of the U.K.
Last night I was with a couple of people who work with the band and we'd got together for a catch-up. Before long we became aware of a young girl who was working in floods of tears.
Not only were we watching it unfold on the news channel but we witnessed phone calls coming in with updates that the rioting was literally round the corner from us.
It felt like we were in a very bad film. It still does feel like that...

8 August 2011 / submitted by Blair, United States of America
Q.  In the Archive videos where Mags joins Chris onstage in Oslo 19.09.08 what song was Chris singing?
They were performing a-ha's classic hit Hunting High & Low.

8 August 2011 / submitted by Jordan, United States of America
Q.  Hey all-knowing Oracle,
I was looking for Coldplay videos on YouTube and found one of them doing a cover for Amy Winehouse's Rehab. Is it possible that you'll make that an actual track, or will we have to hope someone gets better sound quality when they record it at a concert?
Coldplay didn't do a cover of Rehab per se, Chris just sang the chorus refrain at the start of Fix You at a couple of recent shows. You can see a clip in the latest 42 blog.

5 August 2011 / submitted by Anon, United States of America
"I am a very forgetful and inattentive person and I'm very insecure about it. Sometimes I zone off in class and when I get home to do homework, I have trouble focusing and doing it. I believe I have a form of ADD/ADHD, but my parents don't believe me. I think being tested could help me, but I can't convince them. My friends think I'm being ridiculous, too. What should I do to get help?!"
ADD/ADHD can be easy to misdiagnose and equally, as may be your case, easy to ignore and blame other things rather than the condition. It could be that you are just naturally forgetful or a bit of a daydreamer; you may be bored. One common misconception is to label rather than see that boredom arises from not being challenged enough hence finding it hard to hold attention. Ask yourself if there are any times you see the opposite is true. It may be that you are only focused in things that you are interested in or like doing. I was certainly easily distracted at school and during homework times. I was the opposite if it was a passion, like music. I could lose hours in dreaming or going off on a tangent but I didn't and don't have ADD.
I am a firm believer in knowing your own body and to some extent, mind. If you feel there is more to this than simply being unable to concentrate then you owe it to yourself to get tested. Whether the reason your parents dismiss the notion is one of stigma, financial or simply disbelief is irrelevant. I think you need to check all areas of your life to see if there's a pattern. You could start with some online research into testing for ADD/ADHD. If you still feel the same, you should seek medical help. Over to you.

If you truly feel that you do have ADD/ADHD and if your parents nor friends believe you, I'd say get help from your teachers. Most likely they have had students with ADD and or ADHD and they can not only help you and give you advice, but also they can convince your parents if you do have ADD or ADHD. Also dont feel ashamed if you do have them, you're not alone. I hope all goes well for you. Billy N.

Try researching ADD/ADHD on the web and take an online test and examine your results. Look up some of the symptoms, too. Do you notice that you are inattentive all the time or only during shool? Zoning off in class and having trouble staying focused on homework (especially when you are distracted or your mind is elsewhere) can be rather common in student life. If you can watch a movie without interruption or maintain a steady conversation with friends, then you might not have ADD at all and the problems you are experiencing might just be a lack of interest in your studies. Not getting enough sleep and consuming too much caffeine might be factors as well. If you want to be sure, you should ask your instructors if they have noticed any type of ADD behavior during class. If they have, you can arrange a parent-teacher meeting in order to provide an outside opinion that your parents can take into consideration. Hope this helped! Blake.

I always have been forgetful and insecure like you. But over the years, I have learn that you have to take care of yourself, you have to survive what the future have prepared to you, it always will be difficult to adapt to different situations. But this have to be your own purpose. You really have to put effort for success, you have to focus on what you do until you are satisfied with its result. And do not give up until you get what you want; remember that always worth fight for what you want most. Organize your life. You will notice that this way is easier to succeed. Be optimistic and you'll see. Emilia.

I was in a very similar situation that you are in. I was doing utterly terrible in chemistry, and I was convinced I had a learning disability. Funny thing is, I was just bad at chemistry. Now I'm not trying to say You don't have ADD/ADHD, those cases exist, and you have to understand that your parents wouldn't want to come to the realization. However, you'll need to get a confirmation, if there are any specialist in the field of ADHD in your area, then search ADD/ADHD Specialist Contact on the internet, I checked and there are plenty of ways to personally contact a physician in this field, and they could help you really detect symptoms to see whether you have it or not.
Now if it turns out you don't have it, don't worry, you'll just need to overcome the trouble you're having with concentration. This might sound corny, but I often found myself writing the word "FOCUS" on my hand in case my mind began to wander. It's going to be hard to get down and concentrate, you've got a wandering mind, but I'm certain you can overcome this! Best wishes, Bradley H.

I actually do have ADD and it took years to diagnose as everyone just thought I'd had too much sugar or was hyperactive. I was seen as a problem child for so long and was very frustrated. I can relate to what you're saying but there's only one way to find out. Get tested! Rather than feel insecure about it, tackle it head on then at least you know what you are (or not) dealing with. Good luck!

Thank you all for your replies.
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5 August 2011 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
When I answer questions of a personal nature, readers often get in touch with their own thoughts. So, we now have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday (with the question asker's permission) we open up a question to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I'll post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.
ANYONE can join in so, if you'd like to, please email your response to the following question, in no more than 200 words, to before Thursday 11th August.

"Do you think long distance relationships are worth it? I feel like you'd have some advice because as you travel a lot with Coldplay your relationship, if you have one, may become strained at times. I live a few hours away from this person depending on the way of transportation. I do love them dearly, but sometimes it just becomes very difficult to deal with as I don't see them often. I feel as though I'm stuck quite a bit, I want to stay with them as we plan to be together very much in the future, but I'm not sure if all the stress is worth it. What shall I do? Nicole."

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle
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4 August 2011 / submitted by Emily, Mexico
Q.  Q. Hi Oracle!
I know that Coldplay has a version of Billie Jean played at iHeartRadio, but at the beginning of the video Chris wrote their initials and above it a drawings like little faces? And what does the guys said at the first.
It's something like:
Guy: Hi we're Coldplay... And then I don't understand anything.
Thanks Oracle!
As the radio station is called iHeartRadio they are saying "I heart" as in I love* followed by things they love. Shame we don't hear what Guy loves, as he's introducing the band but here's what they say:
Guy - Hi, we're Coldplay
Chris - I heart table tennis
Jonny - I heart Sherlock Holmes
Will - I heart radio (technically it's not that Will necessarily loves radio, he's plugging the station!)
* That image is a TOTAL co-incidence so please don't read anything into it. I found it rather amusing, that is all...

4 August 2011 / submitted by Lorenna, Brazil
Q.  Dear Oracle,
Unfortunately, I didn't get tickets for the Rock in Rio Festival, in Rio de Janeiro, where Coldplay will perform on October 01. But there is a promotion of a brand of gum that can give you tickets to the Rock in Rio if you have a code that comes into their products.
I really need to go to this festival and see Coldplay. Do you think I should try and participate in this promotion or it is waste of time?
Thank you.
If you like their brand of gum and have the money spare to buy it, sure, why not?
There's saying, "you've got to be in it to win it" and I always add to that, "someone's got to win, why not me?"
If everyone thought entering competitions was a waste of time, no-one would win anything. C'mon! Positive mental attitude Lorenna!
You never know... it could be you.

3 August 2011 / submitted by Alex, United States of America
Q.  Dearest Oracle...I come to you frustrated by what I'm very sure is a fraud on Coldplay that people are actually believing. The page Mnemonics and Murals is claiming to be "someone on the inside" dishing out juicy information to hungry fans, when it seems likely to be fake. Would you please clarify to everyone that it's false information and to not get their hopes up, pretty please? Thanks for your time!

PS- if it turns out by some chance that it's actually true...I'll eat my hat. Have a lovely day Oracle!
At the moment we have a few hoax websites popping up. The one you mention isn't affiliated to the band in any way and neither is the MX site. Any facebook accounts you may come across are also bogus. The band members do NOT have personal facebook or twitter accounts so any that you see are false. I don't know why people think it's ok to pretend to be someone else. At the expense of others is also cruel not to mention essentially fraudulent.

3 August 2011 / submitted by Jop, Belgium
Q.  Woah wait... you just said that sending a letter doesn't cost that much money (which probably is true)... But you mean that we CAN send letters to Coldplay?? I thought that this wasn't possible anymore. Can you give us the address?
It was hypothetical. There isn't an advertised address to send mail. It's much easier to email*. Kinder on the environment too. I meant to mention that to Tim. Emails are free too so that would solve his problem.