20 March 2015 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

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At the moment I am dealing with some problems I have been having with my partner for two years now but sometimes I feel like it's not going where I want it to.
Recently I've met this one girl who is really sweet and kind.
The dilemma is who do I choose and why my partner blames me for a lot of silly mistakes and really loses her cool sometimes? What if this new girl is the same and then I'm left alone and unhappy?
Ryan. UK.

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The Oracle.
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19 March 2015 / submitted by Maria Isabel, Dominican Republic
Q.  Hey! I was wondering, is there any kind of Coldplay museum or exhibition? If so, where? Thanks :)
We're a long way off having a Coldplay Museum. I think you have to be at Beatles status to achieve the need for one. There isn't enough to fill such a thing.
The band have had a couple of one-off presentations but there is no collection to visit permanently.
A Mylo Xyloto exhibition took place at Proud Galleries, Camden in 2012 and last December (2014) there was a display of Mila Furstova's Ghost Stories artwork at Stolen Space Art Gallery, Shoreditch.
Other than that, occasionally items belonging to the band (clothes or instruments for example) may pop up in museums or as part of a collection so it's worth checking.

19 March 2015 / submitted by Janvi , India
Q.  Hey Oracle,
How many concerts did you attend while the band was touring for Ghost Stories ?

There weren't all that many shows on the GS tour but I was lucky enough to see 3 of the official tour dates (2 London and 1 Paris) plus the Radio 1's Big Weekend & the Radio 2 theatre show.
It's hard to believe it's just over a year since I watched their SXSW iTunes Festival show online in the middle of the night (UK time).

18 March 2015 / submitted by Sarah, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,
What are the guys work schedules like? Do they only work Monday-Friday with weekends off like most workers or do they work on the weekends too? Or is it random?
It has been very varied over the years from album to album. During the Viva & Mylo sessions, it was more regimented in terms of hours, days etc. at their Bakery & Beehive studios but mostly Mon-Fri despite what they may do individually outside of those hours.
These days due to logistics, it's not as simple. They still work hard and have dedicated days / times but their schedule fits around availability so they do get together often but certainly not all together, 24/7.

18 March 2015 / submitted by Guillaume, France
Q.  Dear Oracle !

I am looking for a poster with the dates of the GS tour sold by merchandising during the concerts at the Royal Albert Hall do you know or could I find it?

Thank you !

France love Coldplay
Oh, I'm sorry but as we don't have those available in the shop it looks like they sold out. I can ask if we have any left over that may be intended for sale but can't promise anything.

17 March 2015 / submitted by Carlos, United States of America
Q.  How was A Rush of Blood to the Head album art and singles made?
I've mentioned Solve Sundsbo a couple of times before, but regarding the actually process, there's an interview in which he briefly explains how it came about.

17 March 2015 / submitted by Jonathan, United States of America
Q.  If I was to make a parody of a Coldplay song, could I 'steal' an instrumental version of the song off Youtube and then sing to it or do I need to play all the music on an instrument as well?
Pah! As if I'm going to condone a pee taking version of my beloved Coldplay song on their site!
Actually, satirical reworkings come under a fair use ruling so you should be ok - but all royalties (if there are any) obviously go to the original artist. Weird Al Yancovic always seeks permission even though he doesn't legally need to - I think that's the right way to go. I'd suggest asking labels/publishers for permission.

16 March 2015 / submitted by Andrew, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi, did you guys think about having a small concert in UCL? (Like in the main quads :D)
I am a fan of you guys, and is at UCL for a term time exchange :D
Would be grateful even if I am only getting an answer.
The band played UCL (University College London) back in 2000 so it isn't likely to turn up on a future tour schedule.
That said, they first played the tiny Dingwalls (also in London) venue in 1998 and revisited in 2011 as part of a BBC Radio 2 event so I suppose you could say, you never know if they'll play UCL again.

16 March 2015 / submitted by Anna, United States of America
Q.  Mighty Oracle,
Why does the website say you can Ghost Stories on Google Play to celebrate it's third birthday when it's not even a year old?
Google's Play's 3rd birthday, not Ghost Stories!

13 March 2015 / submitted by Kamili, Croatia
How do you deal with your past? Lately I've been thinking about some memories wondering what would it be like now if it was different before? It's not that I blame myself because there's nothing I could've done as a child. As an adult, now I do everything that I can and wish but I regret about some things and way of living that didn't depend on me. I know that there's no going back, there's only present, but what do you do with emotions about past and wishing to turn back time and make things different? Do you think it's a destiny and there were no other options? Thanks for your replies! Love to all.
We can learn from the past but leave it where it is.
Let me put it this way.
Imagine you as a person had to physically carry your possessions around all the time and every time you got something new, you add that to the load. Heavy right? We go through life and we have to assess what to physically keep, what to throw away and what to recycle / upcycle.
It's the same with the past. It's going to be a burden and the weight will pull you down if you don't work out what to keep, throw away, recycle...
It's behind us so there's not much point dragging it around with us.
Regret is a waste of energy but if you feel it's more powerful than that, perhaps some form of therapy would help.
You say you do what you can now and that's the important part. Things are sometimes out of our control and frustrating as that is, it's how you bounce back from those things.
There's nothing you can do about what has happened, though you may be able to take from it to deal with the now and influence the future. Let the past shape your future but don't sit and worry about how it could have been. I say the same of the unknown in front of us too - there is no point worrying about what might (never) happen.
Regarding your past, it doesn't matter whether it was fate or destiny; it simply "was". Let it go.
Over to you.

About two years ago I ask my self the same question, what if the things what happens to me in the past didn't happen, I was really sad about it and I got therapy for it, how to deal with my past, and now I'm done with the therapy and it really was the best thing I ever did. I say to my self every morning "this is the first day of the rest of my life" and it works. I really hope that some day you can find a way to deal with your past and maybe it's a good idea to talk to some-one who can help you.
Wish you a lot of luck and go for it life could be so beautiful! Keep the faith in it and believe in your self!
Lots of love, Marianne.

You can't ever go back and change the past, however that doesn't mean there isn't hope. You can not change what you have already done, but you have the power to change the long-term outcome. You can choose what to do with what you have been left with after what's done has been done. Surely, fate is fate, but no one knows how it really... works. Seeing into the future kills hope, so that's why I try not to think too much about consequence. Let the past be in the past, and work with what you have. I hope this helps.
Love, Solaf.

I think everything that happens in someone's past is not worthless, even if it wasn't full of happiness or it wasn't the life someone really wanted to have. Your past makes the person you are right now. You do everything you want and accomplish your dreams. If your past wasn't like the way it really was (the one you had), maybe you won't be the person you are right now, you won't be doing your dreams come true. So don't look with bad feeling your past. If it was though, don't even look at it. Just look forward. You did want you need to do when you were a child, like play, enjoying life, without any stress that adults (sadly) has. Don't be sad for the things you couldn't do on your childhood, be happy because you are doing it now that you are able to.
Karolyn, Ecuador.

I really like this question it opens up a lot of introspection. I guess you need to let go of the past, take what is good and keep it, learn from the bad stuff and don't repeat it. Your past has made you what you are today so obviously it could not have been all bad. I am not a believer in fate we make our life what it is, but it is true we don't always have control over it.
Pondering over what might have been will just make you sad and depressed. Here and now is what you have. You alone have the power to really make your life a good one. I would suggest keeping a journal or writing about what you would like to change , then putting it away for a time. In a few years take it out and see how you feel. You cannot deny your past you can only learn from it and grow. Best wishes as you tackle this journey.

I used to dwell with my past. Until I went down deep, analyzed what went wrong what would have been done, and made a note of it. I jot all my words in a paper, I feel more relief that way instead of speaking to some one about it. I strongly believe that even after grown as a adult you are still the result of your past. The roots are from the past which made you who you are and what you are today.
So instead of blaming the past, I learnt from it try to make a better present which I live. Coz in future the present would be my past deeds. Life is best to live in the way as it comes, wear a smile on your face.
Take a chance, make a mistake, learn from it and move on :) I'm a believer of these words.
You can't design your life so perfect coz if you don't make a mistake you don't learn, and you can't taste the success if you don't have a fare amount of failure.
With Love, Niharika.

I really do believe things happen for a reason. Whatever has occurred in your past will, in the long term, work out to be for the best. Both for yourself and for others! (And this is coming from a logical person about to enter a science degree!)
There is nothing you can do to change what is in the past, regret is a useless emotion. Just try to focus on the future and be thankful for the events which have made you who you are today.
Best of luck, Sam.

The past is a mystery as much as it is an open book.
It's the unknown thing that keeps us awake in the middle of the night and it's the thing that brings us comfort when we need.
To begin with, might I say, this is a brilliant question! A question I have asked myself over and over again.
Our past cannot be changed nor can it be fixed, it's a paradox really, a paradox we have to live with.
My advice to you is:
Don't live in the past, don't do a mistake I did myself many times, because if you do that, if you let the past consume you, then you'll be lost. Yes, you can wish to change something, you will always wish that, but you have to think that everything that happened to you, happened with a reason so you just have to relax as a wise man once said.
Our past is debatable, our past is ours and we can't just change it with another, but we can change the future because it didn't happen yet, so here's the catch, use the mistakes of the past to fix your future.
Be brave and strong!
Lots of Love from Romania! Madalina.

I have more knowledge of this subject than anyone else I know. Reminiscing about the past and what could have been, seems to be a way of dealing with problems or unhappiness in the present. That being said, it's impossible to go back, and, therefore, not worth the time it takes to ponder it. Things are as they should be. It's kind of like heaven: no one has ever come back to tell us what it's really like, yet we want to be there. If no one has ever been able to go back and change the past, how can we know we want to be there and that it would be better? We can only dream about it, much like heaven. Simply said, there is a reason why a car's rearview mirror is very small compared to it's front windshield. What is left behind is small and insignificant in comparison to what lies ahead in this great big universe.
Kim, Collierville, TN, USA.

Now 38 years old and mother of a 4 year old I should be wiser. But I am not. Recently I f*cked up badly. Not only for myself but I lost credibility and someone else has to suffer too. I lost my ex boyfriend as a friend and some benefits that came with it. I am suffering and I wish I could turn back time. Still learning life's lessons. I do cry. A lot. I will go on. That is the circle of life. Too many opportunities to live in the past.
Tanja, Cologne.

In order to heal wounds from the past, talking is essential. When you talk about your past, you get to understand why some things happened and that can bring you some peace. Putting what happened into words also helps you see things in other way. It helps you gain perspective. You should open up to someone you trust and that you think will be able to understand you (maybe a friend, a family member, someone in the same position as you, a therapist). If you ignore the emotions your past causes you, they will remain there and will eventually come back to hurt you. Talk as much as you need about what's affecting you. Allow yourself to cry if you need to. Feeling that someone understands you and/or supports you will help you heal. Also, if there's something you regret that you can repair, repair it. Those are things that will allow you to reduce the angst eventually.
Try not to be so hard on yourself. You said it: you were a child. Things didn't depend on you at all. Think about what you'd say to yourself if you were other person. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and we wouldn't be so hard on other people in the same position.
I really hope things turn out right for you and I wish you the best.
Noelia, Argentina.

Your problem really stumped me for a bit because I tend to worry about the future which is bad for you. All of us have regrets about our past whether we were in control of them or not. What you have to realize is that the past is over, and it should be used to teach you not to repeat the same behaviors that you regret. I don't think that your past controls your destiny unless you let it.
"What if" is a useless term to use because it is a phrase that doesn't let you move forward. It makes you think about the past, and all of your regrets. You already know that you should live in the present, which is fantastic. You are exactly right!!
What you can do is learn from your past regrets and try not to repeat them in the future. I know that it isn't easy to do this because I had to let go of regrets that I had in my past, and I had to let go of pleasing everyone all of the time. I only have to make myself happy. I learned a secret from this-if I'm happy, then those around me are happy. So, hold my hand and step into the present and stay there. Leave those regrets behind. You have a brilliant future ahead of you.

The past is the past, you can't go back in time, you said it. So what you can do now is learn from those past experiences - what did it teach you? Why do you actually regret those things? Sometimes you have to go through something difficult or displeasing to really understand. This is how you really learn - by experiencing. Trying the 'wrong' path will make you understand that the other one is the right one for you. It makes you focus on the essential. Learn from your experiences and take power. Once you understand, you can let go and go forward. How would you actually grow if you were not experiencing anything? You have to and that's what makes life exciting. We are here to learn and help each other out on this journey.
So invite those past ghosts into your house, sit with them and hear what they have to teach you - welcome them as friends, because that's what they are really. And if thinking about tough things still makes you feel bad, then feel it until it leaves you, even if hurts - you will be freed from it forever. Release all those emotions stuck inside your body and you will feel so much better and light. Once you have learned, released and forgiven, you can focus on enjoying the present in peace and confidence and on what you want now, knowing all what you have learned. Always see the positive in what you are living and experiencing and I promise you will be fine. Even if it is difficult sometimes, this how we grow up.
With Love, Chloe.

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