28 August 2014 / submitted by Sandy, United Kingdom
Q.  Where was the True Love video filmed?
The video was shot at Venice Beach, Los Angeles (California).

28 August 2014 / submitted by Kira, Australia
Q.  Is it wrong to lead a boy on if you don't feel any sparks there, to spare hurting his feelings?
Yes, I think it's wrong! To anyone doing that I challenge you to question if you are really doing it to spare the person's feelings or feeding your own ego. Whatever the reason, stop!

28 August 2014 / submitted by Mary , United States of America
Q.  Hi O,
Is Roadie#42 going to follow me tonight? I hope so!
Roadie #42 doesn't have a twitter account so no, I wouldn't think it's possible.
Any tweets purporting to be by Roadie #42 aren't official ones nor is it an official account.

27 August 2014 / submitted by Joelle, Syria
Q.  Hey Oracle so I just watched True Love's music video and I want to know the name of the girl.
Thanks xx
The actor - I believe that's what we call male and female thespians these days - in the True Love video is Jessica Lucas.
I'm not familiar with any of her work but methinks she fits the video well.

27 August 2014 / submitted by Noely, Argentina
Q.  Hi Oracle!
When True Love will be released as single? Or it was released on August 18?
It's already out, Noely. Wikipedia has 14 August as the release date but Anchorman announced here on 4 August that True Love was available to download.

27 August 2014 / submitted by Arthur, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle! I am not sure if you already have answered this question but it would be heavily appreciated! Thanks.
On a occasion has Chris or any band member in that case have had to miss or cancel a show because they were too sick?
Yes, there have been shows cancelled due to illness but I haven't got a definitive list of who, when or where. The band do what they can to avoid getting sick on tour but occasionally it does happen.

26 August 2014 / submitted by Valentine, France
Q.  Hello Oracle !
I have watched the music video for A Sky Full Of Stars and let me just say - it is amazing! I love how humble and simple it is, and I also love Chris' smile through the whole thing :)
My question is, though, I noticed he had an iPad attached to his leg, was that any use at all ?
Thanks for answering !
It was actually Roadie #42's personal iPad. It had a video of the piano keys playing themselves on it and the music they were busking along to. It was connected to a speaker on Chris's back.

26 August 2014 / submitted by Stephanie , Canada
Q.  Hello Oracle,

I stumbled upon a Life In Technicolor ii 7 inch vinyl and was wondering if it was an official release or if it must be a bootleg copy?
Life in Technicolor ii was an official single and was released on 7 inch vinyl as well as a digital bundle.

25 August 2014 / submitted by Catherine, United States of America
Q.  Who were the ballet dancers in the True Love video? I am a ballet dancer myself so am very curious and envious! Thank you Oracle!
They were from the Luminario Ballet company, who have also recently featured in a few other contemporary music videos including Taylor Swift & Iggy Azalea.

25 August 2014 / submitted by Faye, Australia
Q.  Hi friend,
I just saw Chris do the ice bucket challenge, who's he with? She said she's a fashion designer.

By the way, it was my favourite ice bucket challenge! (I'm not bias at all ;-) )
He did the ice bucket challenge with Stella McCartney - hence them nominating her father, Sir Paul McCartney.