14 August 2014 / submitted by Carla N, Peru
Q.  Do you believe that everyone has a doppelganger or twin in the world? Because there's a guy in the place I work that look EXACTLY like Jonny.
Thank you for your answer.
I was once in a room where a magazine was being passed around and everyone was pointing at me. I was shown the photo. It was of half a face. Not just any half face, but half a face that matched half of my face. The next page was the other side of their face. Nothing like my other side. Their complete face did not look like my face - just one half.
My cousin saw it & was amazed: "wow, imagine what it would feel like coming face to face with someone who look like you?" She did every day being an identical twin but I know what she means...
I have seen some uncanny resemblances of people. With band doppelgangers, I have only really seen people who look like Chris (not counting his relations). Both James Morrison and Jenson Button are mistaken for him too.

14 August 2014 / submitted by Lisa, United Kingdom
Q.  My daughter was/is an amazing drummer but she's had 1 year off after getting a bit burnt out after constantly performing/practising . She is now 14 years old and has just picked music for her GCSE , how can she get back into having fun with drumming without getting pressure from teachers. She would love to get back onto stage but she doesn't have a band to perform with.
Gandhi once said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." I wouldn't normally connect that quote to a situation such as this but I feel it's important for us as individuals to take control.
I therefore think your daughter needs to do this herself. It will be the greatest lesson if she goes forward and works out what paths she can take. Those decisions are an important part of learning how to make it all work.
She doesn't need a band but if she wants one, that's something she can do if she puts her mind to it.
If she needs help with asking her teachers to ease off the pressure, that's where you come in as her Mum and help guide how she handles it.
If she'd rather pursue drumming as a hobby, she should be allowed to do that rather than be pushed because of her talent. That will most likely cause her to rebuff it again.
It's brilliant to have a passion and great ability but what a shame it would be if her teachers turn it into something negative. Your daughter mustn't allow that to happen against her will. Tell her to stay strong and remain true to herself.

14 August 2014 / submitted by Mitchell, Canada
Q.  Great Oracle;
I am really curious about the song Mining on the Moon. I can't find it anywhere, and based on the title it sounds like it would be a really interesting song. Did you ever hear it? Are there lyrics or any information that you can give us about the song? That would amazing :D
Thanks! Good day
I'm afraid I have nothing on this - nothing at all. Chris performed a solo gig for a charity event but I wasn't in attendance so never got to hear Mining on the Moon. I never heard it being discussed as a contender for release either.

14 August 2014 / submitted by Hermon, Ethiopia
Q.  I met 3 guys that are perfect for me. One of them is everything I've ever dreamed of but he lives a continent away from me.
The second one makes me feel like I'm a princess and I deserve everything in the world. He calms me down when I'm angry and he's just the best thing that's ever happened to me. He tells me he luvs me everyday but he sees me just as a friend and now he moved to England but he's coming to visit for the summer.
The third guy I can tell anything to and is really funny but he has an anger management problem like me and I need a guy that can help me calm myself not worsen the fire.
I really don't know what to do. Can u help me Oracle? Thanks.
None of these guys are perfect for you - if such a thing exists in relationships.
Perfect by definition means "having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be."

If we look at the 3, they are therefore not perfect for you:

#1 lives a continent away and there was no mention of how he feels about you.
#2 sees you as a friend.
#3 has issues that you say aren't good because of your similar nature.

Just stay friends with these people who make you feel special & happy - I don't think you need to consider making a relationship with any of them.

13 August 2014 / submitted by Millie, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle,
I realised that Coldplay seem to hire artists to create the artwork for their albums and I was wondering if they ever created art between themselves?
Thank you!
I prefer the word commission because sometimes the band are shown / see artwork they love and then approach the artist to work with them.
They have also created their own artwork. For example, the Parachutes album cover was their last minute creation and some of the Viva artwork - which you can find on the tour programme cover.

13 August 2014 / submitted by Angie, Peru
Q.  Hi Oracle. :-D
I need you to answer these questions, it would be very important to me.
1. I was browsing online and saw the image of a book: Roadie: My Life on the Road with Coldplay by Matt McGinn, and let me know if still for sale ...
2. Violin or bass?? I love those two instruments, but they will only going to give me one for my birthday. Which would you choose? which brands you recommend?
Thanks dear, funny and beautiful Oracle,
P.S: greetings from Peru, we love you.
Matt's book is still available and should be easy to buy online. If you look on Amazon, I'm sure you'll find it.
Personally I prefer the bass but I love the violin if played well. I imagine it's harder to play the violin. It can sound AWFUL if not played well.
I would definitely consider how easy a violin is to carry around though. It's not going to cause many problems getting from A to B.

13 August 2014 / submitted by Carly, Australia
Q.  Please smart Oracle let me know the truth my Aunty said bands have to lip sync on Brit tv shows because of expenses. I'm so upset I have seen them perform on the Graham Norton show and no way it looked like it was lip synced! After being at 2 Coldplay concerts I know they don't lip sync plz Oracle I hope I can tell my Aunty she is wrong! Put my heart and stress at ease thanks for all your posts.
You can tell your Aunty that isn't true - not these days. Lip synching isn't that prevalent in 2014 so you've probably never seen Coldplay mime to any vocals (other than their music videos obviously).
There was a time (about 20 odd years ago) when shows like Top of the Pops didn't always have the facility to have bands perform live. In fact, some artists refused to appear unless they performed live.

12 August 2014 / submitted by Rhys, Canada
Q.  Is it too late to tweet an #ASFOSstar to Coldplay? I just got Twitter and missed out on posting it for the band to see.
#ASFOSstar wasn't something we gave a deadline for. We obviously posted a collection of photos already but there's nothing to stop you tweeting yours now.

12 August 2014 / submitted by Jordan, Australia
Q.  Hi oracle, I would like to know what the exact meaning of the song, The Scientist is. In detail please it's for a school assignment.
When I was studying Hamlet at school, I couldn't ask Will Shakespeare for the exact meaning behind lines he wrote. What I'm trying to say it, it's not actually what the exact meaning is that's important; it's what YOU interpret it to be.
I remember when we'd read poetry and English teachers would ask, "what do you think he/she meant by that?" I found it frustrating because surely only the writer knows?
If you can back up your thoughts with evidence from text, that's what counts.
I can tell you it was written when someone they knew was going through a break-up but that's all. The rest is up to you reading meaning in the words - there is no wrong or right.
Chris likes people to draw their own meaning from his lyrics.

12 August 2014 / submitted by Danielle, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle!
I was in a restaurant the other day and I heard a song that sounded a lot like God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, so out of curiosity, I used SoundHound and found out Mark Ronson did his own version. I really liked it... How/Why was this version created and what does the band think of it??
It's funny you used the word version because Mark Ronson's album that GPASUYF feature on is called Version and comprised cover versions of contemporary songs.
No permission needed so no band involvement. I don't know what the band think of this version but I'm a fan of it and of Mark's work.
He won the Best British Male Brit Award back in 2008 which was rather unusual in that he's a great producer, rather than a solo artist.