6 July 2012 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
When I answer questions of a personal nature, readers often get in touch with their own thoughts. So, we now have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday (with the question asker's permission) we open up a question to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I'll post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.
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I am struggling with my daily life. I find it hard to attend to all of my duties in an organized way. This makes me feel distressed since I want to succeed in life and reach my goals. I started the year thinking that I would get over my difficulties but I am still carrying their burden. So please I need your help. Thing is I'm trying to do a myriad of things at the same time and it is definitely not working. I have an English tutor, a French tutor, I am starting to learn Arabic on my own with videos I find on the internet, plus I have a part time job which occupies 25 hours of my week. I know that as I write it everything sounds wonderful, but when it comes to sitting down and studying I cannot concentrate and end up wasting my time on Facebook for example. Then the tutor day comes, and I've done nothing. I have deadlines & examinations. I cannot waste my time, honestly. Languages take up a lot of time. And I want this year to be worth it. Another detail is that I sleep almost 11 hours a day, I can't wake up early and I go to bed late. Any tips for organizing myself and enjoy life? I love what I study, so that's not something to discuss.
Thank you so much. Carol, Argentina.

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle
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5 July 2012 / submitted by Meagan, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle! I was at the concert in Charlotte yesterday (3rd) and it was absolutely fantastic! I wanted to ask, when Chris messed up during Us Against the World, what happened? I wasn't close enough to see and didn't hear anything go wrong. Again, such a great show and I can't wait to see you all again. :)
You can watch it here. As you will see around the 1'45 it wasn't as bad as Chris seemed to think - I'm not even sure why he stopped. I LOVE this song though so it was a nice excuse to watch it on a Thursday afternoon.

5 July 2012 / submitted by Krizzia, Puerto Rico
Q.  Today I saw the entire Howard Stern interview with Chris. He put this oil down his throat so he could be able to hit the high notes. He didn't put it on the skin, he put it inside his mouth, so I don't think it was Tiger Balm. Could you tell me what it is?
I've finally seen that too (it was very long) and I was mistaken. Chris DOES use Tiger Balm on the exterior for his throat but this is something he rubs on the interior.
All he says in the interview is that it's oil to help him sing - I've no idea what the oil is, sorry.

5 July 2012 / submitted by Stephanie L, Canada
Q.  Hi, I was wondering why all of the sudden Chris Martin gives shout outs to bands... I stumbled apon this video and was wondering if it had any relevance to the One Direction song. If so, to be honest it doesn't sound like the tune at all! Thanks and lots of love from Scarborough, Canada !!
Giving a shout out to someone - whether that's a someone in the audience, a someone who has recently died or a someone who hails from that local area - it doesn't mean it's intended to be a cover version. It's just a nod. In this case I understand that a member of aforementioned boy band was in attendance so yes, it was relevant to the song he chose to quote from. He didn't sing it; he said the title of the song.
It's not all of a sudden by the way, Chris has been acknowledging people for over a decade!

4 July 2012 / submitted by Radhika, India
Q.  Hey Oracle!
So I read Roadie #42's blog the other day where he says that Chris throws the guitar into the air. So does this guitar go to the audience or do one of the crew members, well, catch it? Thanks :)
It sort of depends where it lands but generally as it's on the stage, a crew member (Hoppy most likely) removes it (and then probably has to repair it).

4 July 2012 / submitted by Becky, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle,
Just one more question,
I completly went mental with the get up for the Coldplay 4th June concert at the Emirates. I painted my face white, put glitter on my face and hair, wrote "COLDPLAY" across my cheeks, MYLO XYLOTO on my forehead and drew all of the little symbols from the album on my face, as well as writing the band's names up my arms. Well we got there at around 6:00A.M. from Cornwall and this "hippie" looking woman came over and asked if she could take my picture. I was just wondering if she was one of the staff? Thanks:)
She may have been a member of staff employed by the venue but she's not part of our crew/team.

4 July 2012 / submitted by Kellen, United States of America
Q.  Greetings from Texas, sir Oracle.

I was at the first Houston show, on the 25th, and it was fantastic. The band always puts on a great show, and I know that because I went to their last show in Houston in 2009, and I've watched just about every filmed concert they've done. If you can't tell, I kind of love Coldplay....a lot.

Anyway, I had arrived at the concert venue quite early with a friend, and were waiting outside the doors alone (we were really, REALLY early) when Chris Martin strolls up to the door. He looked busy, so I didn't bother him, but as he walked away from me, I yelled "Chris, I love you!" rather loud. He turned around and said "I love you too man, I'll see you inside."

That was probably the best moment of my life, because he's really important to me. Coldplay has gotten me through a lot of troublesome times over the years, and my question to you, is, how could I let them know how much I really love them, and how important they are, and their music is to me?
I think by saying "I love you" to Chris you already have! Plus you did when you bought a ticket to their show.
They so far only have one official filmed concert unless you mean YouTube clips...

3 July 2012 / submitted by Cameron F, United States of America
Q.  I've heard that the song Yellow was influenced in some part by the novel Great Gatsby. I'm torn, because I've read that Chris was inspired by a meteor shower, but at a recent concert, the yellow lights faded to a single green light, just like in the book.
I don't know where you heard it was influenced by The Great Gatsby, but it wasn't.
The story involves Chris singing in the style of Neil Young during their recording session after strumming some chords that he liked.
Speaking of The Great Gatsby, Gatz is a new show that features an enactment of the novel in its entirety - 6 hours of performance!
One of the actors, Scott Shepherd, knows the entire book off by heart. Incredible.

3 July 2012 / submitted by Miguel, Philippines
Q.  Hey Oracle,

I was watching Coldplay live videos of Yellow during their Mylo Xyloto tour on youtube recently, and I was wondering if they stopped using the yellow balls they release during the song. If so are they going to use them again? Much thanks! And I'm seeing them in Toronto in July.
You will have balloons don't worry. They aren't yellow and they aren't released during Yellow. They appear during... actually, I won't spoil it for you!

3 July 2012 / submitted by Dylan, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle! Chris's song on the Flaming Lips' collaborative album was incredible! I bought the limited LP for Record Store Day but just discovered a CD and digital version are being released of the album. Chris's song was on the record; however, it's not on the iTunes or CD version - it was replaced by a song by Aaron Behrens. Why so? It's a shame!
Thanks so much,
The CD and digital releases of The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends don't include I Don't Want You to Die (featuring Chris).
My first reaction was wondering if it was a record label issue. I remember Polygram removed a Tracy Bonham track from the second Soulwax album.
It could be that or maybe it was only ever intended to be part of the vinyl package. Sounds about right.