2 November 2012 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
When I answer questions of a personal nature, readers often get in touch with their own thoughts. So, we now have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday (with the question asker's permission) we open up a question to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I'll post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.
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I am not a normal kid (apparently to my friends) I like music they don't. It's not my fault I know how to play the majority of band related instruments. I like music based on rock not pop or the music my friends like. e.g: Justin Bieber.
The nearest I get to present day music is Coldplay and Nirvana (even though they are not a band anymore, but the Foo Fighters will do for that).
I like music before this new kind of musical era, like Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix and also Jimmy Page (none of my friends know who he is when I mentioned I wanted to be a sessionist).
So I am asking how do I get my friends to not call me peculiar? Charlie, UK.

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle
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1 November 2012 / submitted by Rebecca, Canada
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I saw the poster/picture on Facebook for the Coldplay live tour DVD and stumbled upon a familiar name near the bottom: Jim Parsons. How did the oh so famous Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory get around to producing this amazing film? Thanks Oracle!
A few fans have asked the same but it's not him; this is a different Jim Parsons. Jim owns a UK based production company and previously worked for another who worked with Coldplay in the past.

1 November 2012 / submitted by Craig, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi oracle.

I'm currently contemplating over seeing the Live 2012 showing at the cinema and can't quite work out if I should go or not. Can you help me please?

How do you imagine the atmosphere being there? Will people even be singing along or anything? Won't it feel strange for me since I've been to many (17) Coldplay shows in person?

Thanks, and I only need a tiny bit of convincing to go haha! :-)
SEVENTEEN??? That's more that I went to. Wow.
Well... having seen both the MX Tour live - about 8 times - and the Live 2012 at a cinema I am in a good position to say: go!
It's always great to re-live the show but the film means you see it from many angles including from the stage. It's incredible to see what the band see. Not only are there various views, there's backstage footage and other effects making it an altogether different experience.

Of course you could wait for the DVD release but seeing it on the big screen with surround sound is a fantastic way to see it. I almost turned round a few times thinking crowds were whistling and cheering behind me. I was on the back row though...

31 October 2012 / submitted by Melanie, St Lucia
Q.  I have to say that Coldplay's music videos are some of the most innovative and entertaining that I have ever come across.
Do the video concepts come from the band themselves?
Sometimes but by no means every time. They have a video commissioner at their label plus Phil Harvey is very involved in that creative process of looking at directors, pitches and treatments for video ideas.
The whole concept for the Paradise video came from Chris and was all planned last minute while they were in South Africa.

31 October 2012 / submitted by Elliott L, United Kingdom
Q.  I wanted to book tickets to Coldplay Live 2012 on Vue cinemas but I was surprised to find that it is a certificate 15 so I cant see it. Why is this, Do they swear or anything, its just confusing :)
P.S - HUGE HUGE HUGE Fan of Coldplay if you couldn't tell :)
Greetings From UK!
I'm not sure if you got to see the show during the tour but yes, Chris does swear. It's only a couple of times so I didn't realize that would make it a certificate 15 though. PG surely?
Anyway, in 19 days everyone will be able to watch it on DVD.

30 October 2012 / submitted by Fatin, Malaysia
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I've been wondering why does the song Don't Panic/Beautiful World has two title?

Salam from Malaysia.
It doesn't; the song is called Don't Panic.
It is often referred to as Beautiful World because of the lyrics but that's a mistake as it's not and never has been its title.
It was previously called Panic but that is the only other name it has ever had.

30 October 2012 / submitted by Ana, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle,

Why does Chris sometimes kiss the stage at the end of a concert?

Some people kiss the tarmac when they get off a plane when it lands at "home" and some footballers kiss the turf. It's just to mark what an amazing gig they had;
a thank you, a goodbye and great night had.

30 October 2012 / submitted by Gordon, United Kingdom
Q.  So, we know about Anchorman but what about an Oracle. What's your story? How much do you know?
Well, I know quite bit. I've got nothing to do with The Matrix and have never been to Delphi. I am more the "Optional Reception of Announcements by Coded Line Electronics" Oracle.

I can be wise and sometimes make wisecracks but I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you what I am not.
I am not a public information service so it's pointless asking me about:
Tour dates - I won't speculate, reveal, confirm/deny any so don't ask. They'll be announced on this site and then appear in the Live section. Petitions won't work either.
Live 2012 DVD - you know as much as me. It's all there in News or the Shop.
Live 2012 cinema screenings - click the link and find out the info - I don't know.
I can't give permission for song usage (neither can the band - ask the label / publishers).
I can't grant personal requests, shout outs, dedications or invite the guys to your wedding (insert any special occasion here).
I won't tell you the meaning behind songs.

I make good soups but that's of no use to you at all.

I am looking for really interesting, thoughtful questions but I'm not here to repeat what you've already read on this very website.
Let's mix it up guys and talk about some good stuff.
Who's going to go first?

29 October 2012 / submitted by Grace, Australia
Q.  Who is the "anchorman". I love Coldplay and always will, but I just don't understand whom the anchorman is. Is it the anchor of Coldplay or is it just one of the guys?
As you know I won't reveal identities so I will answer what is an anchorman?
An anchorman is at the helm of a radio/TV news programme. They present the news and coordinate and liaise with the rest of the team. The term is more popular in the U.S and perhaps the most famous one is the fictional Ron Burgundy.

The name does indeed come from the idea they act as an anchor for all the news correspondents.

29 October 2012 / submitted by Denise, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Oracle! I was just wondering if the boys were planning on doing more dates in Edinburgh & Kircaldy, in early December? I saw this on the website 'concert boom' & I hope it is true! thanks! :)
I can't put it more simply than this: if it's not on OUR website, it's either not confirmed or not happening.
Our live section shows all our current dates and unless or until you read about live dates on this website treat all other reportings as rumour.

I can tell you for a fact that Coldplay are NOT playing any Scottish dates in December nor has that ever been a probability.