22 December 2011 / submitted by Mallory, United Kingdom
Q.  Are you going to let some fans win those elephant costumes used in Paradise as a competition ? xxxx
Er, no, we're not. Those costumes weren't bespoke by the way, they were hired from a regular fancy dress hire firm and that's why you will sometimes see other people at concerts wearing the exact same ones.

22 December 2011 / submitted by Cydney, United States of America
Q.  Does Coldplay have to go through the strict border crossing security things? If so, do they get tired of it?
No matter whether the band travel on a private chartered plane or a commercial flight they go through the exact same passport control and security measure as the rest of us. I say "us" but having with the band I can vouch for this plus also share a story of a flight back from Paris a few years ago. It was Jonny's birthday and the band had been presented with several gifts that were sent to their dressing room after the plane's hold luggage had already been through security. We queued up taking off belts, shoes and all fluids in clear plastic bags etc. and we had a bottle of champagne for Jonny but it was taken off us as we went through the hand luggage checks. Ours was the only - and last - flight about to depart but it didn't matter who, what. where. why or when, that bottle was confiscated just as it would have been if it was anyone else.I was tempted to open it and drink it there and then. I was gutted.

22 December 2011 / submitted by Jochen, Germany
Q.  Yesterday I was witnessing my most impressive concert in lifetime (being 44 years old and going to live venues quite regularly) at Festhalle/Frankfurt. As a matter of fact, we didn't receive the magic wristband which is quite a shame because I would love to have a memorabilia. Is there any chance to receive it officially and not just via ebay?
I'm afraid you can see the problem I would have here if I said "yeah no problem, I can send you one". Firstly, there aren't any spare to send out to individuals and secondly, that may encourage people who weren't actually at a gig to ask me for a wristband ... not that I would dare to accuse anyone of lying in such a way bit hey, you never know!
Don't waste your money on one from ebay either, it's not like it does ANYTHING at all once you get it home.

21 December 2011 / submitted by Jamie, United Kingdom
Q.  Is there any way of the Oracle encouraging everyone to buy Paradise, Charlie Brown or Christmas Lights starting this Sunday in hope Coldplay can be Christmas Number One this year?

I'd be up for it!!
I initially thought we may be having The Wombles as the UK's Christmas number 1 and was fine with that but as it now looks like our Christmas #1 is a cert & for a great cause, I think I will let fate decide...

21 December 2011 / submitted by Leah, Canada
Q.  Greetings from BC!
I'm finally getting to go to a Coldplay concert in April and I'm so excited! I was wondering if they will be doing an acoustic part on the c-stage for this tour like they did before?
Thanks so much!
The C stage - now dubbed the X stage given its shape - is pretty much a permanent fixture these days so yes, I'd say it's pretty certain they will continue to have an acoustic set at the end of the runway to get closer to the crowd and have that more intimate moment.

21 December 2011 / submitted by Britt, United States of America
Q.  Hello, Oracle! I have a CD copy of the Safety Room EP, but I'm not sure if it's the original 1999 version or the 2001 re-release. Is there any way to tell the difference?
Unless I am going mad, do you mean The Blue Room? The Saftey EP was never re-released... It was 'released' in 1998 too so that would rule it out.
It's hard to know with The Blue Room but I'm not sure it would make much difference in financial worth or investment terms.

20 December 2011 / submitted by Em, Australia
Q.  Hey Oracle,

Happy holidays!

Speaking of which, are Coldplay going on an extended holiday early 2012? There's a gap from NYE to April on the schedule - I'd like to dream they're touring around Europe some more as I'm going on holidays (at the worst time of year!) in January, but I'm probably not that lucky.

Or am I???

There's not a lot going on in January to be honest, it's the perfect time for a post Christmas / New Year break. It's been a busy year and 2012 shows no signs of being a slower one. Things will start to kick in before April but it's a case of checking the website as usual for details.

20 December 2011 / submitted by Clare, United States of America
Q.  Is it bad that I'm more excited to see Coldplay this August than I am to see my boyfriend who I haven't seen in six months?
Yes! Six months is a long time! I wouldn't be too impressed to know that if I was your boyfriend so maybe it's time to ditch him. It's not fair to waste his time and pointless to waste yours.

20 December 2011 / submitted by Caitlin, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle!

Did u like playing on the X Factor?

ps I am only 10
Hi Caitlin, yes the band really did enjoy their appearance on the X Factor. They are fans of the show but it took a long time to decide whether to play. Judging by the performance, it seems they very much made the right decision. It was magical to behold!

19 December 2011 / submitted by Susan, United States of America
Q.  Just got home from the club and I heard what I thought was a Coldplay song. Did Coldplay cover any Rhianna songs recently? Possible it was just the house mix.
Thanks, the one who knows everything!
Coldplay did cover a Rihanna song recently but that was for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge and was an acoustic version of We Found Love so it won't have been that - unless it's an unofficial remixed version that we know nothing about.

What you probably heard was a bootleg (that means totally unofficial) mix.
It was possibly Princess of China which is a Coldplay song on their new album, Mylo Xyloto, featuring Rihanna on vocals.
Without knowing though, it could have been any of their songs and hers in some kind of mash-up as those do the rounds also.