17 May 2012 / submitted by Oliver, Denmark
Q.  Is it true that the Safety EP goes for £2000 because only 500 copies were ever made?
Maybe you have the answer, Oracle?
It is true that only 500 copies were made and that does make the item very rare and therefore expensive. I have seen the Safety EP at various prices over the years, the most being £2500.

17 May 2012 / submitted by Craig, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi,

Are the band playing the free concert in Glasgow George Square on the 8th of June?
I'm not sure where you heard that but no, they're not. They're playing Sunderland the day before and London & Manchester the day after.

17 May 2012 / submitted by John, United Kingdom
Q.  So unfair! I bought my tickets for Emirates concert in November taking a day off work to be on line at 9.00am to get best tickets. We have seen Coldplay many times and are massive fans. I wanted to take my teenage kids this time and were given ticket at the very back! Today - 17th May - better tickets are on sale! Have these good seats been held back so the ones at the back will sell first? If so, this is wholly unfair and seems wrong to penalise the genuine fans. It cannot be for the reason given to do with stage planning as the seats on sale today are not affected by the stage just on a lower level. Good seats should be sold on a first come first served basis, quite apart from the fact my tickets were paid for in November!
I don't want to appear rude but it appears you didn't read the news piece that went along with the announcement of extra seats becoming available. The reasons and therefore the answer to your question lie within it.

16 May 2012 / submitted by James, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle:
Just read Roadie #42 's latest blog and he said:
"They're most definitely in the zone right now. There have been tinkerings, though with some possible setlist additions in soundchecks. One of the Viva album tracks that only got a rare live outing has had a workout. I really hope it makes it back into the setlist, it's one of my all time favourite Coldplay live tracks (particularly the ending when Jonny goes off into full on guitar hero territory)."

Is it Yes and Chinese Sleep Chant?!
If there is any chance of Chinese Sleep Chant at London I will be over the moon!
I have been waiting for this question from the second the blog was published.
I don't want to spoil it because the song isn't actually in the set but may be as the dates go on. Yes was my favourite from Viva so we shall see if #42 and I have the same exquisite taste. I think it was only played once - or maybe twice due to the vocal being so very low.
I really honestly have to say that I doubt Chinese Sleep Chant will be played on this tour though...

16 May 2012 / submitted by Jack, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello O..
Urgent question!

I have a ticket for 1st of June
I am thinking about buying a second ticket for a friend...
They are both pitch standing tickets, but the tickets says we should enter at different locations...mine is turnstile E and the other is L.
we would be queuing for a long time to get to front row... but I don't want to queue separately.
Can we both queue together at one entrance, or do we HAVE to stick to the designated entrance on our tickets?
Many thanks.
The reason you are given different entrances even for standing tickets is to alleviate the pressure at any one entry point rather than have a congested area. It spreads the queues out and is part of health & saftey measures. If all family, friends and acquaintances decided to just queue together and ignore their turnstile letter, it could lead to a surge in numbers.
I have had to queue at a different entrance to the people I have travelled with (turned out I got in half and hour before them so was quite pleased) but we just had a pre-arranged meeting spot once inside. Of course, you could always phone each other once inside...

16 May 2012 / submitted by Sofia, Portugal
Q.  Hi!
Is this Chris' handwriting?

Thanks :)
All my love for Coldplay, and Coldplay crew.
Hugs from Portugal, waiting for may 18 in Porto :)
Although the way that 'Chris' has been written is similar to the way that Chris writes it - in that the H and R are capitalized - I have to say that it's hard to say for certain.
There are a lot of fakes around but as the guys sign a lot of autographs and theirs are not always neat, tidy or perfect.
If Chris wrote this, I can tell you that it written in haste let's put it that way!

15 May 2012 / submitted by Karen, France
Q.  Hello dear Oracle,
I was wondering if the boys always rehearse a bit before each show.
Thank you ! :)
They rehearse before a tour plus there are intense production rehearsals to make sure all the lights, sounds, effects etc. work with the set and everything's running smoothly.
They don't rehearse before each show though they sometimes pick up guitars in the dressing room and jam. There are of course soundchecks where they run through a song or two - if they attend. I've mentioned before that they're not always able to so the crew stand in for them.
They always warm up vocally before every live performance though.

15 May 2012 / submitted by Antonella, Argentina
Q.  Hi Oracle! I was wondering, what song do you enjoy more when Coldplay plays it on stage? I think Politik is the most emotional and passionate. So, what do you think?
Thanks for your time. We're waiting for you in Argentina!
I totally agree. Ever since its first appearance it has remained my absolute favourite song in the set.
I'm so sad to see it go and know that decision will not have been easy as it's one of Chris' favourites too.

15 May 2012 / submitted by Ellen, United States of America
Q.  What do the letters CK stand for??
Car Kids; it was the name of a song recorded for the MX album.
I first thought it eventually became Charlie Brown but as that name stuck from kicking around early during proceedings, it was a separate entity entirely.

14 May 2012 / submitted by Jenn, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle,

Did the band ask the Beastie Boys for permission to cover their song at the Hollywood Bowl and Weanie Roast?


You don't need permission to cover a song if it's true to the original so no, they didn't. If anybody hasn't seen it yet, it's really worth watching.