20 December 2012 / submitted by Anon, United States of America
Q.  I was watching the 12.12.12 concert last night and of course, Chris was phenomenal. I was wondering... when performing those types of events, what goes in to choosing the songs performed? Is it based on time allowed or relevancy to the event?
Odd question I know, but I'm a curious sort.
Both of those things and other factors are taken into account when performing at such an event.
The set list is always an important consideration regardless of the show. The suitability of the song, the audience - it's not always going to be a crowd of Coldplay fans - and the practicality of performing it solo / unplugged / with a guest.

20 December 2012 / submitted by Veronica, Argentina
Q.  Hello Oracle! I want to know something. Is Coldplay Essensial an official album?
No; all the official recordings are on this website in the Recordings section. The band have never released any kind of Greatest Hits.

20 December 2012 / submitted by Juicy, France
Q.  Do I smell good?
With a name like Juicy, hell yes!

20 December 2012 / submitted by Arthur, Netherlands
Q.  Hi Oracle!

This has been bugging me since I first saw Live2012 in the cinema. I've been rewinding that part and playing it in slowmotion over and over again.

Is or is that not Reese Witherspoon behind Chris during Us Against The World? :P

No, that's not Reese. At first I could see the similarity but then that faded. Plus, I know where the VIPs sit at a show and it's not by C Stage...

19 December 2012 / submitted by Carolina, Mexico
Q.  Â¡Hola! I hope you are very well.

Dear Oracle, I was not able to watch the 12.12.12 concert :(
But I really wanted to... do you know if there is any website where I can see the concert again?

All I've been hearing is "the concert was awesome!" so I really hope there is a chance for the ones who couldn't watch it that day (:

Happy holidays!
I missed it too but was able to watch Chris' performance here.
The benefit's website gave a list of how to watch it live on the night so I am hoping they will at some point announce a repeat or other ways to watch it officially.
You can buy the album though...

19 December 2012 / submitted by Sebastian, Mexico
Q.  Does anybody that is involved in Coldplay believes in the end of the world?
Let's put it this way, if we did, we wouldn't have U.S live dates in the diary for next week.

19 December 2012 / submitted by Sessions, Japan
Q.  Hey there.
I googled & found this setlist at last night.

1. Is this real Glastonbury setlist for crew or members?
2. Who's Des Fallon??
Yes, that is an official set list for crew from last year's Glastonbury.
Des was a much-loved live concert video director who had worked with the band - he sadly died.
I didn't know him myself but everyone I know who did, loved him and were deeply saddened.
The crew decided to end Glastonbury with a projection of Des inside the pyramid.
There is now The Des Fallon Video Visionary Award as part of the TPi Awards which is a fitting tribute to the man.

18 December 2012 / submitted by Dorothea, Austria
Q.  Dear all-knowing Oracle,
I found this video by coincidence on YouTube today...

I am just curious if the boys did that several times (weddings, birthdays, BBQs) or was that a unique event? It's so sweet to see how nervous Jonny was :)
love them, coldplayer for live! :D

Happy Holidays and THANK YOU for answering!!
In that clip you hear Guy explain that they were on their way to a competition winner's house.
It isn't common and they don't do things like that often at all. I get asked if they will play weddings, birthdays etc. but they don't... not that you asked, but you know, in case you were wondering...

18 December 2012 / submitted by Christina, Ireland
Q.  Hi Oracle :) What is the name of Chris's dog? I saw a pic of him and Moses walking a white, fluffy dog. It's very cute.
Thank you.
The cute little fluff ball is called Daffodil.

17 December 2012 / submitted by Cameron A, Canada
Q.  Chris looked pretty hot (both figuratively and literally) in his 3-piece suit at the 12-12-12 Sandy tribute concert. But why was he wearing one at all? It seemed really out of character for him.
Why not? Usually when Chris performs he's either with the band and therefore in stage "costume" but there have been other occasions where he's either appearing solo or as a duo with Jonny. His attire for those have varied between both casual and smart.
Last year, he & Jonny both looked particularly dapper at the Little Noise Sessions charity show.