5 September 2012 / submitted by Brett, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,

I'm a huge fan of the band and their music videos, and I know there isn't one for Moving to Mars, but I remember a long time ago watching a trailer for Mat Whitecross' documentary Moving to Mars. The song Moving to Mars was playing throughout the video. Is that video still around or did it get pulled? That was quite a surreal experience watching the video with the song and I was hoping it was still around!

Thanks, Brett
That 'video' doesn't appear to be around these days and as you said, there isn't an official video for the song.
Did you know Mat's documentary Moving to Mars opened Sheffield's 2009 DocFest in Novemeber a good two years before Mylo Xyloto was out?

5 September 2012 / submitted by Rowan, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello dear Oracle,

Do the boys ever get tired of wearing their tour clothes? I noticed that they wear the same type of MX clothing on stage and for red carpet/public events. Just wondering if they ever have a day where they're like "hey, let me wear my favorite band t-shirt for once." Cheers!

No, they don't wear that garb the entire time; they only wear them for work / band related appearances. They don't travel to the shows wearing anything like that either so don't worry - it's all for "show" and they wear their own clothes the rest of the time.

5 September 2012 / submitted by Marcos, Brazil
Q.  Why @coldplay stop follow your fans? Well.. We in Brazil are so sad, because they don't follow us.
Sorry about that but I'm sure you can appreciate the impact of trying to follow 8,226,207 people!

4 September 2012 / submitted by Wafa, France
Q.  Dear Oracle,

I am sorry to tell you that you are mistaken about Paradise performed twice in Paris. I was actually at this concert and Paradise has been performed twice. I am sure of it, I have it on vidéo. Please try to correct your answer to Mimi. She is actually right.
Er, I did! Yesterday! And I explained why...

4 September 2012 / submitted by Alex, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle
On the Coldplay twitter account it shows they follow Sunderland, Man City and Arsenal. Who supports who?
That's not why those teams are followed; they're followed because of their venues where the band have played on tour.

4 September 2012 / submitted by Jasmin, Germany
Q.  Dear Oracle,
today you answered a question from Tabea and you said there will be concerts in Cologne, Leipzig and Munich. You forgot Hanover which in fact is the nearest "Coldplay-Concert-City" from Husum.
Greetings from Hanover :P
Can't wait for the 22nd of September!
Ooh yes, Hanover (aka Hannover) is the last night of this leg of the tour, I forgot all about that! Thanks, Jasmin.

4 September 2012 / submitted by Tomas, Slovakia
Q.  Dearest Oracle,

I'm going to go to the Coldplay gig in Prague in a couple of days. I've heard that Coldplay has changed the times they come on stage...I've been searching all over the internet, but could not find anything relevant. When do the doors open and when does Coldplay start?

Please help. Thank you very very much! :)
We've been announcing the stage times on our twitter page so it's best to check there on the day.

3 September 2012 / submitted by Adam, United States of America
Q.  What is the name of the epic classical song that plays right as Coldplay comes on stage?

It's kind of the best!
It's from the 1985 film Back to the Future (one of Chris' favourite films). The film was scored by Alan Silvestri and this is its theme music.

3 September 2012 / submitted by Celine, Denmark
Q.  Q. Hi Oracle.
I read down below that Coldplay's fifth member (better known as Phil Harvey) also was in Paradise video. Since that, have I really tried to find him in the video. Thinks I need a little help.
Thank you.

He was one of the zoo keepers running after the escaping elephant. The other chap is Tim Crompton who you will no doubt have heard of over the years.
Here's one example yet he is totally playing down his history!

3 September 2012 / submitted by Tabea, Germany
Q.  Dearest Oracle,
My friend Marina is a big Coldplay fan. She lives in Husum in Germany and I wanted to know if Coldplay comes one day for a concert to Husum or Hamburg or to a town near there.
A huge thank you :-)
The European tour has started and although there are 3 dates in Germany in the next two weeks, they're not all that close to Husum.
I'm not sure if you'd be able to get any tickets at such short notice but they're playing Cologne tomorrow, Munich on the 12th and Leipzig on the 14th.