24 July 2012 / submitted by Haya, Canada
Q.  Dear Oracle,

Tonight I attended the show in Toronto, which was ECSTATIC; the lights, the confetti, balloons, it was all truly amazing.

Anyways, I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and upon arriving, security told me that I would have to check in my camera because we weren't allowed to have professional cameras inside the stadium. When I went to check it in, I asked them why that was, and they told me that it was Coldplay's request to not have any audience members with professional cameras.

Is this true? And if so, why? Has that always been the case, and why just professional cameras? I went to their concert in 2009 as well and I don't remember them saying no professional cameras allowed.

curious Haya
The ACC were saying no cameras at all by request of the tour. This wasn't accurate so we let them know. They tweeted the correct info as did we (on 20th July):
"Re a few folks asking - you're welcome to bring your camera to a Coldplay show (as long as it's not a professional / removable lens one). A"

This is standard for ALL shows by ALL artists.
Coldplay obviously actively encourage fans to take photos and upload them to our site but the security were right to check yours in as it's always been small cameras only.
The message they relayed to you wasn't quite right so hopefully I've explained.
I'm old enough to remember the days when phones weren't cameras and it was a strict NO camera policy right across the board.

23 July 2012 / submitted by Lydia, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle.

Ive seen a gif of all four Coldplay members crying. Was it genuine?
I noticed that they were in their MX era clothes, so it had to have been recently.

I assume you mean this? It is taken from their appearance on SNL back in November 2011. There was a skit featuring Adele's Someone Like You and in the sketch everyone is moved to tears by it - including the band.
This photo is a still of them pretending to cry so... genuine photo but not genuine tears.

23 July 2012 / submitted by Cassandra, Mexico
Q.  If Coldplay is mailed some food, do they eat it or distrust and throw it away? Because I was thinking about sending some traditional Mexican candies, hoping they taste and fall in love with them so they run and visit the country...

Supposing that they would try them... At what address do I send them? :)
It's very kind of you to offer but please don't mail us food - I'm not even sure that's legal. I for one wouldn't eat anything that was mailed to me - how do I know someone is not sending me a love potion or something?

Anyway, mail isn't opened immediately and not by the band so it might be sitting around for a while. They have been to Mexico - as I'm sure you know - but I don't think the taste of candies will influence when / if the band next tour there.

20 July 2012 / submitted by Vanna, United Kingdom

My dad was in a really bad car accident and injured his brain, he was in a coma for a month and slowly came out. Now doing just amazing but I can't help to notice he's not really acting like himself.
My dad is my best friend in the whole world, he's been with me through everything: my mom leaving me to go do drugs, (they weren't together, I was a mistake, stay away from gin kids) our house catching on fire, both my step mom and him didn't have a job, me going to some shelter for a month then to live with my cousins who were mean to me then moving up to the mountains about two months after the wreck on April 19th. I'm only 12. He's been there even when I drive him up the wall with Coldplay, he's still been there.
I feel extremely weird telling some strangers about my life but I was just hoping you could give me some advice on what to do.
Please answer me back it would mean a bunch!
Vanna, I admire your strength - and sense of humour - when you've been through so much.
I can't imagine how you're coping with the aftermath of your dad's accident but focus on how great he's doing.
A friend of mine was in a car accident and lay in a coma so while I can relate somewhat to your situation, I can't empathize; it wasn't my dad. I won't lie, it was tough but that friend defied all doctors and made a great recovery. He was a changed man and I've never known anyone appreciate life more (until I met my friend who had her legs blown off in the 7/7 London bombings).
Life throws its crap at us and all we can do is accept, cope and adapt to the changes.
The road to recovery will be a long one and it will be hard for you as the roles have partly reversed in that you're looking out for him now. Your dad may never be the same person he was but he'll still be there for you in whatever way he can.
Rehabilitation after such a serious accident can be slow and very frustrating (for you both) but he'll always be your best friend.
You've still got each other but your patience will be tested. The best you can do is treasure your relationship but don't see it as one that's gone - but one that's changed.
Over to you.

Going through something like this while still being so young and innocent is devastating. All the suffering and pain that you had to experience have affected on you in one way or another and will influence your life for a long time. I understand that telling personal stories like yours is not easy at all and I really cherish the fact that you've trusted so I'll try to give you some advice about your problem.
First of all you don't have to show your dad that you see something different with him. Try to talk about your best memories together and show him how much they really mean to you. Also tell your father that all support and love he has shown during your hardest moments can't be replaced with anything else and that your relationship means the world to you and will always keep you strong. Hearing such heartfelt and personal words, your dad will see all your love and concert about him and that will make him feel free to talk with you about his feelings. He'll realize that he can share everything with you and thus your relationship will stay strong and indestructible.
I hope that your dad will feel better after your talk with him and all that will remain from your past will be the support and love you've showed to each other. Anon.

I can relate somewhat to your situation. My dad, who was also my best friend, was battling depression. His whole outlook on life was so different than it used to be. It took an emotional toll on me as well but I always felt obligated to keep my emotions to myself, because I didn't want to upset him. I really didn't have too many people to turn to considering that he was my only parent living and I wasn't close to my family. Over time, things did get better though, because I didn't lose hope for him. Try talking to your dad about things that he enjoys and that you like too. Don't give up, just bond with him, even though things might not be exactly how they used to, you will find that everything happens for a reason, you might just form an even better relationship. He loves you, and you love him, and even if it seems impossible, in the words of Coldplay "Everything's not lost". Victoria.

I'm sure your dad would agree that you are certainly not a mistake. I'm really sorry to hear that you've been through so much at such a young age. It sounds like you really miss your dad and need him to be there for you right now, which is completely understandable. However, it's going to take time for both of you to feel comfortable again because of all the changes you've had in your life. Especially if he's just now feeling better. You mentioned your step mom and if you're close to her at all, I think you should talk to her, go to her and tell her how you're feeling. I'm sure she might feel very similar and might be a comfort to you. Try to be patient with your dad, he needs you right now too. I'm sorry I cant do more for you, but I wish you the best. Love, Darem.

My first advice would be: even though it might sound silly and motherly, try to be a bright student at school, paying attention to the different subjects and do the homework. So, when you grow up and get your degree, you will be free to choose what to do in life and live it steadily.
My second advice would be, sometimes we don't choose the circumstances of our lives. So just take it if you can't change it. Thanks to God your dad is now okay and you can give him all your love and enjoy your time with him. Concentrate on the good side of everything.
And thirdly, spend time with your friends. Laugh along with them, share stories, play games, be mischievous (in a innocent way of course).
All my love, Caro.

From what I can tell, you are a very strong 12-year-old person. Expressing your situation through people of similar musical interests is a brave thing to do. I really hope that your past situations have brought you in becoming a prudent and well-respected human being. As for your father, this situation is quite difficult. Many near death experiences have changed people in their lifetime whether good or bad. The best thing that you can do is assure him that he is loved by you because we need to be told that we are loved and cared by others. I feel that he just might be in shock. Not having to experience one month of life outside the hospital bed is pretty dramatic. I suggest that when the time is right, you should set him aside and talk to him. Tell him your thoughts and how you feel about your relationship. Tell him about your life. Show him that you care by spending time with him. Remember to stay calm throughout the whole process. I bet he would really appreciate it. Overall, just don't panic. The shining light that you are will guide him home (I've been listening to the X&Y album lately). As for your financial situation, make sure that you motivate yourself to be in positive thought, for it will reflect your lifestyle. My prayers will be sent out to you and stay strong. Liku.

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20 July 2012 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
When I answer questions of a personal nature, readers often get in touch with their own thoughts. So, we now have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday (with the question asker's permission) we open up a question to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I'll post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.
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I'm in a really tight situation, and I could really do with your advice.
I'm been in a relationship with my girlfriend for just over 7 months now, and things have been going really well. There's always been one problem though - she's never told her parents about me, and has stated she never plans to. Now, I don't know why, but I find this difficult to cope with, because not only is it unfair on them, but we have to keep our relationship secret, and she can't see me as much as she wants to, so it's unfair on me too. We've argued over it a lot and she's threatened to dump me over this. What do I do? I've been told her parents are really nice people, so I don't see why that should be a problem, but she says she just can't, and offered no valid reason why she can't tell them. Please help, I'm desperate.
Thank you for listening. Paul, UK.

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle
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19 July 2012 / submitted by Carolyn, United States of America
Q.  What type of piano does Chris use for the concerts? Does he switch pianos? If so, what piano does he use for The Scientist? It has such a unique sound.
Actually I'm not sure what he's using at the moment because his usual one had technical faults at the Capital FM Summertime Ball gig. He then borrowed one from Jason (Mr. Xylobands) so that spare has become the main one for now.
He uses an electric piano though, not a standard upright.

19 July 2012 / submitted by Linda, Canada
Q.  I am an ER nurse I would like to supply branded Cold Play scrubs for the store and tour for your fans in healthcare to wear at work. The healthcare field is massive and we are fans! We have to wear scrubs at work why not with our favourite band. Please contact me to make this happen.
Thank you for your consideration.
I'm sure there are loads of Coldplay fans that work in the medical profession but that's not really our thing - we'll just stick to our usual merch.
I just thought I'd reply as on this tour the crew have been wearing customized boiler suits and jackets. I'm sure people can adapt things like the scrubs hat thought there's bound to be many health & safety rules to adhere to.

19 July 2012 / submitted by David, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle,

My first Coldplay song was, Paradise and it hooked me to Coldplay for life. It also hooked me to Mylo Xyloto. I'm loving the whole album. Not just the main tracks, I mean all the tracks, even UFO is a very meaningful song. The whole album works like magic. Since that i'm backtracking all the Coldplay albums and I love what im hearing.

I was little disappointed it wasn't selected as a nominee for Grammys. Why is that? Do you think it'll be the album of the year for next Grammys? Paradise should have won a Grammy, it is that good. Will it be eligible for next year too?

Mylo Xyloto was released on 24th October 2011 and the eligibility period for the 2012 Grammy Awards was October 1st 2010 to September 30th 2011.
That means the album and singles will be eligible for the Grammys 2013 but who knows what will be nominated and subsequently win?

18 July 2012 / submitted by Coldplay Fan, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I've been hearing a lot about this Coldplay film and want some clarification as to what exactly it is. Someone told me it was like Live 2003 (only Live 2012), but I've also heard that it refers to the Mylo Xyloto animated film. Could you please tell me exactly what this is and also when we can expect it to be released? Thanks!
Well, I can see why there has been some confusion but they are separate things.
The Coldplay film that we announced via twitter is a live concert of the MX tour. We have not given any further details out so I'd keep an eye out for any future announcements from Anchorman on that.
The Mylo Xyloto animated film was ditched quite some time ago and well before the album surfaced. There is now a comic in its place.
More details of that can be found here.

18 July 2012 / submitted by Yasmin, United Kingdom
Q.  Is there anyway I can buy one of the puppets from the Viva la Vida tour?
The puppets that were used in the Life in Technicolor ii video were the only ones made; we didn't make replicas.
They were sold earlier this year for charity so I'm afraid you can't buy them or any in their likeness.