30 October 2014 / submitted by George, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle,
Does anyone at care very much that Chris sometimes doesn't sing quite the same words as given in the posted lyrics? For instance, on the song Ghost Story there's a line that reads: "A spectre on a rollercoaster" but Chris is clearly not singing the word "rollercoaster" on the recording.

Given they're Chris' lyrics and he wrote them, we don't care at all if he changes them up as he does when performing live from time to time. On the odd occasion there have been mistakes when Chris gives us the wrong lyrics (or the case of missing lyrics that nobody seems to be able to decipher) but to be honest, I think he does sing "rollercoaster" albeit a rather different phrasing of the word.

30 October 2014 / submitted by Ben, New Zealand
Q.  Hello
How does the guys see when they play on a dark stage? Like at the start of Charlie Brown, Jonny starts playing in the pitch black. Do they have little lights?
It's not as pitch black as you may think. There are lights emitting from all manner of things onstage. Illumination may be necessary for Chris if he's moving to / from piano for example but the band don't need lights to play their instruments.

30 October 2014 / submitted by Eleanor Rigby, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle,

Seeing that the Ghost Stories tour is over, and it's unlikely to be played at the BBC music awards, do you think Ghost Story will be ever played live? Up to now, it's my favourite song of all time, other than my namesake of course. :^)

Sincerely, Eleanor
As it wasn't played on the Ghost Stories tour, I can't imagine it being played in the future but it's not something that can be predicted. Never say never.

29 October 2014 / submitted by George, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle,
A while back I found these lyrics on a piece of Mylo Xyloto artwork.
"The two of us, we drove
A speeding ghost and a shadow
Luminous the road to the sea
We swam from the shallows
To bottle lightning's glow
Where we're gonna run, God only knows."
Where are these from? Is this from an upcoming project?
No. As you (may) know there were quite a few songs written for Mylo Xyloto that weren't included. The lyrics on the artwork are likely to be from one of the discarded tracks but I'm afraid I don't know which one. MX and GS are the only 2 albums that I didn't hear any of the songs that didn't make it.

29 October 2014 / submitted by Ellie, United Kingdom
Q.  I have tickets to see Coldplay perform at the BBC music awards!!!!!!

Any info on the set list yet? How many songs will there be?

Thanks x
There is no set list as the band won't be performing a "set".
I'm sorry to tease but even though I do know, I will not reveal in advance what they will be performing. Sorry!

29 October 2014 / submitted by Chris, United Kingdom
Q.  Do you know any more about Miracles (e.g release date) that you would be able to tell us?
As you know, Anchorman is the deliverer of news. He will let you know all the details in due course.

28 October 2014 / submitted by Mariano, Venezuela
Q.  Dearest O,

DON'T answer this question if it is true that the boys will release a new song, titled Miracle, in just a few weeks as part of the OST for the movie Unbroken.

Eh? I'm breaking those rules but it's plural - Miracles.

28 October 2014 / submitted by claire, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle, I was watching the trailer of the live 2014 album and it seemed to me that all the performances were taken from the special that was on tv around the time of Ghost Stories' release. Is that true or are there other performances from the tour?
Thanks- Claire xo
All the information you need - including the track listing - is in the news piece.

27 October 2014 / submitted by Kiara, United States of America
Q.  Why did Coldplay choose to sell the song Gravity to another band? I really miss that song and don't like the new version.
They didn't sell Gravity per se. Chris suggested to Danny MacNamara that Embrace record it. They did and it was released as a single and featured on their Out Of Nothing album (2004).
Although Chris "gave" the song away, the way it works is royalties are paid to the original writers even though the performer also earns performance royalties.

If you want to hear the band's version, Coldplay went on to record the song and it appeared on the b-side to Talk.

27 October 2014 / submitted by Gabe, United States of America
Q.  Has the band ever played Easy To Please from the Brothers and Sisters EP live?
I've never heard it or heard of it being played live, no.