23 October 2014 / submitted by Maximilian, United States of America
Q.  What time on average does the band wake up to start the day? Who are the night owls and early birds of the group?
When the band are touring, there are sometimes later nights than usual. At home though, they are less night owls though Chris famously doesn't sleep well.
Anyone who has a young family will tell you, you're automatically an early riser to get breakfast and do the school run, even if you do go to bed late.

23 October 2014 / submitted by Anonymous, Thailand
Q.  Dear Oracle,

I was on the plane the other day and, browsing through the in-flight music on my mini-screen, saw there was an album of Coldplay songs... but they were referred to as "spa versions". They sounded very strange, with Chris's singing replaced with synthesized flutes and stuff. Is this an official CD?!

Best wishes from Thailand :)
No, it's not official. The only official Coldplay CDs are those that Coldplay themselves perform - see our Recordings section. Any instrumental pan pipe* renditions are simply covers that are used for relaxation purposes. There are other CDs that feature Coldplay songs in a different style, such as lullaby versions for babies.

* or other

23 October 2014 / submitted by Adam, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle, has Chris ever forgot lyrics to songs while performing live?
Oh yes, that's happened so many times! Chris generally stops the song and starts again. There are certain songs that Chris has repeatedly forgotten parts of which given he wrote them, is quite a funny - and perhaps surprising - thing to happen.

22 October 2014 / submitted by Janet, United Kingdom
Q.  Do you think Coldplay will ever release some songs that do not have Chris as the main vocals? In some of their current songs you can faintly hear the other band members sing melody, and I was just wondering if they will possibly get a solo. Thanks!
Never say never. As mentioned recently, Will has taken the lead & who knows, may again.
I honestly doubt Jonny & Guy would - though as you probably know, both can and do sing.
Obviously, Will, Jonny & Guy are not the lead vocalists of Coldplay and while it's unlikely it could happen but not as a regular change.
Not counting The Beatles or Oasis who shared vocalists, there have been times when another member of a band has sung - Roger Taylor from Queen for example.

22 October 2014 / submitted by Alana, Ireland
Q.  Hello Oracle, nerdy question alert. Did Chris learn singing technique to avoid getting polyps on his vocal chords? He has a great range but I can't imagine the strain all that falsetto, particularly live, puts on his voice. I used to sing, and my teacher had this problem. Told you it was nerdy.

That's not a nerdy question; it's a fair one.
Chris has various techniques for looking after his voice and in fact, Will, Jonny & Guy also have a specific warm-up regime before every show. Chris also uses steam before and, where possible, after a show.

22 October 2014 / submitted by Jacklord, Philippines
Q.  Hello Oracle. I just learned that Coldplay hates Parachutes which i think is great. Why do they hate it?
They don't! I'm not sure where you read / heard that but that's not true.
They're not crazy about X&Y (some, not all if it) but I've never heard them say anything negative about their wonderful debut album.

21 October 2014 / submitted by Carlos, Venezuela
Q.  Hi, dear Oracle. Watching again and again the Ghost Stories TV Special I noticed that the custom built theatre looks very similar to one that that appears in the Michael Jackson video Hold My Hand, Is it the same?
I'm confused. Looking at the official video for Hold My Hand, I can't work out where you see the similarity. Michael's video was filmed in airship hangars (plus concert footage etc.) and Coldplay's was a purpose built amphitheatre in a soundstage. They're not the same albeit large vacuous spaces.

21 October 2014 / submitted by Zach, United States of America
Q.  Hi, Oracle. :) Wondering if you know anything about the sound at the beginning of Charlie Brown. Almost sounds like a baby saying things amongst other things. I remember Chris mentioning Apple and Moses's voices were used to make a sound in this last record. Do you know if this is the case on Charlie Brown?
No, it's not. The sound is this.

20 October 2014 / submitted by Juan, Argentina
Q.  Hi there Oracle! First of all I'd like to thank you for taking the time to write back to us every day, I really enjoy reading this section. So here is my question: who plays the instruments that the guys don't play on the live performances? Or do they have a pre-recorded track for those instruments? Thank you! I hope you come to Argentina soon!
They're pre-recorded with the exception of Matt McGinn playing guitar from off stage on occasion. Notably during Yellow on a tour that Chris put his guitar down in favour of hands-free.

20 October 2014 / submitted by Natalia, Mexico
Q.  Hello Oracle!
First of all, thank you for existing. My question is, How can I get over my computer obsession? I spent like 5 or 6 hours just sitting in front of my laptop and I do have things to do but I get easily distracted and is ruining my school life. Thank you :)
It's increasingly difficult to put technology down these days. Many of us have smartphones, tablets, laptops that we're practically permanently attached to. Whether we're messaging, surfing, playing games, emailing or watching / listening to media it's a very technology driven world.
The only suggestion I have is to practice the discipline of switching off & concentrating on the task at hand.
Timetable your day and incorporate laptop free time. I also find it hard to not check my phone when I get a new notification or I want to check something that crops up in conversation etc. but it's habit. I have started to get into a new habit of putting my phone into airplane mode, or mobile calls only or switching to silent, especially when I'm with friends. It can be really anti-social when someone is fiddling on their device while you're trying to have a real life moment. I find it incredibly rude.
If you need your laptop for schoolwork, try to wean off the distractions. Like any addiction, you will probably find it too hard to stop immediately.
Maybe you can set an alarm so that every hour or two, you can have 10 minutes of surfing the web within your work session. Use it as a reward system. Once your schoolwork is done, your treat is surfing time.
If there are things you have to do that are away from home, try to sometimes leave your laptop / technology at home. If not, turn the power off and put it out of sight.
The more you do something, the easier it becomes.