19 September 2014 / submitted by Aubrey, Australia
I have been through a lot of depressing stuff lately, a lot has been going wrong in my life. I don't know who I am anymore, and my personality has changed for the worse. I've been really depressed. My school life is terrible, my grades are going downhill rapidly, and I don't get on with my family, I'm the odd one out. All my friends have said they hate me now, after a false rumor was spread about me. I only ever let my feelings out in my writing and drawing, as well as when I play my guitar. I love all of Coldplay's songs, they really express how I feel a lot of the time. You see, I had a boyfriend, secretly, but my parents found out about it and are preventing me from seeing him again. I didn't get to say goodbye, or even explain why I'm not talking to him, it was all so sudden. I'm scared of what he thinks of me, but I couldn't help it. I miss him a lot in my life, he was the only person who understood me. Do you have any encouraging thoughts for me? Thank you.
Growing up can be tough. There are a lot of changes to navigate through. You sometimes have to make decisions that you don't feel ready for and life can be overwhelming. Whether it's academic or personal, when you're going through puberty, you may not be aware that your hormones are also raging. They don't help matters!
The good news is it doesn't last and that almost everyone your age will be experiencing similar things.
Kids can be cruel (oh, there's bad news - so can adults) but you don't have to put up with bullying.
Your creativity serves as an excellent outlet to expel your frustrations and unhappiness. Keep on expressing your feelings in this way but I think you need to talk to people too.
Speak to a teacher about the rumours - they should be able to help in some way. Maybe there's a school counsellor you can also make an appointment with.
Talk to your 'friends' and put your side of the story across. If they don't listen, get new friends, as they're not worth your time.
You also need to speak with your parents. They were your age once and maybe they forget that sometimes as they try to do what they think is best for you. They may find it hard to accept you're growing up. If you feel unable to discuss how you feel, write them a letter.
I think you should also write your boyfriend a letter to explain what happened but at this point, respect your parents' decision to not see him until a time you have had a conversation with them.
Tell them he's your closest friend and you'd like them to meet him. Try to appeal to their younger selves that hopefully still lie within them somewhere.
Remember, they are trying to protect you, not punish you. Talking to them about how you feel in a calm, mature manner may help them see things from your view.
If you're ever a Mum, you may understand their side one day too.
It's hard work to keep up good grades when there's other stuff going on but try hard to focus on your studies.
Sometimes when bad things happen, we see everything through negative eyes and suddenly it feels like the world is against us and everything is going wrong when in fact, it can all be fixed.
One step at a time, deal with each problem. Write a list and go through it systematically.
Things can get better but it will take effort. Don't give up.
Over to you.

I understand when you say music, writing and drawing are the things that allow you to express your feelings. I used to have a lot of problems and music was one of the things that kept me sane.

I really think it would be helpful if you considered seeking some professional help. In my case, it wasn't until I started therapy that I got to understand many of my problems, their causes, and that I was finally able to learn how to deal with them and even solve them. It takes a lot of work, because you are confronted with many things of your past, but along the way, you learn a lot about yourself: why you act in a certain way, why you see the world the way you do, why you react in a certain way sometimes. Changing for better is possible if you are committed to it and work hard for it. I also have a friend that struggles with depression (he has a medical condition), so it's very important for you to seek for help sooner than later, so you can start taking back the control of your life.
As for your parents, the only thing I can tell you is there are some periods in life when we don't understand them and they don't understand us, but that doesn't mean you don't care about each other and that your relationship is never gonna be good. I can make you sure of that. So try to understand their point of view and to objectively see what reasons they could have not to accept your boyfriend.
Hope it all goes well. Noelia, Argentina.

That is such a horrible experience to go through Aubrey, and unfortunately I understand what you are going through. Through my struggles with loneliness, isolation, family issues, and others, I have learned through it all that if you are able to keep going through pain and keep marching on, it gives you character and courage, and those things will help you through anything in life. Keep playing your guitar and drawing and writing. If you are able to find a way to turn your depression into something beautiful, it is a gift and it is a wonderful one. In my opinion, if your ex-boyfriend meant that much to you, your parents should let you two be together. Just tell them all he has done for you and a good person should understand and let love prevail. Love and happiness in your life outside of school will hopefully change your life in school for the better. So keep making beautiful things, fight for your love and just keep going on with life, and it is ok to be depressed sometimes because it shows you don't bottle up your emotions (which is really bad to do) so feel what you feel but don't let it destroy your own life. Happiness, Love, and Healing, three words to think about at the end of this. I hope you take my advice into consideration Aubrey and I wish you love, happiness, and luck in this world
Catherine, Connecticut.

The best thing you can do now since you are suffering from depression is to seek professional help. That's the best thing you have to do right now.. You see, being depressed is really not healthy for someone it may cause harmful effects to your body, and that's the first thing that I want to advice to you. About your friends, if they believed with all the fake rumors that spreading about you, then they are not your real friends. Because, real friends don't believed in other people's words they'll believe in your words. And about your parents have you asked them why they are so against with your boyfriend? If not then asked them, I believed that parents wants only the best for their kids. And to your boyfriend, I think it's best if you'll tell him why you're not seeing him anymore so he'll know your current situation and what your parents think of him. And when he knew about it, maybe he can man up and tell your parents that he has good intentions towards you. Hope this helps. I wish you nothing but the best in the world! Love, Shaine from Philippines. Xxo

I'm sorry that you feel this way but keep your head up! At some point everyone feels lost one way or another. You are not alone even though it might seem that way. If you feel like you can't talk to anybody you know about this, I would suggest you seek counsel with a professional. It could be a psychologist or a counsellor at your school, just know that there is no shame in seeking help, it only means you are strong. Stouie.

This sounds very hard. I am not going through the same but can relate to you. Last week it seems everything came at once, very stressful and I have been very depressed too. I listened to much Coldplay during these weeks.
Please don't be too shy to ask for help. Maybe in school a teacher to trust.
If you don't feel comfort in your family anymore, ask if you can go to a boarding school or something like this.
Changing your school might be helpful.
Well I don't know your age but you could search help at a psychologist.
You play guitar and play Coldplay songs on it. Go for it, get better and better and maybe this is your chance to break out of this life you live now. If you could play in public for example.
Or in writing, maybe you could write a book.
Nothing lasts forever - neither the worse days in your life. It's hard to believe it, I know cause of self-experience.
Wish you all the best. Maren.

I understand that it is very difficult to get away from the people you love because it also happened to me, my sister also had a boyfriend in secret and when my parents knew it it punished a long time I guess it's almost the same thing that happens to you but don't let that affect you too at school advise of demonstrate you to your parents with your grades that you deserve to have more freedom in your life and maybe so they understand because you want to be with your boyfriend. If you worry that he does not know the reason why you drifted from it I think it means as happened all things and when everything had all it will be as before. Best of luck in all Aubrey a hug from Argentina on the part of Daniela.

The positive part of your story is that you realize your having some problems with your attitude, so try to make some changes. My first suggestion is to remember every good thing you have done. I'm sure you have succeed in many aspects what it means you are not a complete failure. In the case of your relationship with your family, keep in mind that they'll be there for you anytime you need them. Don't get frustrated if they don't agree with you. Just listen to them patiently, what they say might be true because parents are more experienced than we are. As we get older, we realize how true their advices and comments were. In the case of your friends, I believe that sometimes it is better to stay alone than to be with someone who doesn't trust in you. It hurts I know, it happened to me. My friends started to believe in others rather than in me. I didn't explain them anything. I just treated them like anyone else with respect. They realized by themselves that I wasn't the kind of person they thought I was and they changed their attitude. My last suggestion is to keep writing your thoughts, the good ones and the bad ones. That help you to express what you feel. Talk is a good song to listen to. It encourages me to express what I keep on my mind. Best wishes, Isabel.

I'm sorry to hear things haven't been working out the way you'd hoped lately. You're going to a rough time right now and nothing I say will make you instantly feel better, because everyone experiences moments in their lives where they feel like things are going downhill for a while. But I do know one thing though, things will get better! Trust me they will. Talk to your parents about how your boyfriend made you happy, be open and honest with them and ask them to give him a fair chance. Find the time to talk to your boyfriend and let him know what happened. Tell your friends the rumor was false, talk things out with them. There's lots of forums on the internet filled with people who also love to draw, write and play the guitar, maybe you could try talking to them and share your creativity with them. It feels good to share you're passions with others in that way and it might make you feel better too. And don't forget, you're not alone in this. Good luck! Amanda

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19 September 2014 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

As you may know, we have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday we open questions of a personal nature to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.

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I've been going through a beautiful but also rather tough time this summer. My little sister developed a depression and hasn't been the same lately and although I'm positive about it and know it'll be alright again I sometimes feel guilty for departing from her because it affects me so much and it's hard finding energy every day to help her. I'm scared of being selfish! To which extent is it okay to think of my own well-being?
Thank you in advance,
Francis, Germany.

Look forward to reading your replies.

The Oracle.
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18 September 2014 / submitted by Jackson, United States of America
Q.  Hello, mighty Oracle. I have a question regarding Spanish Rain/Don Quixote. If one were to record a cover of the song and release it, where would they have to get permission from? The song was never released officially, and was only performed live. Would someone still have to go through the record companies, or through Coldplay directly? I really would like an answer. Thank you for your time.
Just as a general note, when a song has not been recorded or released, a band can refuse to allow its release by another artist.
As Don Quixote / Spanish Rain was performed live, it's a registered song so you would still have to go through the same channels.
Universal Publishing own the publishing rights to all Coldplay's material.

18 September 2014 / submitted by Gees, Netherlands
Q.  Hi Oracle
I was just an ordinary people, but I have a lot of dreams like more people.
I love film and music (but I can't sing or play any instruments).
I would love to work in the field of film or music as crew but I never get a support from everyone's around me. They told me that I should be realistic. I thought that is my realistic.
I'm an Indonesian but now I live in Amsterdam with my aunty because I feel frustrated with my people opinion about me.
Do you think my dream is too much?
It's your dream; not theirs! Nobody has a right to tell you that your dream is too big. If you truly believe you can have a future in this field that you are clearly passionate about, go out there and make it happen. Try anything and everything to make it happen and prove those negative doubters wrong!
Do lots of research because there are lots of different avenues to pursue despite you not being a performer.
Amsterdam is a great, creative city so hopefully you're in a good place to follow your dream. Good luck!

18 September 2014 / submitted by Nick, United States of America
Q.  Oracle, what instruments do you compose with?

P.S. It's great to hear you have original music. With all of you life wisdom, I'm sure you've made some hauntingly-beautiful creations.
I don't; I have songs in my head but they never make it out of there. My tunes usually come late at night just before I doze off. I don't make a voice memo & hardly ever remember them the next morning. That makes me think they can't be that good in the first place or I would remember. At the time though, I think they are ace!

18 September 2014 / submitted by Guillaume , France
Q.  Hi Oracle !

I was at the Royal Albert Hall on July 1 and saw some of the concert setlist on the table next to you! I tried to come and ask you a set list but you left at that time. Have you still setlist?

Thanks you!
I think you must have mistaken my identity for someone else because I wasn't sat near a table. I did have a setlist with me though...
Always in My Head
Charlie Brown
The Scientist
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Til Kingdom Come
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
True Love
Viva La Vida
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

A Sky Full of Stars
Fix You

17 September 2014 / submitted by George, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle,
After lyrics are posted on, are they ever amended if Chris sings something different on the actual recording than the written lyrics?
Chris only usually changes the lyrics when performing live after the song is released into the big wide world. We keep the website's lyrics as originally recorded. They are only amended if there has been a mistake.

17 September 2014 / submitted by Jerry Balot , Philippines
Q.  Hello again Oracle,

I just noticed that Coldplay releases a new album every three years ever since A Rush of Blood to the Head in 2002. Is it possible (or even true) that the next Coldplay album will come out in 2017?
Not necessarily, there were only two years before the first two albums: 2000, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011 & 2014.
As we discussed in Team Oracle a couple of weeks ago, anything is possible (within reason), so yes it is possible the next album could be released in 2017 though as Chris has already been on record saying they are recording, it's likely to come well before then.

17 September 2014 / submitted by Joshua, Indonesia
Q.  Hello, O. Is it true that Chris can't or couldn't read music sheet? Do you think that the capability of reading music is needed to expand musical talent? Thanks and sorry if someone has asked this before.
The first part has been asked before - it's true.

Regarding the second part - you tell me. I don't think it is needed.
Isn't Chris proof that no, it's not necessary at all?

17 September 2014 / submitted by Peter, United Kingdom
Q.  Does Coldplay have a tour bus?
No. They used to travel by tour bus but now it's mostly cars and planes with an occasional train. The last time I was on a bus with the band was the short journey from the airport terminal to the plane. Before that it was when a group of us went on an away day (paintballing) - we all got a coach there.